16th February 2009 Archive

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  • Adobe and Nokia pledge $10m for Flash and AIR apps

    Mobile PDF rewritten

    Developer 16 05:02

  • Intel to put internet in your pants

    Moorestown MIDs due by 2010

    Mobile 16 05:02

  • Dear Obama: Please consider open-source a waste of your time

    Ruby on Rails will not save the planet

    Operating Systems 16 05:29

  • Debian 'Lenny' arrives: bigger, longer, searchable

    Linux distro gets medical injection

    Operating Systems 16 06:56

  • Libra freezes out Welsh legalese

    UK.gov pumps another £4m into computer system

    Law 16 08:02

  • HP iPaq Data Messenger Windows Mobile smartphone


    Phones 16 09:02

  • Ofcom snatches spectrum

    Ubiquitous 3G in 2009?

    Networks 16 09:13

  • UK.gov to tap BT as data harvester

    Small ISP customers to be monitored upstream

    Government 16 09:52

  • How to survive the crisis: Sell kiddies booze

    Tesco shows the way forward

    Bootnotes 16 09:53

  • 2008 a top year for UK games sales

    More than twice as many units bought last year than in 2003

    Games 16 10:47

  • Sony Ericsson kicks off Barcelona love-in

    Let us entertain you

    Mobile 16 10:53

  • Missed flight woman goes absolutely mental

    Mother of all tantrums proves YouTube hit

    Bootnotes 16 10:54

  • Man U fan pwned in Facebook honeypot

    'Emma' actually Liverpudlian hoaxers

    Bootnotes 16 11:17

  • Brit, French nuke subs collide - fail to 'see' each other

    Expensive undetectable machines undetected - shock

    Government 16 11:26

  • Pilots boycott gov ID cards

    Security claims don't fly

    Government 16 11:29

  • Italian crooks use Skype to frustrate wiretaps

    Bitter P2P pill

    Security 16 11:59

  • Michelin strikes key 'e-wheel' deal

    The future de la 'leccy moteur

    Science 16 12:14

  • Landmark copyright trial against Pirate Bay gets underway

    'They won't get a cent'

    Law 16 12:19

  • HTC launches updated Touch Diamond and Pro

    Both pretty similar

    Phones 16 12:20

  • Mobile operators combine to flog customer data

    GSMA woos advertisers

    Mobile 16 12:21

  • Intel MID men sign LG

    Vapourware until 'Moorestown' ships

    Phones 16 12:40

  • Samsung's Omnia touchphone goes HD

    Shoot movies at 720p

    Phones 16 12:51

  • Samsung NC10 netbook

    The new mini-laptop champion

    Laptops 16 13:02

  • Huawei shows iPhone-style Android handset

    From CGI to reality by Q3, says vendor

    Phones 16 14:20

  • Woman sues over Vista to XP 'downgrade' charge

    Accused of abusing 'market power'

    Operating Systems 16 14:29

  • Police arrest first Heartland suspects

    $100K gift card scam unpicked

    Security 16 14:31

  • 70s Disco inspires latest Samsung music phones

    'Touch the Lights' UI, oh aye?

    Phones 16 15:01

  • ITV 'could dump' Friends Reunited

    Unfashionably profitable social network on the block

    Financial News 16 15:14

  • Nvidia touts Tegra with $99 handheld net tablet notion

    Pitches new chips too

    Phones 16 15:33

  • Tesco email is broked


    Broadband 16 15:42

  • Beta-blocker 'erases' unpleasant memories

    Possible cure for emotional disorders, Dutch team claims

    Science 16 15:53

  • Royal Navy to be first running-jump-jet force


    Government 16 16:21

  • ISP music for 'older than iPod gen' users

    Sky first to sign?

    Networks 16 16:28

  • Obama's BlackBerry still hackable, warns Mitnick

    You'd be a nut to try and crack it

    Security 16 16:56

  • LG lauds world’s first transparent phone

    We see through your marketing

    Phones 16 17:07

  • Windows goes Mobile 6.5

    Baller and chums launch latest OS

    Phones 16 17:12

  • Terabit Ethernet possibilities

    Breakthrough switching speed

    Data Networking 16 17:21

  • 'Lenny': Debian for the masses?

    Ubuntu without the straitjacket

    Operating Systems 16 17:33

  • Nokia opens app everything store

    Sell those dancing cat videos through Ovi

    Mobile 16 17:43

  • Samsung gets own models confused

    Tocco Ultra Edition becomes Ultra Touch

    Phones 16 17:47

  • Red Hat and Microsoft ink virt interoperability deal

    No patent protection or license payola

    Virtualization 16 18:13

  • Microsoft just wants to be touched

    Windows no longer mobile

    Mobile 16 18:31

  • Hackers: BitDefender site exposes private data (yet again)

    Second time in seven days

    Security 16 18:53

  • Apple sued over iPhone smooth scrolling

    Scots claim first zoom

    Phones 16 19:42

  • Google's Android Market accepts price tags

    Anglo-American coders get license to sell

    Mobile 16 19:47

  • Yahoo! cuts! web! bookmarking! fat!

    Three services? Too many. Two? Just right

    Media 16 22:00

  • iPhone and iPod Touch dominate handheld web traffic race

    RAZR V3 a distant third

    Mobile 16 22:16

  • 'You're Goths, and you can't serialise my next book'

    Social Media spinola from deepest Shoreditch

    Letters 16 23:31

  • Apple's Mac OS X update breaks Perl

    Never trust a vendor

    Operating Systems 16 23:54