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Pro-Palestine vandals deface Army, NATO sites

Online vandals protesting Israel's military action in Gaza have defaced thousands of websites, including high-profile sites belonging to the US Army, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and a Washington-based group that oversees homeland security.
Dan Goodin, 10 Jan 2009

Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta

An update to this story can be found here
Gavin Clarke, 10 Jan 2009
Cat 5 cable

G-Technology puts SSD RAID in your pocket

Macworld ExpoG-Technology announced an exceedingly compact, exceedingly snappy, exceedingly durable, exceedingly expensive portable drive at this week's Macworld Expo.
Rik Myslewski, 10 Jan 2009
vulture tv reporter

Storage RAIDs Jobless Apple show

Macworld ExpoAlthough Macworld Expo 2009 had a decidedly consumer-focused feel, high-end storage also played its part.
Rik Myslewski, 10 Jan 2009

Bubble-gum cards go interactive

CES on Video 
Register Hardware, 10 Jan 2009

Linux-based gizmo construction kit gets extra bricks

CES on Video 
Register Hardware, 10 Jan 2009

Boffins offer plastic printing service

CES on Video
Register Hardware, 10 Jan 2009

APT finds fix for iffy Bluetooth stereo audio

CESAPT reckons it can stop Bluetooth stereo sounding - not to put too fine a point on it - ghastly.

Hands on with Sony's PRS-700 ebook reader

CESSince we Europeans seem a far more literate bunch than our colonial cousins, it rather begs the question why on Earth the Shermans get the new Sony ebook reader while we don't.

Asus' angular laptop-of-the-future designs spied

CESHidden away from the hordes of Eee PCs on Asus' CES stand - how many variants on the netbook theme can this company come up with? - was a set of concept laptop designs that quite caught our eye.

Sony shows 'flexi OLED' curvacious concept kit

CESWhile commercial products are still probably a few years away, the Flex OLED Future Concepts designs on Sony's CES stand rapidly became a major focus of interest at the show.

Mio enters spirit of motoring with new satnav UI

CESMio has introduced a slick new satnav UI designed, it claims, to make it easier to spot interesting items en route.

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