24th December 2008 Archive

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  • EA punts SecuROM-less games on Steam

    And in ('most of') Europe, too

    Games 24 00:00

  • Global notebook sales finally beat desktops

    PCs are up, Macs are down

    Hardware 24 00:18

  • Microsoft staff cuts due next month?

    Justify-your-job treadmill rolling

    Financial News 24 00:57

  • Seven MPs go a Twittering

    I'm on the front bench...er, no I'm not

    Mobile 24 08:59

  • Cowon iAudio S9 PMP

    Step forward, first real iPod Touch beater

    Hardware 24 09:02

  • Mattress maker can no longer spring for SAP roll-out

    Made bed, doesn't want to sleep on it

    Software 24 09:29

  • Software copyright inspection powers used for first time

    Trading standards picks through firm's systems

    The Channel 24 10:13

  • Deutsche Telekom to share fibre with Vodafone

    German monopoly rules in Christmas rewrite

    Broadband 24 10:23

  • Verity Stob's Big Fat Geek Yuletide Quiz of the Year Part 2

    A treat for Quizlings everywhere

    Verity Stob 24 11:02

  • Chinese walls come down for video calling

    Still no reason for video calling, though

    Mobile 24 11:25

  • OMTP opens up to new members

    But some members are more equal than others?

    Mobile 24 11:29

  • NASA inks commercial ISS cargo deals

    Going rate - $87,000 per kilo

    Science 24 12:04

  • 2008: The year the little people walked the Earth

    A year in review, in miniature

    Bootnotes 24 12:04

  • Zavvi goes titsup

    The artist formerly known as Virgin Megastores

    The Channel 24 12:14

  • Redmond security guru explains IE vuln miss

    The one that got away

    Developer 24 12:18

  • That’s cloud computing. But not as we know it, Jim

    Reg readers see emptier skies ahead

    Productivity 24 12:44

  • Crash survivor Twitters from burning plane (false)

    Geek micro-blogged from safety

    Mobile 24 14:22

  • Tips from the top: cracking Christmas and New-Year books

    Experts and pundits weigh in

    Software 24 16:02

  • Data center budgets to stay course in 2009?

    Post-Meltdown rethink

    Management 24 16:46

  • World Bank bans India outsourcer Satyam for 8 years

    No longer friends with 'improper benefits'

    Financial News 24 19:07

  • Sony teases netbook fans with 'new mobile' Vaio promo

    PictureBook revival?

    Hardware 24 20:47

  • Accused Scareware mongers held in contempt of court

    Fined $8,000 a day

    Security 24 20:48