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Novell cutting more heads?

Novell employees should brace for more layoffs, beyond the 100 or so the company has officially discussed.
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Cisco waves excuse boilerplate as profits fall

Pop quiz: What did Cisco blame for a 28 per cent drop in profits during its second quarter.
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Apple iPhoto gets in your face

Review iLife has arrived. Again. And there are questions to be answered.
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Amazon probed by US Mail

Amazon is under investigation by the US Postal Service for "compliance with Postal Service rules," according to a one-sentence statement in the company's annual 10-K filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
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Pinch Trojan lives on after authors' convictions

Updated Variants of the Pinch Trojan are infecting users more than a year after the arrest of its two original authors, , who were recently jailed for their crimes.

Logic3 Valve80 thermionic iPod dock and speaker set

Review Logic 3, maker of accessories for gadgets such as Apple's iPods, has gone up-scale with the launch of the Valve 80 amplifier.

Recession prompts job cuts at PC World call centres

Capita will cut up to 42 jobs at call centres it runs for PC World owner DSGi in Sheffield and Nottingham because of falling call numbers.

Apple delays 17in MacBook Pro

Anyone looking to pick-up the new 17in "unibody" MacBook Pro will have to wait a little longer than expected. Apple has delayed the laptop’s launch.

GM talks up EV battery longevity tech

'Leccy Tech With some of our media colleagues giving the distinct impression that the current cold snap is on a par with the one that stopped the Wehrmacht at the gates of Moscow in 1941, Green Fuels Forecast have had a timely chat with some senior General Motors staffers about battery lifespans and operating temperature issues.
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Old guard storms boardroom at ailing Lenovo

Lenovo's old guard Chinese management parachuted back into the boardroom yesterday as it released third quarter numbers that showed its shipments dropping faster than the industry average in every market except China.
Joe Fay, 05 2009

Motorola kickstarts internal 4G tests

Motorola has begun testing 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) broadband in the UK.

Texas creates videogame remembrance day

Many countries set aside days to remember fallen war heroes, but now 3 February shall forever be known as Entertainment Software Day – in Texas, at least.
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Fake parking tickets lead unwary to malware

Hackers are using fake parking violation warnings to trick motorists into visiting malware-infested websites.
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One-tonne 40ft snake prowled superhot prehistoric jungles

Scientists say they have discovered fossil remains of a colossal prehistoric snake that once roamed the superheated Paleocene jungles of South America. The one-tonne Titanoboa cerrejonensis would have been more than 40 feet long and ten feet around at its thickest.
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Swindon embraces 4th generation

Motorola, the bit that makes money selling networks rather than the handset division that loses money making phones, has been testing 4th generation networks in Swindon, demonstrating calls over Long Term Evolution (LTE) connections.
Bill Ray, 05 2009
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MySQL daddy 'Monty' quits Sun

MySQL creator Michael “Monty” Widenius has finally left Sun Microsystems following a long-drawn-out disagreement over what he saw as the firm’s “premature” release of MySQL 5.1.

Stylish LG iPhone handset spied online

A trio of pictures of what’s thought to be LG’s upcoming KM900 touchscreen smartphone have emerged online.

Yes! It's the cardboard PC!

Green is the new black, or so it seems. So an enterprising designer’s inked plans to build a desktop PC that does away with the traditional metal and plastic exterior, in favour of… er… cardboard.
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Sat scope discovers Earthlike 'sauna world'

Astronomers using the CoRoT worldfinder satellite say they have discovered the smallest extra-solar planet yet known. The newly-checked-out world is less than twice the size of Earth, may have a solid surface, orbits a sun-like star and appears to have plenty of water. Sadly, local temperatures appear to be more than 1,000°C.
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You're barcoded: The sneaky under-25 route to compulsory ID

Comment There has been much tabloid fury about recent reports that two Royal Marines, just back from the front line in Afghanistan, were refused entry to a pub because they only had military ID. Is this just a storm in a pint glass, or evidence of yet more subtle pressure by Government to persuade all of us that ID cards would be a good idea?
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South Pole stilt-base builder to give lecture in Sadville

The man in charge of constructing a scientific base mounted on extending stilts at the South Pole will give a talk on his experiences next Wednesday - in Second Life, the online masquerade park popular with bedroom explorers.

Business Intelligence for the masses

Regcast Last week we broadcast a show called Business Intelligence for the mid-market, which was based on research conducted with The Reg Tech Panel.

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot

The road to Windows 7 for Vista-shy customers who want to jump straight from XP to the upcoming operating system won’t be an easy one.
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Congress gives analogue TV signal 4-month reprieve

The US Congress has agreed to delay the mandatory transition to digital television until 12 June, putting the sick, the elderly and the unemployed ahead of the first responders waiting for access to the released spectrum.
Bill Ray, 05 2009
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'Spam-friendly' domain registrars named and shamed

The vast majority of spam (83 per cent) is linked to sites established through ten domain name registrars, according to a new study.

