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EA punts SecuROM-less games on Steam

Electronic Arts is now offering Spore and several other 2008 titles without SecuROM, the shady embedded third-party digital rights management software largely responsible for making Spore the most pirated game of the year.
Austin Modine, 24 Dec 2008

Global notebook sales finally beat desktops

Global sales of notebooks in the third quarter exceeded desktops for the first time in history, according to market watcher iSuppli.
Rik Myslewski, 24 Dec 2008

Microsoft staff cuts due next month?

Microsoft is rumored to be preparing for redundancies, with staff expected to be cut on January 15.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Dec 2008

Seven MPs go a Twittering

Government ministers Tom Watson and David Lammy are among MPs who have signed up to a portal of parliamentarians' Twitter feeds
Kablenet, 24 Dec 2008

Cowon iAudio S9 PMP

ReviewMonopolies are never a good thing and, frankly, Apple's iPod Touch has had things its own way for rather too long.
Alun Taylor, 24 Dec 2008

Mattress maker can no longer spring for SAP roll-out

With the economy presently being the pits nearly everywhere you look, many folks are warily eying the IT sector for signs of disaster.
Austin Modine, 24 Dec 2008
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Software copyright inspection powers used for first time

A forensic examination of the software used by a Welsh business has been conducted under powers recently granted to Trading Standards officers under the Copyright, Designs and Patents
OUT-LAW.COM, 24 Dec 2008

Deutsche Telekom to share fibre with Vodafone

Deutsche Telekom (DT), Germany's incumbent telco, has agreed to cooperate with at least one rival on next generation broadband investment, following political pressure from Brussels.
Christopher Williams, 24 Dec 2008

Verity Stob's Big Fat Geek Yuletide Quiz of the Year Part 2

Note: Ms Stob claims to have sent in her only copy of Part 1 of her Quiz of the Year (The Questions) many weeks ago. However, nothing ever arrived here. But we do at least have the answers, so we thought we might as well make the best of a bad situation.
Verity Stob, 24 Dec 2008

Chinese walls come down for video calling

Chinese silicon providers Spreadtrum and Rahotech have announced a new chipset that brings video calling to handsets that straddle the TD-SCDMA/GSM divide.
Bill Ray, 24 Dec 2008

OMTP opens up to new members

UpdatedThe Open Mobile Terminal Platform chose the day before Christmas Eve to announce five new members from the mobile industry, despite the fact that previously one had to be a network operator to hold "member" status.
Bill Ray, 24 Dec 2008
SpaceX art of a Dragon cargo module docking with the ISS

NASA inks commercial ISS cargo deals

NASA has announced the award of two multibillion dollar contracts for commercial companies to lift cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) in the post-Shuttle era. Deals have been inked with former PayPal kingpin Elon Musk's SpaceX venture, and with Orbital Sciences Corporation of Virginia.
Lewis Page, 24 Dec 2008

2008: The year the little people walked the Earth

2008 will be remembered for many things - the credit crunch, a reshaping of the High St, the iBoob - but most of all for El Reg's innovative approach to illustrating the key stories of the day.
Joe Fay, 24 Dec 2008

Zavvi goes titsup

Music, DVD and game retailer Zavvi UK called in administrators this morning, confirming itself as the latest high street name seriously threatened by the slide into recession.
Christopher Williams, 24 Dec 2008

Redmond security guru explains IE vuln miss

A Microsoft insider has posted an explanation for the firm's failure to spot a critical flaw in Internet Explorer that obliged the firm to publish an out-of-sequence patch earlier this month.
John Leyden, 24 Dec 2008

That’s cloud computing. But not as we know it, Jim

Reg Reader WorkshopOur thanks to the readers who recently took the poll which completed the Register's workshop on "cloud computing". Since the term is a bit of a marketing catch-all, we parsed it into software as a service, utility computing and online platform provision. We further broke down SaaS into generic, vertical and core applications.
David Tebbutt, 24 Dec 2008

Crash survivor Twitters from burning plane (false)

Having survived a plane crash the first thing most people might do is phone their loved ones, or run straight to the nearest bar for a stiff drink. Mike Wilson became a notable in social networking by deciding to Twitter instead after coming through unscathed from a brush with death.
John Leyden, 24 Dec 2008

Tips from the top: cracking Christmas and New-Year books

Looking for that last-minute stocking filler? Expecting a book token of some kind during the next few days? Or do you just want to hide behind something impenetrable as the relatives descend for the Christmas holidays?
John K Waters, 24 Dec 2008

Data center budgets to stay course in 2009?

The global economy didn't start getting bad in September, but it did start getting worse. That said, if you believe a set of surveys done by AFCOM - an association of data center professionals that collectively represents over 4,400 data centers - failing banks and various bailouts have not made the situation much worse than it already was for data centers. Not that the situation was necessarily good, mind you.

World Bank bans India outsourcer Satyam for 8 years

The World Bank has barred India's Satyam Computer Services – the aid institution's largest software vendor and India's fourth-largest outsourcing company – from doing business with it for eight years.
Austin Modine, 24 Dec 2008

Sony teases netbook fans with 'new mobile' Vaio promo

Sony is now teasing Japanese punters about what could be a new, tiny Vaio notebook, having begun baiting New Zealanders earlier this week.
Tony Smith, 24 Dec 2008

Accused Scareware mongers held in contempt of court

A federal judge has fined a Belize-based company $8,000 for each day it continues to flout his order to halt a major internet operation alleged to have duped more than 1 million computer users into buying bogus malware protection.
Dan Goodin, 24 Dec 2008

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