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Flying duck toy challenges armchair hunters

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AMD claims 'fastest graphics supercomputer ever'

IT vendors seem to believe that if you say the word "cloud" enough, an marginal business idea will yield up revenues and profits. Much the same thing happened with grid computing - remember that? - before it morphed with utility computing into the even more nebulous cloud moniker.
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VeriSign remedies massive SSL blunder (kinda, sorta)

Analysis After being publicly outed issuing web credentials that were vulnerable to attacks that could allow criminals to spoof the encryption certificates of any website on the internet, VeriSign has issued assurances it has neutralized any real-world threat.

Samsung boffins demo transparent OLED screen

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iRiver edges in angular photo frame/ web browser/ clock/ pmp

CES Good news for fans of iRiver, a company that often gives the impression it doesn't know where Europe is to be found on the map.

DivX rolls out DivX 7

CES DivX today launched DivX 7.

HP hunts down 'rare' BladeSystem problem

A power supply failure in HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosures can cause the whole BladeSystem to fail, the firm has admitted.
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Obama urged to relax US tech restrictions

A heavyweight advisory report has said that current US technology controls and regulation on foreign researchers are "broken" and "quietly undermine our national security and economic well-being". The authors - including former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft - recommend that President Obama should streamline the rules aggressively using an executive order.

Nokia N97 touchscreen webphone demo'd

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Algae-fuelled* airliner test successful

Update The world's first test of a passenger airliner partially powered by fuel made from algae took place successfully yesterday in Texas.
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Play.com pestered to back up price claims

Online music retailer Play.com has been criticised by the UK's advertising watchdog for the second time in a year for claims about the savings it offers. The company has been told not to repeat the claims.

Palm punts wireless Pré charger

CES Palm has gone head-to-head with wireless gadget charger Powermat, by unveiling a dedicated wireless charger for the recently unveiled Pré phone.
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Prof: Use wind turbines as flywheels to smooth output

A team of Wisconsin-based academic engineers have come up with a novel idea for smoothing out wind turbines' erratic power output in gusty conditions. In essence, the Milwaukee team's idea is to use the turbine itself as a giant flywheel to siphon off energy spikes and so offer more consistent output.
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Hosts can process user-submitted videos within 'safe harbor'

The automated processing of video files by online video company Veoh does not bar that company from claiming exemption from copyright laws, a US court has ruled. The judgment is the first time that a US court has ruled on some of the specific processes.

Oracle patch batch eclipses Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Next Tuesday (13 January) promises to be a busy day for hard-pressed sys admins.
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'Kidnapped' child tracked by mobile phone and Street View

A "kidnapped" nine-year-old Massachusetts girl is safely back at home after a team effort by an enterprising local cop and deputy fire chief which exploited the signal from her mobile phone and Street View to track her to a motel in Virginia, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports.
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Autonomy issues sunny side up forecast

Autonomy expects to see its revenues and profits for 2008 outshine City forecasts.

LG KC870 cut-price 8Mp cameraphone

Review LG’s making a habit of this. Having taken touchscreen phones into the mass market with the release of the Cookie, the maker of the upscale Renoir is now aiming to do the same with eight-megapixel handsets, with the help of its more affordable KC780.

PS3 goes 3D

Sony has wowed CES with a demonstration of the PlayStation 3 in 3D.
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Revenue pledges data security...by 2011

HMRC's latest report reveals the department hopes to have fully implemented the recomendations of the Poynter review into data security by June 2011.

Google spins out Chrome 2.0 pre-beta alpha

Google has released an alpha of Chrome 2.0, even though work on version 1.0 of the browser remains incomplete.
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NASA deploys huge clingfilm strato-pumpkin over Antarctic

NASA balloon boffins are chuffed to announce that they have successfully launched a new prototype gasbag into the stratosphere above the Antarctic. The designers hope soon to produce a colossal pumpkin-shaped balloon made of material similar to clingfilm, able to cruise on the fringes of space carrying a one-tonne instrument package for months on end.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 browser pumps uploads to the web

CES Sony has launched the Cyber-shot DSC-G3, a compact camera with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity.
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Jail for Oz drug-running onanist speed merchant

The Australian man who was last year pulled for driving at 147km/h (91 mph) in a Holden SV6 packed with 5kg of cannabis, two dope plants, a couple of drug pipes and a loaded .22 rifle, and admitted to cops he'd filmed himself masturbating while driving at 150km/h has, unsurprisingly, been jailed.
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Ballmer tries to breathe life into Yahoo! deal

Steve Ballmer is still trying to resurrect a possible search deal with Yahoo!.
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Confusion reigns ahead of comms überdatabase debate

Analysis Jacqui Smith will soon begin one of the Home Office's famed consultation exercises on new systems demanded by spy chiefs to snoop on internet communications in the UK. But already, the mangle of powers and regulations around data retention threatens public understanding of what is being suggested.

Netgear pitches 'dog's bollocks' digital HD media streamer

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Samsung demos projector phone

CES A mobile phone with integrated projector has been demonstrated by Samsung at CES this week.

Say 'Cheese!' for Sony Ericsson smile-friendly phone

Sony Ericsson has launched its first cameraphone with integrated smile detection.
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Hacktivist tool targets Hamas

Israeli cyberactivists are inviting pro-Israeli surfers to install a tool that attacks websites associated with Hamas.

