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Cisco virtualization-server challenge to HP and IBM?

Cisco Systems, the reigning monarch of networking equipment, is preparing to challenge long-time compatriots Hewlett-Packard Co and IBM in a market that those two companies dominate: servers.

Cowon iAudio O2 personal media player

Review It's no secret that Cowon's A3 PMP is favoured by Vulture Central. The comprehensive codec and file support, superb 800 x 480 screen and twitproof controls make it a hard device to not like.
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Budding artist Paris demands more respect

El Reg's fave jetsetting blonde has confirmed what some of us have suspected all along - that's she's not actually an international ambassador for celebutard vacuity, but rather an ordinary gal with serious artistic ambitions.

Will magnetic switching by light keep storage vendors spinning?

Hard drive storage is based on switching magnetic states by magnetism. Switching by laser light could be much faster and could be used on non-spinning media.
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IBM faces EU monopoly probe

IBM is likely to face a full European Union investigation into its mainframe business as a rival firm formally complains to the Competition Commission.

Belkin boss 'extremely sorry' for cash-for-good-reviews plan

Accessory maker Belkin has formally apologised for paying punters to plug its products in Amazon.com's buyer reviews system.

Dimension Data revs up despite US sales slump

Computer services firm Dimension Data Holdings Plc expects to see a 13 per cent rise in revenue for the three months ended 31 December 2008, compared to the same period a year earlier.
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Fake plane death businessman left SOS bullet-point list

The US financial advisor who attempted to fake his own death in a light aircraft crash will certainly not be elevated to the pantheon of criminal masterminds, after police yesterday revealed he'd left a bullet-point list of his fake distress call in the plane before bailing out.
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Empire Direct goes titsup

Another UK retailer has gone titsup - electrical retailer Empire Direct has gone into administration.
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Chip giant whips out low-power quad-core CPUs

Intel has rolled out some new CPUs and cut the prices of old ones.

Chinese EV maker pitches 'safer than li-ion' batteries

'Leccy Tech Chinese car maker BYD is planning to license its low-cost ferrous-iron electric-auto batteries to other car firms.
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MoD networks still malware-plagued after two weeks

Ongoing malware problems at the Ministry of Defence have left some officials and service personnel still without desktop computing, a fortnight after infections began. However, the MoD insists that media reports of its email being sent to Russia are untrue.

Asus intro Northern Lights notebooks

Asus obviously searched the stars for inspiration when considering the aesthetics of its latest notebook trio, because the machines supposedly feature a fusion of styles all borrowed from the Northern Lights.

Dot Hill shrinks its RAID offering

Dot Hill has introduced what may be the shape of things to come, with a small form factor RAID array using 2.5-inch hard drives and solid state drives.
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New Italian Job ending revealed Friday

The Royal Society of Chemistry will on Friday announce the winner of its challenge to resolve The Italian Job's cliffhanger ending, the Telegraph reports.

Acer's 10in Aspire One spied on web

Acer's eagerly anticipated 10in version of the popular Aspire One netbook has popped up in pictures on the web.

World's first biometric, waterproof mobile surfaces

Pin numbers are generally about as secure as most mobile phones get. But Fujitsu has launched what it claims is the world’s first waterproof handset with an embedded biometric sensor.
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Breakthrough paint blocks top-end spectrum

Japanese researchers have created a cheap paint that will block RF transmissions up to 182GHz - ready for the day someone starts transmitting confidential data at such a high frequency.
Bill Ray, 20 2009

Boffin seeks $300,000 to build eight-wheel 230mph EV

'Leccy Tech Plug-in hybrids, extended-range electric vehicles, pure electric roadsters - all well and good, but what we really want is an electric eight-wheel hyper-car that's good for 230mph on the open road.

Sniper-aiding app arrives for iPhone

The iTunes App Store has brought iPhone owners many useful and useless applications. But now one’s available that’ll let any idiot with a sniper rifle take out enemies with ease.
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Conficker seizes city's hospital network

Exclusive Staff at hospitals across Sheffield are battling a major computer worm outbreak after managers turned off Windows security updates for all 8,000 PCs on the vital network, The Register has learned.
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Whose notebook is it anyway?

