13th February 2009 Archive

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  • Apple update plugs security vulns

    Beefs OS X, Java, Safari for Windows

    Security 13 00:57

  • Google euthanizes radio ad biz

    One trick Mountain View pony

    Business 13 01:04

  • VIA spins mini-mobo disk array

    Big disks, small package

    Servers 13 01:13

  • Microsoft goes retail with own shops

    Line for Zunes starts here

    The Channel 13 02:05

  • FTC gives behavioral ad punters one last chance

    Voluntary self-regulation's final shot

    Media 13 02:11

  • Rackable stomached $31.3m loss in 2008

    Mystery customers cut cord

    Financial News 13 06:12

  • Cisco Linksys Media Hub 500GB home NAS

    The wireless router company does NAS

    Hardware 13 09:02

  • The dark horse in data centre I/O simplification

    Three candidates, not two

    Virtualization 13 09:54

  • Credit crunch hits school rebuilding programme

    The new abacuses are here kids...

    Government 13 10:06

  • GM Volt to get regular software-style updates

    'Blast, I've bricked the gearbox'

    Science 13 10:18

  • Hospital boss slams patient records system

    Euthanasia kindest option for failed NHS project

    Government 13 10:56

  • Wakefield does a Brum with possessive apostrophes

    Second council drops 'confusing' punctuation

    Bootnotes 13 11:03

  • Non-shiny black iPhone images unearthed

    Unseen model number spied too

    Phones 13 11:05

  • Networked radar barrage balloons pass milestone

    Poor man's defence against poor man's missile

    Science 13 11:17

  • Huawei shows tiny HSDPA Wi-Fi hotspot gadget

    One mo' for i-Mo

    Broadband 13 11:26

  • Facial-recognition tech now used to greet hotel guests

    'Welcome back to the Grand, your Highness (82±13%)'

    Law 13 11:27

  • Samsung crafts solar-powered phone

    With recycled plastic body

    Phones 13 11:35

  • Cocaine now cheaper than lager

    Line 'em up, please barman

    Bootnotes 13 11:47

  • McAfee sales strong despite recession

    Security firm rides out economic storm

    Security 13 11:56

  • Jacqui's jihad on web extremism flops

    Counter terror ambitions countered by reality

    Law 13 12:02

  • Taliban man loves his iPhone

    Fundy fanboi

    Mobile 13 12:26

  • Paul Allen's cable firm files for Chapter 11

    Indebted to debtors

    Broadband 13 12:49

  • Rogue fishing skipper faked own death

    Jail for author of premature obituary

    Law 13 12:58

  • Hacking the Apple TV

    Adding new file formats

    Hardware 13 13:02

  • Prof: Save up fossil fuel reserves to fight the next ice age

    'It's too valuable to burn for energy'

    Science 13 13:11

  • Serial security hackers hit F-secure

    Sequel SQL assault

    Security 13 13:30

  • Semiconductor industry tries to re-architect itself

    Consolidation to boost Elpida

    The Channel 13 13:41

  • Mozilla asks developers to take Bespin for a spin

    You truly belong here with us among the clouds

    Developer 13 13:48

  • Cowon unveils sexy satnav-capable PMP

    Watch films and find your way home

    Hardware 13 13:49

  • World's nuttiest MP3 player aimed at Acorn fans?

    BBC Model Beech

    Hardware 13 14:01

  • No Android launch at MWC, says Samsung

    You'll have to wait until H2

    Phones 13 15:06

  • 50m PSPs sold shipped globally, says Sony

    There's life in the old gal yet

    Games 13 15:13

  • Tesla opens skirt, flashes bit of S

    Blink and you'll miss it

    Science 13 15:21

  • Danish sex museum loses wood

    Financial crisis proves hard on Copenhagen

    Bootnotes 13 15:45

  • Twitter breaks Jam Festival record

    You raised How Much?

    Bootnotes 13 15:56

  • CERN Proton-smashers: We are economically valuable

    Bitchslap for Drayson 'research to benefit economy' call

    Science 13 16:15

  • PacketVideo opens doorway to Android

    Google fans told to down browsers for the duration

    Mobile 13 16:49

  • Wanna see how to use Win 7 UAC to pwn a PC?

    Just press play...

    Security 13 16:56

  • Kaspersky breach: No user info lifted, auditor confirms

    But data was exposed

    Security 13 17:28

  • Defacement archive Zone-h gets defaced

    Web graffiti attack harks back to age of innocence

    Security 13 18:10

  • Amazon pulls Japanese rape simulator from shelves

    Vile game not intended for Western audiences

    Media 13 19:41

  • Apple fights iPhone unlocking (again)

    Wants jailbreakers jailable

    Hardware 13 19:50

  • Twitter attack exposes awesome power of clickjacking

    Hard to stop, harder to resist

    Security 13 19:56

  • Intel's future Xeons to share sockets

    Westmere mobo tock but no tick

    Servers 13 20:31

  • Unix world braces for geekgasm

    POSIX clock g-spot

    Operating Systems 13 21:58