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Supermicro does micro server for SOHOs

Motherboard and server maker Supermicro is not a tier-one corporate-server supplier itself, but it does sell a lot of motherboards to tier-two players. Now wants to get a piece of the small-office/home-office (SOHO) market with a new single-socket mini-tower server.

Free eco-friendly font saves ink and toner

Ecological consciousness is taking a leap forward with the release of Ecofont, a TrueType font designed to save ink and toner, by the Utrect-based Spranq creative communications agency
Rik Myslewski, 23 Dec 2008

Investment firm slips $100m into Palm's stocking

Palm is getting the greatest gift of all this holiday season. No, not family, friendship, and goodwill towards men – $100m.
Austin Modine, 23 Dec 2008

Lenovo preps dual-display Frankenlaptop

Word has leaked out that Lenovo plans to release the world's first dual-display laptop at next month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
Rik Myslewski, 23 Dec 2008

Prolific penis-pill pusher gets slap on the wrist

A New Zealand man said to be at the helm of one of the world's most prolific spam enterprises has agreed to pay fines totalling $92,715 (about US $63,400) after admitting his role in an operation that spewed billions of junk messages in recent years.
Dan Goodin, 23 Dec 2008

LG Cookie budget touchscreen phone

ReviewJust because it’s a touchscreen phone, it doesn’t have to be wallet-stingingly expensive. Following on from its high-end eight-megapixel touch-controlled Renoir, LG is now bringing the joys of finger tapping and thumb stroking to the masses with the Cookie KP500.
Phil Lattimore, 23 Dec 2008

Windfarm lobby bows to ASA and cuts CO2 saving figures

The British Wind Energy Association, which promotes the UK windfarm industry, has been forced to halve its figures on carbon-emission reductions by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2008

Cellular repeaters: Can you hear me now?

Operating or installing an unlicensed radio transmitter can get you a year in chokey, or six months if you're lucky enough to be in Scotland, and El Reg would never condone such activity - so please enjoy the following work of speculative fiction.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2008
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Check Point buys Nokia security appliance business

Check Point Software is buying Nokia's security appliance business.
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2008

Home Office death list 'stops ID fraud'

The Home Office today said its new weekly register of deaths mailout is "hastening the demise of a cruel type of identity fraud" by catching pension cheats who impersonate dead people.
Christopher Williams, 23 Dec 2008

Samsung turns to VIA Nano for 12in noteboook-not-netbook

VIA may claim its Nano processor isn't for netbooks, but that won't stop Samsung next month unveiling a 12in notebook-not-netbook based on the chip.
Tony Smith, 23 Dec 2008

Lunar surveyor satellite ready for launch

NASA has announced completion of thermal vacuum testing on its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which will map landing sites on the Moon for America's planned new wave of manned space exploration. Launching next year, the LRO will orbit the Moon just 30 miles up, allowing it to scan the surface with great precision.
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2008

Reg readers say ‘don’t panic’ about the economy

Reg Tech PanelFew would now dispute the reality of the global ‘credit crunch’ and the economic downturn this has triggered, which has already hit in most major economies, and according to many pundits is set to continue through 2009 and beyond. But what do Reg Readers make of it all?
Dale Vile, 23 Dec 2008

Gov aims to extend dead artists' royalty denial

The Government has asked the European Commission for permission to continue to deny dead artists' estates a royalty on art sales. It has sided with the art sale industry over artists in seeking to extend the denial of the royalty until 2012.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Dec 2008

Mac fans see MS porn everywhere

Microsoft's Seadragon graphics viewing application has come under fire for allegedly distributing pornography to unsuspecting iPhone users, presumably those unfamiliar with the way the internet works these days.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2008

Datacash tracks down the 3rd Man

Payment service provider Datacash has offered £3.25m to buy UK-based credit card fraud experts the 3rd Man. The offer, announced Monday, represents 30p per share, a 18 per cent premium of 3rd Man's trading price on 22 November.
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2008

Last Xmas for CDs, please, researcher tells music biz

Market watcher Gartner is playing Scrooge for the music industry - or at least that part of it that is still in love with the CD as revenue generator.
Tony Smith, 23 Dec 2008

Photography: Yes, you have rights

CommentGovernment claims to uphold the right of good upstanding Englishmen with cameras to snap whenever and wherever they please took a knock last week, with the publication of a letter from the Home Office setting out when these rights might be curtailed.
Jane Fae , 23 Dec 2008

Apple ejects iBoobs

An application that allows iPhone users to wobble a pair of breasts has been rejected by Apple's application store, denying iPhone geeks the nearest thing to sex they'll get this holiday season.
Bill Ray, 23 Dec 2008

iPlayer chief pushes tiered charging for ISPs

AnalysisThe executive in charge of the BBC iPlayer has suggested that internet users could be charged £10 per month extra on their broadband bill for higher quality streaming.
Christopher Williams, 23 Dec 2008

Blighty's jumpjets under threat in MoD budget wrangle?

