12th January 2009 Archive

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  • Mattel demos thought-controlled game

    On your marks, get set... concentrate...

    Hardware 12 08:02

  • Rambus legal crusade blunted by paper shredder

    Destroyed papers it shouldn't

    Hardware 12 10:04

  • Indian government holds Satyam execs in jail ahead of trial

    And new broom sweeps entire board out

    The Channel 12 10:16

  • Seagate to slash up to 10 per cent of staff

    Heads on platters

    Storage 12 10:25

  • GTA: ChinaTown Wars gets 18 rating

    DS-based mayhem

    Games 12 10:32

  • Plastic Logic pitches skinny, light ebook reader

    Not out for a while, though

    Hardware 12 11:02

  • Asus Eee keyboard specs tip up on the web

    Landing within six months

    Hardware 12 11:07

  • pureSilicon unveils 1TB solid state drive

    World's first

    Storage 12 11:34

  • McKinnon lawyers push for UK trial

    Joker played in attempt to avoid US extradition

    Law 12 11:42

  • Hands on with Samsung's touch-controlled P3 media player

    Finger-flicking good

    Hardware 12 12:02

  • Star Wars brainwave toy blows in

    Is the brainwave force strong in you?

    Hardware 12 12:05

  • World Bank confirms Wipro is on contractor blacklist

    Wipro sharing Satyam doghouse till 2011

    The Channel 12 12:08

  • Is the UK.gov IT gravy train heading for the buffers?

    What Dave could do next...

    Government 12 12:21

  • CPS denies support for überdatabase

    Starmer pleads innocent

    Law 12 13:01

  • Astro touts high-end gaming cans

    Dolby Digital amp included

    Games 12 13:02

  • Web 2.0rhea hack mistaken for end of universe

    Much aTwitter about nothing

    Security 12 13:02

  • Dell serves up Wasabi inkless printer

    Dell’s turning Japanese, I think Dell’s turning Japanese…

    Hardware 12 13:03

  • UFO wind turbine prang site sealed

    Black helicopters circle Lincolnshire

    Science 12 13:23

  • Forget Google rationing: Only lighting farts can save the planet

    Green-IT maven ignores the true enemy within

    Science 12 13:42

  • Peter Mandelson exerts party discipline in cyberspace

    Lord says he's blogged before and 'enjoyed it'

    Government 12 13:50

  • Seagate replaces CEO

    Watkins out, chairman Luczo takes over

    Storage 12 14:16

  • Vector buys security firm Aladdin

    Private equity firm builds up information security portfolio

    Security 12 14:20

  • Dixons websites take a little lie down

    Routine maintenance?

    The Channel 12 14:29

  • Greenwich celebrates International Year of Astronomy

    Lots to do down at the Royal Observatory

    Science 12 14:30

  • GM's Lutz shows luxury 'leccy Cadillac

    Voltec based

    Science 12 14:36

  • Palm Pré WebOS: the UI in action

    The PDA pioneer's revival starts here?

    Mobile 12 14:43

  • Sony pitches Webbie HD webcam at YouTubers

    Watch out, Flip and Creative

    Hardware 12 15:11

  • Palm Pré WebOS: Synergy technology demo'd

    True smartphone app integration?

    Phones 12 15:12

  • UK.gov funds web video product placement venture

    Taxpayer coughs for logos everywhere

    Government 12 15:25

  • How you pay for tomorrow's scares, today

    Disaster addiction - and the cost of your insurance

    Science 12 15:34

  • G1 app stops drivers from texting

    Safety software for worried parents

    Phones 12 15:37

  • Sony rallies chums round proprietary standard

    Hands up who wants TransferJet! Anyone?

    Broadband 12 15:54

  • Chrysler turns on Circuit at Detroit Motor Show

    Shows 200C tourer too

    Science 12 16:10

  • Red Hat tries on new head for Europe

    Cisco man joins open sourcers

    The Channel 12 16:10

  • Welcome back, Palm

    Three cheers for the broken promise

    Mobile 12 16:36

  • Create high-resolution displays for OS X

    Cut to the CoreUI

    Software 12 17:02

  • Citrix rides virtualization into 2009

    Nonexistent machines cut costs

    Virtualization 12 18:21

  • Wireless HDTV set for 2009

    SiBEAM snags deep-pocket partners

    Hardware 12 19:24

  • Intel answers AMD Neo with 'ultrathin' laptop chip

    Agent Smith, anyone?

    Hardware 12 19:35

  • Microsoft ad campaign urges more IT spending

    It's our business!

    The Channel 12 20:54

  • Red Hat, Novell rejigger execs

    That time of year

    The Channel 12 21:03

  • Microsoft gets touchy with $24m N-trig investment

    Feel the future

    Financial News 12 22:38

  • New York judge OKs Amazon Tax

    Genius recognized

    The Channel 12 22:40

  • AMD upgrades mobile GPU lineup for laptops

    Or: Honey, I shrunk the Radeon HD 4000 series

    Hardware 12 22:41

  • New chip aims HD video at iPhone

    Imagination Tech punts a scorcher

    Hardware 12 23:08

  • How the Google stole Christmas

    A heart two sizes too small

    Financial News 12 23:26