Man accused of trying to kill girlfriend with WiiMote

Eating all the chocolate biscuits is a serious crime, but would you try and throttle your partner for doing so? A US man allegedly did – using a Wii Remote’s cord - after his girlfriend accused him of failing to keep his hands out of the cookie jar.
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Miliband refuses to release torture documents

Foreign Secretary David Miliband has refused to release documents requested by Guantanomo Bay resident Binyam Mohamed and denied that his decision was based on fear of US reprisals.
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Jacqui Smith cracks down on gangs via computers, closets

The government will hit gangs where it hurts - on the internet and in their wardrobes.
Joe Fay, 05 2009
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Rogue sysadmin sues SF for $3m

Terry Childs, the ex-network admin accused of holding San Francisco's computer network to ransom, is suing the city for $3m.
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Big labels or Google - who is the songwriters' worst enemy?

Interview Tired of being ignored by industry lobby groups, artists are now getting feisty about creators' digital rights.

Star Trek Communicator gains VoIP

If you’re thinking of Star Trekkin’ across the universe, you’ll need a decent communications device to alert crew members that there are Klingons on the starboard bow. Enter the Star Trek Communicator.

California to get 'space age' three-wheel EV

'Leccy Tech Another day, another odd looking 'leccy car from a start up. Today, it's the turn of Californian car maker Aptera to foist its vision of the future of the automobile upon us, and it's shaped like this:

Satyam finds a boss and money

Satyam's board of directors took two days to decide, but has now appointed a new CEO to replace Ramalinga Raju, who is still in jail awaiting trial for an alleged billion-dollar fraud.

App brings calls, texts to iPod Touch

Calling all iPod Touch owners! IP telco Jajah has launched an application that adds call functionality to your poor man’s iPhone.

Third-gen iPhone to run on Nvidia chippery?

Will Apple's next iPhone pack an Nvidia ARM-based system-on-a-chip? That's what one US analyst thinks.
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SCO boss to customers: 'Blah. Blah. Blah'

SCO Group boss Jeff Hunsaker has done away with corporate speak in his latest seasonal note to partners and customers and replaced it with a terse, blunt message that reads: "Blah. Blah. Blah."
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US Navy spends $12m on electric hypercannon

The US Navy has handed out a $12m contract to Texan academics to carry out research into electromagnetic hypervelocity railguns.

Chipzilla sits on its Tukwila

Chip maker Intel has quietly copped to another delay with its "Tukwila" quad-core Itanium processors.
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IBM launches very serious enviro-commitment programme

Big Blue wants world+dog to know it's deadly serious about green technology, and to underline that commitment, the company has launched its "Ready for Energy & Environment" validation program for biz partners.
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Gates looses mosquitoes on tech conference bloodsuckers

Bill Gates opened a jar of mosquitoes on stage at a conference for elite technology bloodsuckers on Wednesday to make a point about the spread of malaria.
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Norwegians swallow iTunes threat

The Norwegian government has dropped its legal action against Apple's iTunes Store.
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World's power grids infested with (more) SCADA bugs

Areva Inc. - a Paris-based company that serves nuclear, wind, and fossil-fuel power companies - is warning customers to upgrade a key piece of energy management software following the discovery of security bugs that leaves it vulnerable to hijacking.
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Microsoft mojo deflated by Seinfeld Vista ads

Jerry Seinfeld hasn’t recorded a fresh edition of his eponymous sitcom in eleven years. Yet the once wildly-popular show about nothing has lived on, zombie-like, in the twilight world of US cable syndication and Microsoft Windows Vista adverts.
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Phishing scam aims to hoodwink hotel habitants

Phishing fraudsters have moved on from banking sites with an attack designed to hoodwink hotel customers, according to a team of security volunteers.

Intel shuts Shanghai plant

Intel plans to shut down an integrated circuit-packaging plant in Shanghai as a cost-cutting measure that will affect about 2,000 workers.
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Opera revs JavaScript engine of the future

Opera is building a new JavaScript engine. And one day, the Norwegian browser mavens say, it will be the fastest the web has ever seen.
Cade Metz, 05 2009

Apple's Snow Leopard may know where you are

Apple's upcoming Snow Leopard operating system will include location awareness and multi-touch capabilities. Or so it seems.
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Windows 7 UAC vuln not a vuln, MS repeats

When is a Windows 7 vulnerability not a vulnerability? When the malware that's been written to exploit it can't be installed without the user's OK.
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Teen accused of 'sinister' Facebook sex extortion plot

An 18-year-old male student from Wisconsin has been accused of posing as a female on Facebook in a plot to trick at least 31 male classmates into sending nude pictures of themselves and then using the images to blackmail them into performing sex acts.
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Amazon pulls beta tag from PayPal foe

Amazon's Flexible Payments Service has been taken out of its 19-month run as a limited beta, opening the online vendor's payment infrastructure to everyone.