28th January 2009 Archive

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  • Mitsubishi to unveil i MiEV Sport Air at Geneva Motor Show


    Science 28 Jan 00:02

  • Yahoo! welcomes! new! CEO! with! $303 million! loss!

    Bartz mum on Ballmer

    Financial News 28 Jan 00:25

  • Sun's OpenSolaris chief leads cloud-strategy hunt

    Double or nothing?

    Software 28 Jan 00:39

  • Big Sparc crunches Sun's Q2

    IBM memo lost on Schwartz

    Financial News 28 Jan 00:48

  • ICANN freezes over fast flux fury

    Botnet deadlock

    Security 28 Jan 00:58

  • Time to axe Microsoft's Zune

    Less really is more

    Data Centre 28 Jan 01:13

  • Boffin dubs global warming 'irreversible'

    Environmental researchers are such downers

    Science 28 Jan 01:31

  • EU nixes Intel delay play

    Anti-compete suit re-tracked

    The Channel 28 Jan 01:33

  • Big Blue iPod boss cleared for Cupertino landing

    Papermaster returns

    Hardware 28 Jan 02:15

  • Extended Brocade backbone virtualises SANs

    HBAs brace up with OEM support

    Storage 28 Jan 08:02

  • Logitech Harmony 1100 universal remote control

    One to rule them all?

    Hardware 28 Jan 09:02

  • Blogger can't sue over comment, rules High Court

    Didn't like it, shoulda deleted it

    Law 28 Jan 10:29

  • Satyam finds bankers to find it funding

    And now knows how many people it employs

    The Channel 28 Jan 10:37

  • iPhone SMS error bug won't go away

    Apple still not getting the message?

    Phones 28 Jan 11:13

  • Sony's 11in OLED finally lands in Europe

    Credit-crunch defying price

    Hardware 28 Jan 11:36

  • Vodafone snaps up Wayfinder

    Hopes sat nav won't prove a dead end

    Mobile 28 Jan 11:37

  • Airbus A380 bows out of Air Force One competition

    Let Boeing have the unimportant deals, says EADS

    Government 28 Jan 11:39

  • Wi-Fi roaming: US T-Mobile gets it, BT drops it

    Roam if you want to still can

    Mobile 28 Jan 11:42

  • Amazon Kindle 2 to arrive within weeks?

    Announcement fuels speculation

    Hardware 28 Jan 11:48

  • Mayor Boris backs McKinnon in extradition fight

    Asks if Brown and Darling are part of Lizard conspiracy

    Law 28 Jan 11:51

  • Parallel importer jailed for up to nine months in Microsoft case

    A very grey day indeed

    The Channel 28 Jan 12:02

  • CPW aims to keep recession victims connected

    TalkTalk offers Emergency Plan

    Broadband 28 Jan 12:11

  • Nintendo unveils Wii health channel

    Buy Wii - prolong life

    Games 28 Jan 12:19

  • Why conventional protection fails against web threats

    White paper trail

    Security 28 Jan 12:42

  • RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900

    Bold junior

    Phones 28 Jan 13:02

  • Paris Hilton correctly identifies UK Prime Minister

    'I had lunch at his restaurant yesterday'

    Bootnotes 28 Jan 13:06

  • Gmail goes offline to avoid flatline online

    Google goes back to the future with PC-based Office

    Applications 28 Jan 13:12

  • Carbonite nabbed with hand in review jar

    Caught pulling a Belkin

    Storage 28 Jan 13:23

  • Apple gets censory on iBoobs'... ass

    We don't think you're ready for this jelly

    Mobile 28 Jan 13:28

  • US considers audible warnings for cameraphones

    'Attention! Possible voyeur taking picture!'

    Phones 28 Jan 13:45

  • Hybrid fusion-fission reactors to run on nuclear 'sludge'

    Most nuke waste actually useful fuel, say boffins

    Science 28 Jan 13:51

  • Orange mobile internet takes a lie down

    Dongles dangle

    Mobile 28 Jan 13:59

  • I'm a sceptic now, says ex-NASA climate boss

    Hansen supervisor takes aim at thermageddon

    Science 28 Jan 14:18

  • Gunman leaves flatmate PS3 sale checklist

    "I'm shooting myself tomorrow, can you sell my PS3 and cancel the milk?"

    Games 28 Jan 14:21

  • Sony unwraps 'world's thinnest' LCD TV

    Wireless HDMI linkage on board

    Hardware 28 Jan 14:29

  • 'Anonymous' pwns Digital Camera Mag website

    'This forum is now 4chan's bitch'

    CIO 28 Jan 14:46

  • Co-op weighs into battle to save honeybees

    Suppliers banned from using eight pesticides

    Science 28 Jan 14:47

  • Websense buys Defensio to fight blog comment spam

    Sexy Russian girls are not waiting to meet you

    Security 28 Jan 14:48

  • F1 chiefs ready post-prang battery safety scheme

    Helping track marshals avoid zaps after shunts

    Science 28 Jan 14:49

  • Dell and Cisco best buddies - for now

    Strictly come network dancing

    The Channel 28 Jan 15:39

  • Bruised SAP cuts 3,000 jobs as profit disappoints

    Margins squeezed, workforce trimmed

    The Channel 28 Jan 15:55

  • Saving ISPs and the music biz: Is it even worth it?

    Not when they behave like this

    Media 28 Jan 16:01

  • Panasonic's wind, water, dust-proof 720p camera

    Also cuts out background wind noise on videos

    Hardware 28 Jan 16:23

  • Overland makes snap CEO switch

    A change is as good as... well, change is good

    Storage 28 Jan 16:33

  • Unveiled: love tutor headphones


    Hardware 28 Jan 16:37

  • KDE hopes to fill boots with 4.2 release

    A Windows man, a Linux man and a Mac man walk into a bar...

    Software 28 Jan 16:55

  • USAF seeks diamond gunports for electropulse ray-cannon

    Plus: Fibre optics offer hope of shark-portable lasers

    Science 28 Jan 18:02

  • Kaspersky Labs denies panic mongering

    The papers just made it up

    Security 28 Jan 18:06

  • Apple scores 'power connector' patent

    Priapic IP

    Bootnotes 28 Jan 18:20

  • DDoS attack boots Kyrgyzstan from net

    Russian bears blamed

    Security 28 Jan 19:57

  • iPhone juices AT&T profits

    BlackBerry buoys Verizon

    Financial News 28 Jan 20:35

  • US broadband stimulus could reach $9bn

    Senate draft adds $3bn, tax incentives

    Government 28 Jan 20:39

  • Sun will Rock in 2009

    UltraSparc hope

    Servers 28 Jan 21:16

  • Microsoft to act on IE8 'show stoppers'

    Standards committed - to a point

    Applications 28 Jan 22:28

  • US cable giant to throttle P2P

    No, not that one

    Broadband 28 Jan 23:05