The UK Ministry of Defence has declined to confirm that the nation's fleet of Harrier jumpjets will stay in service until their replacements arrive, fuelling speculation that the Harrier force will be the latest victim of ongoing defence budget problems.
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2008
hands waving dollar bills in the air

MS (finally) confirms unpatched SQL Server flaw

Microsoft came clean and admitted its SQL Server database software is vulnerable to code injection attacks. It's not a new flaw but the same bug in the database software that emerged around the time of Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday update earlier this month.
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2008

US.gov questions DNS liberalisation plans

The US government has criticised an ICANN plan to allow many more top level domain extensions, raising questions once again over the organization's independence from political interests in Washington.
Christopher Williams, 23 Dec 2008

Livedrive's livewire, high-living CEO

Livedrive's Andrew Michael is not your average storage CEO.
Chris Mellor, 23 Dec 2008

Oil software exec pleads guilty to hacking charges

A top manager at a US software developer has avoided jail after pleading guilty to lifting password-protected files from the website of a business rival.
John Leyden, 23 Dec 2008

Bees on cocaine: The facts

News has emerged of the latest threat to nature: drug-addled bees, hopped up on crack by crazed scientists. Some bee experts believe that cocaine could have "as devastating an effect on honey bee society as it does on human society".
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2008

VMware piles up next virtual stack for servers

While VMware still has the lion's share of the money and installed base in the server virtualization software racket on x64 platforms, 2009 is shaping up to be a year when various contenders ratchet up the pressure on the company and try to steal away some business. But VMware has plenty of its own smart techies, and a marketing machine that can - and will - compete against the likes of Microsoft, Citrix Systems, Red Hat, and others.

Market watcher heralds 'Age of the Notebook'

More laptops shipped in Q3 than desktops, the first time this has ever happen during a given quarter, apparently.
Tony Smith, 23 Dec 2008

The Mac OS 10.5.6 update saga continues

Apple is hoping that its latest support bulletin will calm down some of the uproar over problems caused by its latest Mac OS X upgrade - in this case, the propensity of Apple's email client to unexpectedly quit.
Rik Myslewski, 23 Dec 2008

Offline Silverlight and Live Mesh under the microscope

Web bling toneThe BBC recently released a new cross-platform version of its desktop iPlayer, for downloading programmes and watching them offline. It may the most prominent example yet of an Adobe Systems' AIR application - a runtime that includes the Flash player and the WebKit HTML rendering engine.
Tim Anderson, 23 Dec 2008

Indulge your fecal fantasies with a doll that craps

Technology has brought many transcendent benefits to our culture, but possibly none have been as consummate in its exquisite magnificence as this holiday season's nonpareil of elegance, Baby Alive Learns to Potty, a child's doll that craps.
Rik Myslewski, 23 Dec 2008

Scareware mongers hitch free ride on Microsoft.com and others

Miscreants are exploiting weaknesses in more than one million webpages operated by the federal government, media companies, and even Microsoft to trick unwitting visitors into installing harmful software that takes over their computers.
Dan Goodin, 23 Dec 2008

Sun boosts OpenSolaris on Atom

Intel has announced that the OpenSolaris variant of Unix is now better supported on its Atom processors.

Last major VHS supplier ejects from tape biz

Although closing credits for VHS finished rolling years ago, the once-standard home movie format is just now reaching the very end of its tape. The last major American VHS supplier is ditching the tape biz completely at the end of this year - just over a week away.
Austin Modine, 23 Dec 2008

New Unisys CEO tightens the belt

Ed Coleman, who took the helm at struggling server and services vendor Unisys in October, has made his first big moves in getting the company aligned to the tougher realities the IT market is facing thanks to the turbulent economy.

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