5th January 2009 Archive

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  • Nikon D90 digital SLR with HD video recording

    A DSLR and an HD camcorder

    Hardware 05 Jan 09:02

  • UK sportscar makers announce electric models

    Lotus doing it for itself, for a change

    Science 05 Jan 10:09

  • Wiinoma: TV for your Wii

    Gamers to get more entertainment

    Games 05 Jan 10:19

  • BT to be freed from service obligations

    Government flies kite

    Broadband 05 Jan 10:32

  • MSI unwraps netbook with SSD and HDD

    Wind U115 blows into Taiwan

    Hardware 05 Jan 10:36

  • EMC adding open sauce to Decho mix

    Snapping up SourceLabs?

    Storage 05 Jan 10:45

  • Beeb names new Doctor Who

    Matt Smith handed keys to Tardis

    Bootnotes 05 Jan 11:03

  • NASA rovers survive five years on Mars

    Opportunity and Spirit demonstrate the right stuff

    Science 05 Jan 11:04

  • LG to show super-slim set at CES

    ...with 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio!

    Hardware 05 Jan 11:12

  • Deals inked on DARPA's Matrix cyberwar VR

    Cyber Range Pandora's Box goes live in '10

    Government 05 Jan 11:14

  • Fujitsu tells WD the deal's off

    Zero chance of WD buying Fujitsu's hard drive business

    Storage 05 Jan 11:25

  • NEC breakthrough paves way for powerless standy-by modes

    Flip-flop fiddling

    Hardware 05 Jan 11:28

  • MoD tops lost security pass league

    But Cabinet minister goes for individual title

    Government 05 Jan 11:56

  • Blu-ray boom prompts festive cheer

    DVD sales still in the lead, though

    Hardware 05 Jan 12:06

  • Adobe gets tellybox Flash with Intel

    Plans to ship CE3100 with Flash Lite support by mid-2009

    Hardware 05 Jan 12:06

  • Fence plan to save Tasmanian Devil

    Cancer corral considered

    Science 05 Jan 12:08

  • Don't shout at your disk drives, warns Sun engineer

    Have a heart for your hardware

    Storage 05 Jan 12:13

  • Windows for Warships™ reaches Royal Navy frigates

    Redmond working on seawater-proof product key sticker

    Government 05 Jan 12:27

  • Council to crack down on Cracknuts Lane

    4 Corfe Close also for the off

    Bootnotes 05 Jan 12:33

  • Logitech launches earphones for gym freaks

    Spandex model not available

    Hardware 05 Jan 13:01

  • China rattles sabre at Google

    New clampdown on 'vulgar' content

    Government 05 Jan 13:08

  • Obama may militarise NASA to save money

    Or NASA-ise the military

    Science 05 Jan 13:15

  • Confusion over Indian parliamentary rights-grab

    Big IT bill sweeps through - or does it?

    Government 05 Jan 13:23

  • Home Office denies remote snooping plan

    No change to police rules...yet

    Law 05 Jan 13:38

  • ITV to write down Friends Reunited value, says report

    There's no such thing as a free, chummy lunch

    Financial News 05 Jan 13:39

  • Iomega unveils 'so simple' network storage

    From box to back-up in five minutes

    Hardware 05 Jan 14:40

  • Steve Jobs dismisses death rumours

    Letter explains hormone imbalance

    Financial News 05 Jan 15:08

  • UIQ 'files for bankruptcy' in Sweden

    First tech casualty of 2009?

    Mobile 05 Jan 15:26

  • $400m US space interceptor deal inked

    Last orders at the Missile Defence saloon?

    Science 05 Jan 15:27

  • Kodak unwraps CES cameras

    This season's must have shooters

    Hardware 05 Jan 15:33

  • LG readies 480Hz LCD TVs for late 2009

    Picture interpolation plus flashing backlight

    Hardware 05 Jan 16:25

  • Iomega aims at TVs with home server

    Backs up PCs and plays digital media files

    Storage 05 Jan 16:42

  • Kodak updates pocket camcorder range

    Is that a pocket camcorder in your trousers, or...

    Hardware 05 Jan 17:07

  • Safari enjoys 'unusually residential' December boost

    Suggests OS X adoption

    Software 05 Jan 18:44

  • Boffin brings 'write once, run anywhere' to Cisco hijacks

    Curse of the ROMmon

    Security 05 Jan 19:06

  • Linux: this year's silver lining?

    Watch out Windows and Solaris, says Zemlin

    Operating Systems 05 Jan 19:27

  • IT salary survey says: ‘You’ve never had it so bad’

    Dot-com crash a 'cake walk'

    Financial News 05 Jan 19:51

  • Companies burying themselves in IT gear

    Doesn't virtualization fix this?

    Financial News 05 Jan 22:02

  • PS2 the most played console of 2008

    Xbox beats PS3 to second slot

    Media 05 Jan 23:36

  • VCs still pump dough into green tech, renewable energy

    Q4 takes a bit of a haircut

    Data Centre 05 Jan 23:43

  • Sun offers free GlassFish education

    Repeats download model

    Applications 05 Jan 23:49