6th February 2009 Archive

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  • US bandwidth gets new caps

    Time Warner's tight fit

    Broadband 06 00:14

  • Ubuntu shops believe in Ubuntu

    But will they pay for it?

    Servers 06 00:47

  • Apple rethinks battery bondage

    Patents ponder portable power packs

    Mobile 06 01:02

  • NASA births cliff-hanging yo-yo bot

    Gravity's a bitch

    Science 06 01:22

  • High-slider integrity planned for Windows 7 UAC

    Microsoft spins on flack attack

    Operating Systems 06 01:35

  • Reading punts free mobile info service

    The Thames Valley - all in glorious Java

    Mobile 06 07:02

  • IBM adds dedupe to Tivoli Storage Manager

    Gets DB2 database engine too

    Storage 06 08:48

  • Pentax K-m entry-level digital SLR

    One of the best budget DSLRs available?

    Hardware 06 09:02

  • Acronis on the prowl?

    Out to become bigger dog in backup yard

    Storage 06 09:02

  • New Zealand bolts net filtering regime into place

    Shows Oz - and us - how it's done

    Government 06 09:15

  • BlackBerry bosses settle share option row

    Directors banned, sent for reeducation

    Financial News 06 09:50

  • Of laptop data security

    Done the basics - or sleepwalking along a precipice?

    Notebooks 06 11:02

  • Fusion-io: Wozniak gets involved

    Drive vendor gains added Apple co-founder cred

    Storage 06 11:03

  • MS lines up two critical updates for Patch Tuesday

    Security gnomes busy on IE

    Security 06 11:07

  • Xbox 360's NXE patch births RRoD complaints

    Microsoft keeping quiet

    Games 06 11:12

  • British troops to wear smart earplugs in Afghan combat

    Pop star plugs let through voice, cut off gunfire

    Government 06 11:31

  • El Reg pays tribute to father of Playmobil

    Exclusive snaps from Vulture Central's Hans Beck bash

    Bootnotes 06 12:02

  • Google finally soups up Gmail search

    Inbox gets multiple personality

    Applications 06 12:11

  • HP UK pulls Linux from all new netbooks

    Microsoft only option - unless you want an old model

    Hardware 06 12:17

  • Lords say surveillance society erodes foundations of UK

    Shift in character of life comes under fire

    Government 06 12:18

  • PlayStation 3 to get 45nm Cell 'mid year'

    PS3 diet looming?

    Games 06 12:26

  • BBC seen to yield over website snooping

    Auntie discovered in bed with big brother

    Media 06 12:43

  • Hacking the Apple TV

    Getting in

    Hardware 06 13:02

  • Amazon to make Kindle mobile

    Sort of...

    Hardware 06 13:20

  • Cisco wireless flaws pose DoS risk

    Wi-Fi kit found wanting

    Security 06 13:31

  • The Boss bitchslaps Ticketmaster

    Condemns selling practice, disses Live Nation merger talks

    Media 06 13:34

  • Spysat-spying spysats on track for launch, says Boeing

    Letting the enemy know we know what they know

    Science 06 14:16

  • Commissioner pours scorn on internet freedom law

    US Bill stuck in mud, European copycat trundles on

    Government 06 15:04

  • TomTom belts up with Renault

    New satnav integrated into new Clio

    Science 06 15:22

  • Sony unveils colourful PSP trio

    And this time, they're coming to the UK!

    Games 06 15:26

  • Insolvency levels show upturn in downturn

    Lies, damn lies and statistics

    Small Biz 06 15:38

  • Brits 'a bunch of yellow bastards', says irate Yank

    Armed American Stereotype™ speaks out

    Bootnotes 06 15:39

  • OLPC designer styles goes-like-stink electric motorbike

    Lots of Tesla DNA in there too

    Science 06 15:49

  • Flybe clips IT department's wings

    Presumably no lay off fear for crack PR operatives

    Management 06 16:03

  • MoD orders £3m anti-friendly-fire 'Combat ID Server'

    404 Error: Blue-on-blue Sky of Death

    Government 06 16:14

  • US sheds 598,000 jobs in January

    Take those IT stats with a large pinch of salt

    Financial News 06 16:46

  • NEC shutters European PC biz

    Server making outsource

    The Channel 06 18:56

  • Apple banishes Macs to old folks home

    Power G4s and the age of obsolescence

    Hardware 06 20:06

  • FBI releases pics of low-level suspects in $9m ATM scam

    Payroll card max-out multiplier hack

    Security 06 20:13

  • Intel ships updated Atom chips six months early

    The Next Generation Derivative

    Hardware 06 20:29

  • MySQL chief Mickos quits Sun

    Marten follows Monty

    Business 06 21:11

  • Geeks.com settles charges claiming its security was crap

    A decade in the stockade

    Security 06 21:43

  • Salesforce.com president and chief strategy officer departs

    Mass exec exodus?

    Financial News 06 22:08

  • Google shoves ebook monopoly onto iPhone

    Gibberish today. World domination tomorrow

    Media 06 23:54