13th January 2009 Archive

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  • Sun MySQLers barred from Oz

    Open source knows no borders

    Applications 13 Jan 00:25

  • Storm worm smackdown as researchers unpick control system

    But legal fears may kibosh clean-up

    Security 13 Jan 00:32

  • SpaceX erects Phallus Falcon 9 rocket

    All systems go

    Science 13 Jan 00:35

  • National Safety Council seeks total* cell-phone driving ban

    * - Hands-free included

    Mobile 13 Jan 00:58

  • Oracle trims sales, marketing, and back office staff?

    Profits first

    Financial News 13 Jan 01:01

  • Experts trumpet '25 most dangerous' programming errors

    And tips to avoid them

    Security 13 Jan 01:26

  • Organisations still don't know much about data protection

    Increased investment hasn't fixed flakiness

    Storage 13 Jan 10:02

  • InPhase might ship holographic storage this year?

    Beams are gonna find you

    Storage 13 Jan 10:21

  • Watchdog wags finger at waffly privacy policies

    Companies must cut the gobbledegook

    Law 13 Jan 10:59

  • Dell settles with 34 US states over consumer financing claims

    When zero doesn't mean zero...

    The Channel 13 Jan 11:11

  • Computacenter ditches PC distribution

    Strategic review leads to 'structural changes'

    The Channel 13 Jan 11:16

  • HTC prepping Palm Pré, Apple iPhone rival

    Android alternative?

    Phones 13 Jan 11:25

  • Analyst predicts console cuts

    Cheaper gaming coming soon?

    Games 13 Jan 11:30

  • Texas profs use AI news-ware to ID terror groups

    Pundit-in-a-box tech beats spooks, claim developers

    Applications 13 Jan 11:32

  • Librarians redubbed 'audience development officers'

    'It is just political correctness gone daft'

    Bootnotes 13 Jan 11:35

  • Virus writer signs off in cordial Trojan message to MS

    So long, and thanks for all the phish

    Security 13 Jan 11:39

  • Cash-strapped US businessman jumps from light aircraft

    Unconvincing attempt to fake own death

    Bootnotes 13 Jan 11:58

  • Pure Digital Avanti Flow internet radio and iPod speaker

    Pure's DAB/Wi-Fi line-up gets iPod friendly

    Hardware 13 Jan 12:02

  • Israelis offer radical new rat-based urban renewal scheme

    Rodents prefer Manhattan to New Orleans, apparently

    Science 13 Jan 12:08

  • Navman dumbs down

    'Durr, what's a satnav?'

    Science 13 Jan 12:22

  • Danish SWAT team surrounds PlayStation shoot-'em-up

    Apartment block 'gunfire' incident

    Bootnotes 13 Jan 12:28

  • Mandy flies flag for small biz bailout

    Good money after bad

    Small Biz 13 Jan 12:29

  • DisplayPort revision to get mini connector, stereo 3D

    Apple's MacBook monitor port to enter standard

    Hardware 13 Jan 12:33

  • NFC sees future disappear in a Tag

    Printing offer more bytes for your buck

    Mobile 13 Jan 12:36

  • Nokia locates key-finding phone add-on

    No more hands down the back of the sofa

    Hardware 13 Jan 12:37

  • Joshua Schachter joins spreading Google tree

    You're my wife now, Dave Josh

    Applications 13 Jan 12:40

  • Palm Pré WebOS: hardware hands-on

    Specs appeal

    Mobile 13 Jan 12:45

  • Palm Pré WebOS: universal search shown off

    iPhone-style browsing too

    Mobile 13 Jan 12:58

  • US prof undermines foundations of Aussie firewall

    World govs better take note

    Law 13 Jan 13:02

  • Palm Pré WebOS: video guide

    The key features of the smartphone demo'd for you

    Phones 13 Jan 13:16

  • AVG snaps up behaviour-based threat detection firm

    Sana move in uncertain times

    Security 13 Jan 13:30

  • Brit loonies adventurers headed to Timbuctoo by 'flying car'

    'Extreme golfer' in Gibraltar Chitty2Bang2 bid

    Science 13 Jan 13:38

  • Toyota demos FT electric city car

    New Prius not on the only Detroit star

    Science 13 Jan 14:17

  • US considers ciggie-style health warnings for games

    'Gameplay can seriously damage your health'

    Games 13 Jan 14:24

  • Advertising Standards boss gets Information Commissioner nod

    Experienced in toothless regulator operations

    Government 13 Jan 14:49

  • How do you find stuff on your phone?

    Mobile device navigation

    Reg Technology Panel 13 Jan 14:54

  • Apple to push Nokia into smartphone second place

    Will happen by 2013, analyst predicts

    Mobile 13 Jan 15:07

  • Wi-Fi comes to school buses

    Tickets SSIDs please!

    Broadband 13 Jan 15:11

  • Cisco plays catch-up, gets directional

    Everyone shaping radio these days

    Data Networking 13 Jan 15:42

  • NZ cops claim 'first Facebook arrest' of bungling safe-cracker

    You're poked nicked

    Bootnotes 13 Jan 15:55

  • US teen clocks up 14,528 text messages

    Dad left 'speechless' by one-month marathon

    Mobile 13 Jan 16:01

  • Seagate's Cheetah adds new spots

    New disk drives, business as usual

    Storage 13 Jan 16:18

  • Mole leaks HTC's 2009 phones

    Picture database shows upcoming models

    Phones 13 Jan 16:19

  • Indian police raid PWC in Satyam probe

    Blamestorming begins over $1bn accounts hole

    The Channel 13 Jan 16:42

  • Paris Hilton website violated by Trojan-spreaders

    That's not hot

    Security 13 Jan 16:55

  • Ford roadmaps electrics for 2010, 2011, 2012

    Fiesta to the fore?

    Science 13 Jan 17:23

  • Yahoo! to! name! former! Autodesk! chief! as! new! CEO!

    Good luck, Carol Bartz

    Financial News 13 Jan 19:06

  • Intel prepping chip price cuts?

    15 to 40 per cent, rumors say

    Financial News 13 Jan 19:12

  • SCO auctions Unix and mobile assets to continue fight

    Never say "die"

    Operating Systems 13 Jan 19:41

  • Chipmaker leak points to iPhone Nano in June

    But you may not see it unless you're Chinese

    Mobile 13 Jan 19:44

  • Nvidia forecasts massive Q4 revenue drop

    Sales down 40 to 50 per cent

    Financial News 13 Jan 19:46

  • Obama eyes net neut man for FCC post

    Smiles in Mountain View

    Government 13 Jan 21:19

  • Meltdown burns electronic design sales

    Jobs hold steady (for now)

    Financial News 13 Jan 21:53

  • Researcher warns of data-snooping bug in Apple's Safari

    Mac or Windows, equal pwnage opportunity

    Security 13 Jan 23:12

  • US lawmaker wants health warnings on video games

    'It works so well for cigarettes...'

    Government 13 Jan 23:14

  • Forrester crystal ball conjures 2009 IT spending shrinkage

    A mere $1.66 trillion

    The Channel 13 Jan 23:31