9th February 2009 Archive

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  • Kaspersky hacker: Database exposed for days

    Security Co. mum on Jedi mind trick

    Security 09 07:10

  • Brother MFC-5890CN inkjet all-in-one A3 printer

    A big printer for big paper

    Hardware 09 09:02

  • Parcelforce website cold-shoulders Linux lovers

    Fanboys advised to pick up phone

    Management 09 09:02

  • Samsung flies flagship phone

    Tocco Ultra Super Mega Edition

    Phones 09 09:02

  • Woz goes Strictly dancing

    US TV greets the iDancer

    Bootnotes 09 09:52

  • Why EMC should really rev InVista

    Put up, or put down?

    Storage 09 10:31

  • Reg Hardware launches Twitter stream

    Tweeting throughout the day

    Phones 09 10:56

  • Outgoing Seagate CEO: Bill's big bill

    Failure has its own rewards

    Storage 09 11:01

  • AMD cores up with Phenom II

    Three and four core desktop chips

    The Channel 09 11:13

  • RM walks the line

    Expectations remain unchanged

    The Channel 09 11:18

  • LG officially unveils Arena flagship

    With 3D cube interface

    Phones 09 11:20

  • Ford partners with British e-van maker to kickstart US EV drive

    Any colour so long as it's white

    Science 09 11:20

  • We need cheap, abundant energy. Here's how

    More R&D, fewer red herrings

    Science 09 11:21

  • Vodafone and 3 merge Oz operations

    It really was no miracle. What happened was...

    Mobile 09 11:31

  • Footy star sues Facebook over fake fascist profile

    Del Piero: That's not my moustache

    Security 09 11:54

  • Official Amazon Kindle 2 images leak out

    Announcement to follow within hours

    Hardware 09 11:58

  • Man arrested in Indymedia animal extremism probe

    Police act on web comment including judge's details

    Law 09 12:20

  • HTC working on 1GHz smartphone?

    Rumours of TG01 rival

    Phones 09 12:46

  • Link-spamming spreads to NHS, police

    Home Office harbouring hentai - how humiliating!

    Security 09 12:58

  • AMD Phenom II Socket AM3 processor

    The chip maker's back in the game

    Hardware 09 13:01

  • Google faces post-Fleetwood Mac comedown

    Mountain View in rehab

    Applications 09 13:02

  • Brits and Yanks struck with embarasment embarrassment

    New millenium spelling woes

    Bootnotes 09 13:02

  • Data Domain sticks neck out on deduping

    Dopey notions from speed freaks?

    Storage 09 13:08

  • Users: The weakest link in laptop security

    Is end user training still an optional luxury?

    Notebooks 09 13:11

  • HP printer hack risk prompts update

    Firmware update guards against file snaffling

    Security 09 13:35

  • US spooks want 'stand off' biometrics-harvesting iPhones

    Jesus mobe turns to service of darkness

    Mobile 09 13:39

  • Dow leaves Dell amid UK channel shake-up

    Who to woo channel now?

    The Channel 09 13:59

  • Top Qinetiq raider to retire with vast treasure chest

    His parrot will not lack for treats

    Financial News 09 14:33

  • Valentine Trojan onslaught blights inboxes

    Have these people no heart?

    Security 09 14:43

  • Mozilla comes out in support of Brussels IE on Windows findings

    No surprise there then

    The Channel 09 14:46

  • UK.gov to send your holidays to sunny Manchester

    e-Borders programme gears up

    Government 09 14:57

  • TotalMusic goes totally titsup

    Second attempt fails too

    Media 09 15:32

  • Isle of Man gov gets social

    Tempting graduates back home

    Government 09 15:36

  • Grand Theft Auto: ChinaTown Wars goes multiplayer

    Drive-by shootings, with a friend

    Games 09 15:53

  • BONDI gives mobile widgets a day in the sun

    Alliance counts Opera and LiMO as friends

    Mobile 09 16:01

  • Sony pumps up the bass

    Firm's cans promise all-mighty bass

    Hardware 09 16:02

  • Next-gen Atom set back to Q4

    Timed to fuel Xmas netbook binge?

    Hardware 09 16:31

  • HD TV beats depression, claims HD TV company

    It must be true, then

    Hardware 09 16:37

  • Intel to tweak desktop 'Nehalem' line-up in Q2

    New top end CPUs to join revised Core i7 920

    Hardware 09 16:57

  • Amazon unveils Kindle 2.0

    It's official

    Hardware 09 17:00

  • Dalai Lama's Twitter account is a fake

    Always check your karmic sources

    Bootnotes 09 19:26

  • Microsoft to launch Windows mobile apps 'bazaar'

    MyPhone beta site unveiled

    Mobile 09 19:31

  • NetApp lays off staff

    Six per cent to go

    Storage 09 19:52

  • Intel kills off IDF Taipei

    Gives IDF Beijing a haircut

    Hardware 09 20:26

  • Green semiconductor advice goes beyond the chip

    Cradle-to-cradle thinking

    Hardware 09 21:01

  • Tough times mean channel love for Novell

    Investments and profits promised

    The Channel 09 21:16

  • Kaiser Permanente breach leads to ID theft

    Workers notified after police cuff suspect

    Security 09 22:05

  • Houston justice system laid low by Conficker worm

    They have a problem

    Security 09 22:13