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RIAA won't sue, but will throttle

The Recording Industry Association of America has signaled a major strategy shift in its war against the downloading of copyrighted music, saying it would largely abandon its practice of suing violators. Instead, the RIAA will work with internet service providers to sever abusers' net connections.
Dan Goodin, 20 Dec 2008

NASA finds Mars slightly less inhospitable

NASA boffins believe they have found evidence suggesting that Mars may not have been barren and lifeless for its entire history.
Lewis Page, 20 Dec 2008

American Express bitten by XSS bugs (again)

The website for American Express has once again been bitten by security bugs that could expose its considerable base of customers to attacks that steal their login credentials.
Dan Goodin, 20 Dec 2008

US sues to break up military and space kit acquisition

The US Department of Justice wants to bust an alleged monopoly by Microsemi, a California-based firm that sells high-reliability electronic kit to the government for military applications, satellites, and spacecraft.
Austin Modine, 20 Dec 2008
BYD F3DM plug-in hybrid automobile

Chinese automaker launches plug-in hybrid

'Leccy TechIf you've been waiting for the Chevy Volt or Toyota's as-yet unnamed offering before you buy a plug-in hybrid automobile, you'll need to sit tight until their planned 2010 releases. If you must have a plug-in right now, however, you'll need to move to China. That'd be the PRC, not Taiwan.
Rik Myslewski, 20 Dec 2008
DVD it in many colours

Coffers Coffee Republic gets own cashless system

Coffee Republic is the latest entity to launch an NFC-based pre-paid system for those who like to pony up in advance for their caffeine fix and have their usage tracked in exchange for a ten per cent rebate.
Bill Ray, 20 Dec 2008

Orange sticks nose into e-books

Orange is pondering a foray into Kindle territory. Innovative network application is all very well, but the company wants to go further and make innovative devices to allow its customers to run up their bills in new and interesting ways.
Bill Ray, 20 Dec 2008

Orange totes Technocentre to London

Orange is bringing the Technocentre concept to London, citing the success of the existing centres as proof that the company can take the best of the internet and make it work for a telco.
Bill Ray, 20 Dec 2008

Corrupt cop abused police database to blackmail child abusers

A London policeman who attempted to blackmail sex offenders and drug dealers has been jailed for six years.
John Leyden, 20 Dec 2008

Florist kicks up a stink about false phish alarm

A florist is complaining that MessageLabs wrongly identified emails it was sending as infected with a computer virus.
John Leyden, 20 Dec 2008
vulture tv reporter

IBM reneges on Solaris GPFS promise

IBM has a love, hate, love, hate, hate, hate relationship with Solaris, Sun Microsystems' Unix variant. And becoming an OEM partner of Sun's to distribute Solaris has apparently changed none of that.
Tim Prickett Morgan, 20 Dec 2008

American IT staffing will not tank in Q1

There is a lot of bad economic news out there, and sometimes, it is easy to wallow in despair. But there is some good news if you are on the IT staff here in the United States. According to Robert Half Technology's latest survey, which asks CIOs and IT managers about their staffing plans for the first quarter of 2009, the vast majority of companies are planning to keep the staff they have, with only a slightly larger number of shops saying they would be making layoffs compared to a year ago.

TVonics DTR-Z500 500GB Freeview+ DVR

ReviewWe rather like TVonics here at Vulture Central because its kit is British designed and made, and rather stylish. More to the point, for the large number of people who don't understand all this digital switchover malarkey, its devices work right out of the box.
Alun Taylor, 20 Dec 2008

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