24th February 2009 Archive

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  • Digging into Apple's hot-key mechanism

    Go global

    Developer 24 01:16

  • Jobs to skip Apple shareholders meeting

    Steve Watch continues

    Financial News 24 01:24

  • Crypto hash boffins trip on buffer overflow

    Corvair of computer languages strikes again

    Security 24 01:49

  • Microsoft courts customers for search help

    Don't say the "G" word

    Applications 24 01:50

  • The Meta Cloud - Flying data centers enter fourth dimension

    Or do they?

    Developer 24 01:51

  • Flash mem giant Spansion slashes 35 per cent of staff

    AMD baby jettisons 3,000 jobs

    Financial News 24 06:15

  • VirtenSys PCIe cloud switch arrives

    Are PCIe SANs in prospect?

    Data Networking 24 08:02

  • NASA's CO2-scan sat set to launch

    Orbiting Carbon Observatory to hug planet

    Science 24 08:22

  • CRM, The Credit Crunch, and you

    Steering SMEs through the downturn

    Small Biz 24 09:01

  • HIS HD 4870 IceQ 4+ Turbo graphics card

    A fancy cooler alone does not a great graphics card make

    Hardware 24 09:02

  • North Korea announces missile test sat launch

    Champagne on ice at US raygun-jumbo HQ

    Science 24 10:14

  • Samsung shows off 12Mp, HD-recording camera duo

    First with 3in VGA OLED screens

    Hardware 24 10:20

  • VMware makes world takeover bid

    All your clouds are belong to us

    Storage 24 10:28

  • Anti-mafia cops want Skype tapping

    Euro search for tech solution

    Security 24 10:54

  • Microsoft U-turns on overpaid redundo packages

    Bad hair day for HR team

    Business 24 11:00

  • Virgin Media boosts bottom tier broadband

    'M' subscribers go to up to 10Mbit/s

    Networks 24 11:07

  • Google's email service goes down

    Gmail tumbles out of cloud - again

    Management 24 11:20

  • MS spills blood red Resident Evil Xbox beans

    Gore blimey

    Games 24 11:28

  • Blu-ray Disc sales to hit 100m by Xmas

    Analyst forecasts global splurge

    Hardware 24 11:35

  • Pininfarina woes hinder EV rollout?

    B0 release delayed again, claims mole

    Science 24 12:01

  • Nokia, Nintendo and Sony struck in wireless patent spat

    IP holder alleges PSP, DS, N85 infringement

    Games 24 12:12

  • Nokia cash for Symbian

    As Android openness spat continues

    Mobile 24 12:23

  • Rogue Facebook app creates malign buzz

    Sting in the tail

    Security 24 12:25

  • Vodafone confirms layoffs

    500 staff to go

    Mobile 24 12:28

  • NASA CO2 scan satellite launch fails

    Plan to settle carbon debate derailed

    Science 24 12:45

  • Microsoft on the shrink's couch: time to get touchy feely

    Tell me about your feelings for Apple

    Microbite 24 12:47

  • Lexmark E260DN networked mono laser printer

    Not as fast as claimed

    Hardware 24 13:02

  • HP refuses to make suicidal leaps on pricing

    What are you, a salesman or a lemming?

    The Channel 24 13:09

  • Spaceborne-forces planners meet with orbital joyride firms

    Virgin SpaceShip2 podule jetwing paratroops on cards?

    Science 24 13:15

  • Pay cut consultations could trigger redundancy payments

    Small print, big costs

    Small Biz 24 13:36

  • Lads from Lagos crack cabinet minister's webmail account

    Person in peril scam follows mystery Hotmail hack

    Security 24 13:41

  • 'Like pedos in a playground' - the media and Web 2.0

    James Harkin on cybernetic silliness

    Media 24 14:10

  • Olympus brings tiny DSLR into focus

    More portable design?

    Hardware 24 14:26

  • VMware's ESX Server 4.0 lost in the clouds?

    Client hypervisor pokes its head through the fog

    Virtualization 24 15:00

  • Visto makes Good

    Buying customers for undisclosed sum

    Mobile 24 15:42

  • MIT boffins fashion working plasma rocket from Coke can

    'Even simpler [yogurt-pot?] ones could be built'

    Science 24 15:44

  • Bean pouch rivals Nike+ trainers

    Running, on the cheap

    Hardware 24 15:45

  • Unofficial patch plugs 0-day Adobe security vuln.

    Mind the gap

    Security 24 15:55

  • Skateboard, gesture-based gaming add-ons inbound, claim moles

    Tony Hawk board and controller-less Xbox 360 titles

    Games 24 15:57

  • 'No Office 14 this year,' says Ballmer

    Productivity software is so next decade

    The Channel 24 15:58

  • Girl develops 'PlayStation palmar hidradenitis'

    And just after surviving a nasty bout of Wii Tennis elbow, too

    Games 24 16:02

  • Nokia calls for Voluntary Resignations

    As opposed to being pushed

    Mobile 24 16:03

  • World's 'smallest, lightest' laptop launches

    A 4.8in display, anyone?

    Hardware 24 16:14

  • Apple squeezes JavaScript juice from Safari 4 beta release


    Applications 24 16:49

  • Auction tools firm roots out malware infection

    Trojan goes under the hammer at Auctiva.com

    Security 24 17:43

  • Obama balks at recovery of lost Dubya emails

    Another executive privilege

    Government 24 19:30

  • Google's DoubleClick spreads malicious ads (again)

    Lingering threat still not contained

    Security 24 19:43

  • Yahoo! mines search logs for banner ad targeting

    Ballmer at arm's length

    Media 24 20:45

  • Adobe Flash vulnerable to remote-execution exploit

    Attack of the killer Shockwaves

    Security 24 21:01

  • Microsoft boffins devise 'secure' Gazelle browser

    Better than IE and Chrome

    Applications 24 21:06

  • Gartner: Global IT spending will rise in 2009 (slightly)

    Uneven meltdown

    Financial News 24 21:22

  • Asian IT in good news shock

    Optimism rears its unfamiliar head

    Financial News 24 21:48

  • Super Micro squeezes four servers into one chassis

    You are my density

    Servers 24 22:18

  • Ballmer bets on R&D amidst Meltdown

    Talks Windows server lite and Yahoo! wooing

    Financial News 24 22:44

  • Google backs EU's Microsoft antitrust battle

    Mountain View parrots Mozilla

    The Channel 24 23:40