Stevie Wonder in touchscreen plea

CES Stevie Wonder has popped into the Consumer Electronics Show to urge touchscreen gadget manufacturers to give more consideration to blind users.

Police probe Satyam over $1bn blackhole

Indian police have begun an investigation into Satyam following the resignation of its chairman and founder B Ramalinga Raju and his apparent confession to accounting fraud.

Nokia coughs to ballooning batteries

Nokia has admitted that some customers are seeing BP-6M batteries, as used in the N73 handset, ballooning to several times their original size, and in some cases to such an extent that the phone case won't close.
Bill Ray, 09 2009
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Could the Airbus A380 be the new Air Force One?

The US government has issued a "survey" in which it asks industry to offer proposals for a replacement Air Force One - the presidential plane. A modernised Boeing jumbo jet is by far the likeliest contender, but one should note that the planned new presidential helicopters will actually be European made - there is an outside chance for the Airbus A380 superjumbo as the President's aeroplane.
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Another 524,000 US jobs go

The US Department of Labor put out its monthly jobs report this morning, which was widely anticipated to not be good news. The department's Bureau of Labor Statistics said that non-farm payrolls fell by 524,000 in December and that 1.9m jobs had been nuked in the final four months of the year, pushing the unemployment rate in the States up to 7.2 per cent of the workforce.

Best Buy fails to impress with crucial December sales

US retail giant Best Buy saw sales drop in December, with some wallet-shy customers steering clear of the firm’s stores.
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SSD and HDD capacity goes on embiggening

Comment SanDisk and Sony have announced a roadmap for Memory Stick products that take it from its current (Memory Stick PRO) 16GB capacity up to 2TB. Do we have a tape-like generational roadmap here?
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CPW co-founder's secret loans get all-clear

The co-founder of Carphone Warehouse who secretly used his stake in the firm to secure loans has been cleared of law breaking by financial investigators.
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Email snafu gifts federal informants' names to press

An email error inadvertently disclosed the names of more than 20 confidential informants in a federal investigation to reporters.
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Android goes Skype, iPhone to follow soon

Skype has announced an Android version of its mobile VoIP service, and hinted that an iPhone client is in the works too - but anyone expecting proper mobile VoIP on Android will be disappointed with Skype Lite.
Bill Ray, 09 2009

Dell buys Windows consultancy chunks

Dell is shelling out $12m to acquire the Microsoft-related business of Allin Corporation, a small consultancy located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

D-Link demos double-up display for netbooks, laptops

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3M shines light on next-gen micro-projector tech

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Griffin cross-pollinates iPhone, Victrola

Macworld Expo Three products shown at this week's Macworld Expo - two from no-name vendors using the big stage of Macworld Expo to test their luck - attempt to provide iPhone amplification through acoustical, rather than electronic, means. Each is interesting. None is completely successful.
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Toyota USA goes all chatty

Toyota USA has announced a bundle of new electronics for the Lexus and other Toyota models, including the ability for the company to send you voice mail based on your location and interests: no subscription required.
Bill Ray, 09 2009

Swedish musos mix up handheld hard-drive DJ deck

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Sony Vaio P netbook taken for a spin

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New York mulls terrorist cell phone jamming

New York Police officials are studying whether it's possible to disrupt cell phone communications among terrorists during an attack on the city following reports that gunmen in Mumbai used hand-held devices during a deadly rampage in November.

Intel launches convertible 'kid-friendly' netbook

CES Intel today took the wraps off the latest generation of its education-oriented netbook reference design, the Classmate PC.
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Sun and open-source events changed as recession bites

Update Sun Microsystems has scrapped its industry analyst conference held annually in San Francisco, California. It was scheduled for February.

Lenovo shows swish monster multimedia all-in-one

CES Lenovo is pitching what it claims is the thinnest all-in-one desktop multimedia PC, the IdeaCentre A600.

Sales show SanDisk's SD-not-CD player a hit with punters

CES Though its still too early to say if SanDisk's SlotMusic idea has been barking up the wrong tree or not a few interesting details cropped up at its CES launch event this week.
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'Lord of the Universe' disciple exits Wikipedia

The human comedy that is Wikipedia just lost one of its more intriguing players.
Cade Metz, 09 2009

Edifier intros oh-so-stylish MP3 speaker sets

CES Edifier's CES presence further underscored the company's belief the great sounding portable audio doesn't need to have all the aesthetic appeal of a brick.
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Iomega slims down, bulks up portable drives

Macworld Expo Iomega has updated, prettified, and ruggedized its eGo line of portable drives, including some announcements that came this week at Macworld Expo.
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Newer Tech punts toaster drive dock

Macworld Expo Long-time Mac-centric vendor Newer Technology launched the easiest-to-use drive dock we ever seen at this week's Macworld Expo.

Nvidia intros anticipated GeForce GTX 285, 295

CES Nvidia has rolled out the GeForce GTX 285 and 295, the two top-end GPUs it was expected to announce this week.

Logitech updates Harmony 1000 to 1100

CES Logitech has punted what it claims is the universal remote to end all universal remotes, and demo'd the product at CES this week.

Polaroid instamatic reborn into digital era

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