18th February 2009 Archive

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  • Microsoft team hacks Silverlight for Chrome

    Results may vary

    Developer 18 00:30

  • Apple shares MacBook break-in tips

    Easy no more

    Hardware 18 01:49

  • Sirius XM gets 11th-hour $530m loan

    Bankruptcy avoided. Why so Sirius?

    Financial News 18 01:52

  • Voltaire preps InfiniBand switch for IBM blades

    Cisco on the outs

    Data Networking 18 06:37

  • Mellanox enables server adaptor sharing

    At InfiniBand edge

    Servers 18 07:02

  • Google gears Gmail for PC hack attack

    'Offline' web apps exposed

    Security 18 07:03

  • Intel sees future in Mega Data Center

    Hitches self to cloudwagon

    Servers 18 07:26

  • NHS patient database goes titsup

    CSC disaster brings more woe for NPfIT

    Government 18 08:02

  • DLNA compliance testing: It ain't working

    Iomega NAS not talking to Sony TV - whose fault is that?

    Broadband 18 09:02

  • Gigabyte passively cooled Radeon 4850 card

    How quieter does your GPU need to be?

    Hardware 18 09:02

  • AA sniffs out Blighty's best bacon sarnie

    West Midlands cafe honoured

    Bootnotes 18 09:03

  • McDonalds to cook up EV charging station network

    Swedes get first McCharger

    Science 18 09:19

  • LG unveils everlasting solar phone

    Limitless power... on standby

    Phones 18 09:24

  • Econav spied on Nokia phone

    Eco-friendly satnav makes smartphone jump

    Phones 18 09:33

  • NTT DoCoMo shows off futuristic modular phone

    Like Modu, only better

    Phones 18 09:43

  • RIM execs settle with SEC over backdated options

    'Undisclosed compensation'

    Financial News 18 09:52

  • Attack of the Windows replicants replication vendors

    AutoVirt joins Double-Take and Neverfail

    The Channel 18 10:00

  • Emulex pins adapter future to Ethernet and encryption

    Adapter maker goes for FCoE

    Data Networking 18 10:18

  • Watchdog mauls billboard sex ads

    Nasal spray punt 'unsuitable for public display', ASA rules

    Bootnotes 18 10:22

  • Fake Canon exec blogger rebuffs legal beef

    Jobs a good 'un for faux exec

    Law 18 10:52

  • 20 per cent of laptop buyers opted for netbooks in Q4 08

    Consumer uptake even higher

    Hardware 18 10:58

  • US Navy orders new electric hyper-kill railgun

    They will not let me off*

    Government 18 11:13

  • Too busy to make a jam sandwich? M&S can help

    'Quick fix, credit crunch lunch'

    Bootnotes 18 11:17

  • Cisco to bundle Trend security suite with wireless routers

    Another route into the home security market

    The Channel 18 11:28

  • Sony shows off stacks more compact cameras

    And a rather nice 'superzoom'

    Hardware 18 11:35

  • Abba star slates 'lazy, stingy' Pirate Bay fans

    As Sunde gloats with 'EPIC WINNING LOL'

    Law 18 11:40

  • Dell hires new UK channel boss

    Gives Paul Harrison the nod

    The Channel 18 11:42

  • Facebook does U-turn on eternal data grab

    All your photo are not belong to us... bitch

    Media 18 11:47

  • UK 'bad' pics ban to stretch?

    Is that a loophole? How disgusting

    Law 18 11:59

  • Oberthur paints go-faster stripes on SIMs

    Shaking things up, Wii-mote stylee

    Mobile 18 12:24

  • Rail workers get shirty with see-through blouses

    Little left to passengers' imagination

    Bootnotes 18 12:27

  • LG updates netbook with on-board HSDPA

    X120 joins X110

    Hardware 18 12:27

  • Samsung showcases wristphone

    A rival to LG's video watch?

    Phones 18 12:30

  • Western Digital My Book World Edition 1TB NAS box

    Great value network storage

    Hardware 18 12:32

  • Google sued by biz directory

    Antitrust claim

    Law 18 13:23

  • Minister trashes ex-spook chief's liberty warning

    Man tipped to replace Jacqui calls 'abject nonsense' on Stella

    Government 18 13:24

  • DARPA seeks self-aware AI robot mega-tanks

    We care not who welcomes us, meatsacks - all shall die

    Government 18 13:27

  • Sky network downed in London

    Saarf of the river

    Data Networking 18 14:28

  • BP snips IT contractor rates

    Take the cut, or take a hike

    Management 18 15:03

  • Wanted: £160k-a-year Twittercrat

    Your taxes at work!

    Government 18 15:46

  • Microsoft confirms Equipt kill date

    Dead man walking

    The Channel 18 16:18

  • Robert Llewellyn drops Red Dwarf clanger

    Unplugged special cancelled?

    Bootnotes 18 16:20

  • Judges plead guilty to jailing kids for kickbacks

    PA youngsters jailed for MySpace pranks

    Law 18 17:06

  • Barcelona pickpocket swipes Microsoft secrets?

    Phone with unreleased software gone bye-bye

    Mobile 18 17:12

  • BearingPoint buckles under debt

    Shareholders wiped out as firm goes Chapter 11

    The Channel 18 17:13

  • Mr. and Mrs. Boring lose Google Street View tilt

    Streisand Effect undoes privacy crusade

    Law 18 19:11

  • DreamWorks to bake 3D flicks on desert cloud

    Shrek studio rents super cycles

    Servers 18 19:36

  • Wireless wonks face shrinking economy, vanishing porn

    Mobilising World Congress

    Mobile 18 19:56

  • Mozilla, Skype join iPhone jailbreak fight

    Open up, please

    Mobile 18 20:32

  • Hulu yanks vids from TV.com

    OldTube networks collide

    Media 18 20:49

  • Behind IE 8's big incompatibility list

    Growing, growing, gone

    Applications 18 21:11

  • IBM lobs airplane miles at x64 shops

    Fly the Big Blue skies

    Servers 18 21:32

  • Apple iPhone police censor South Park

    Schizophrenic puritans

    Mobile 18 22:44

  • Intel reneges on Irish job cut promise

    200 to 300 posts 'consolidated'

    Financial News 18 23:10

  • HP printer, server, and PC sales in double digit dip

    EDS saves bacon

    Financial News 18 23:30