Workshop For some, the freedom and flexibility of a laptop PC is essential to getting the job done. For others, having the latest piece of mobile kit is perhaps more of a luxury, or even, dare we suggest, just a status symbol. Either way, there is no disputing the shift in emphasis from desktop to portable machines in a business context.
Dale Vile, 20 2009

Desktop integrated graphics shoot-out

Review There was a time, not so long ago, when integrated graphics were so feeble they couldn’t pull the metaphorical skin off a rice pudding. Broadly speaking, the integrated graphics processor (IGP) was fit for little more than the two-dimensional Windows desktop, and a graphics card was necessary if you wanted to play games.
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MoD ponders super spectrum sale

The UK's Ministry of Defense has detailed the process by which it's planning to switch radio-spectrum usage from Crown Immunity to Recognised Spectrum Access, a precursor for sharing or trading radio spectrum.
Bill Ray, 20 2009
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Conficker Autoplay ruse gets teeth into Windows 7

Social engineering autoplay tricks work on early versions of Windows 7 as well as Vista, according to tests by security researchers.
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McKinnon wins extradition delay

Gary McKinnon has been granted a delay in his long-running fight against extradition to the US on hacking charges.
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SA copper thieves bid for Darwin glory

Two South African men with an evidently scant knowledge of how electricity works were this morning killed while attempting to make off with copper power lines by pulling the cables with wires while standing on the ground.

Microsoft halts construction plans, won't renew leases

Microsoft is reportedly boarding up a number of its Seattle-based properties by not renewing the leases, and is postponing construction plans on a number of buildings to help cut costs.
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The Manx Music Blanket Mystery

Sources on the Isle of Man have expressed surprise at the proposal to issue a blanket licence legalising the exchanges of digital music over P2P networks.
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Cisco 'California' blade server launch imminent?

While vendors come and go in the cutthroat server racket every day, it is an exceptional day when a company with the economic and technical might of Cisco Systems decides to jump in.

Rockstar denies GTA V rumours

Rockstar has denied recent rumours that it’ll unveil a successor to the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto IV videogame this year. However, some good news is on the horizon.

Euro PC maker readies zero-Watt PC

Fujitsu Siemens (FSC) will shortly show off what it claims will be the world's first PC that consumes not a jot of power when it's placed in standby mode, the computer said today.

Sony confirms upcoming PSP update

Sony is keeping mysteriously quiet about the benefits of its latest PlayStation Portable firmware update.
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Call centre manager in the frame over ID scam

An Indian call centre manager is under investigation over allegations he used the identities of Brits to run an insurance fraud scam.
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US credit card payment house breached by sniffing malware

Heartland Payment Systems - a payments processor that serves more than 250,000 US businesses - warned consumers Tuesday that their card data may have been compromised following a security breach of the company's payment system.
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Qualcomm eats AMD handheld biz

Qualcomm today purchased $65m worth of intellectual property and other assets from AMD, as AMD finished divesting itself of its handheld and DTV businesses.
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Microsoft mobile services and Windows Mobile due next month?

Microsoft will update its mobile software and services strategy at next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, according to reports.
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Red Hat revs Enterprise Linux distro

Red Hat today announced the fourth release of its Enterprise Linux commercial distribution, RHEL 5.3, adding support for new hardware, some virtualization tweaks meant to keep pace with recent innovations to hypervisor technology, and all sorts of other goodies.
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Intel eyes sun-powered data centers

Despite taking some major financial knocks in recent months, Intel is pushing ahead with its investments in solar technology.
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Intel Atom heir in rumor mill upgrade

More snippets of news emerged today about Intel's upcoming replacement to its low-power Atom processor, set to launch in the second half of this year.
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Eclipse goal to become 'management-aware' in 2009

Developers might get the picture, but Eclipse reckons it had better ramp up awareness its products among senior management as it moves beyond tools in 2009.