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Mobile spy app pitched at paranoid partners

If you’re a bit paranoid, you’ll worry that your partner’s doing everything from cheating on you to planning world domination behind your back. But buy them a Nokia with Interceptor Software installed and you’ll apparently be able to rest easy.
James Sherwood, 15 Dec 2008

ADSL - the VoIP killer

Over half of UK businesses are avoiding VoIP 'cos their ADSL broadband connections to branch offices aren't up to scratch, according to research coming out of Enterprise-VoIP specialists Viatel.
Bill Ray, 15 Dec 2008

2008's top three compact cameras

Kit of the YearSummer holidays and Christmas celebrations - the two times when we most want to take pictures. And, for many of us, nothing beats the convenience of a compact. So which small snappers got us excited this year?
Register Hardware, 15 Dec 2008

Cloud computing what’s really going on?

We’ve been skirmishing around cloud computing recently and now it’s time to put some meat on the bones with a mini-poll. It has just three main questions about your organisation’s attitude to the subject and about their perceived strengths and weaknesses.
David Tebbutt, 15 Dec 2008
Christmas tree

Xmas 2008 Prezzy Trail

Gift GuideStuck for inspiration when it comes to last-minute Chrimbo shopping? Fancy Product X but want to see if there's a cheaper alternative? Then look no further as we round up our ten-of-the-best product round-ups and other group tests.
Register Hardware, 15 Dec 2008

NetApp closes down a replication product line

NetApp is closing down its Snap Mirror for Open Systems product, which came as the main part of its $160 million Topio acquisition.
Chris Mellor, 15 Dec 2008

Browsers fail password protection tests

A beta version of Google Chrome has tied with Safari for last place in tests of how the browsers dealt with password security.
John Leyden, 15 Dec 2008

Attack of the quarter-ton, 'fridge-sized' killer jellyfish

The US government has warned that enormous swarms of killer jellyfish - some the size of fridges and weighing up to a quarter of a ton - are ravaging the world's oceans. Particularly aggressive specimens are said to be capable of causing serious damage to ships, and have even managed to knacker nuclear power plants.
Lewis Page, 15 Dec 2008

Sony readies Walkman assault on iPod Touch

Watch out, Apple - Sony is rumoured to be on the cusp of unveiling an iPod Touch-style Walkman complete with an OLED display and Wi-Fi.
James Sherwood, 15 Dec 2008

Are iPhone users just tight?

AnalysisCompanies developing software for the iPhone are seeing their creations drown in a sea of one-dollar mediocrity as they struggle to gain visibility in the increasingly cluttered Application Store, and some have taken their complaints to Steve himself.
Bill Ray, 15 Dec 2008

Asus sexes up Eee PC 1000 series

Asus has sexed-up the 10in end of its Eee PC line with a new-look glossy design it hopes will win buyers who might have otherwise opted for rival netbooks.
Tony Smith, 15 Dec 2008

Aussie protests over Great Firewall

Hundreds of Aussies turned out to protest against government plans to filter web content.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Dec 2008

Roberts RDK-2 kitchen radio

ReviewMany radios are dubbed ‘kitchen radios’ solely for the reason that this is the room they end up getting most of their use in. Roberts has gone the whole hog and designed a radio specifically for kitchen use.
Lewis Caliburn, 15 Dec 2008

Native Client d**k-swinging met with fake Googasm

Fail and YouAfter a tech company has been making money on its own for a while, it will inevitably embark on a web enhancement project involving a browser plug-in that includes some sort of runtime or virtual machine so that the browser can do more that just render html. It's practically a coming-of-age experience in Silicon Valley.
Ted Dziuba, 15 Dec 2008

The power of OS X hot keys unlocked

Mac SecretsWhen I kicked off Mac Secrets, the first thing I looked at was "a better way to build OS X preferences." In this installment, I'll be looking at various undocumented aspects of PreferencePanes.framework that happen to be a documented framework.
Dave Jewell, 15 Dec 2008

Managing the IT-IT-business relationship

Last week, we broached the subject of whether there was a gap between development and operations in IT. It’s a difficult one, not least because its very easy to make generalizations (but we have garnered some great feedback).
Jon Collins, 15 Dec 2008

Germans offer MoD hope of Eurofighter postponement

Germany may offer a cash-strapped UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) a temporary reprieve on the cripplingly expensive Eurofighter superjet programme, according to reports.
Lewis Page, 15 Dec 2008

Microsoft releases first flaky iPhone app

Those well known Apple fanboys down at the Microsoft ranch have released the company’s first application for the iPhone before adding the app to its own Windows-based mobile platform.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Dec 2008

MS issues brown alert over unpatched IE 7 flaw

Hackers have upped the ante by launching more attacks against an unpatched IE 7 flaw.
John Leyden, 15 Dec 2008

Original lightsabre sale brings big, big bucks

Luke Skywalker’s original lightsabre has sold at auction for around $56,000 (£37,000/€41,000) more than the estimated guide price.
James Sherwood, 15 Dec 2008

Hitachi Data Systems SSD flashes into view

Hitachi Data Systems' customers can now buy flash-based solid state drives (SSDs) for the high-end USP V and VM storage arrays. HDS will also support the coming Hitachi GST SSDs, built by Hitachi GST and Intel.
Chris Mellor, 15 Dec 2008

Centera Belgian development centre to close

EMC intends to close down its Centera development centre in Belgium, putting 50 jobs at risk, but absolutely denies that the Centera product is coming to the end of its life.
Chris Mellor, 15 Dec 2008

Virgin Media opens bandwidth choke for 50Mb launch

Virgin Media's new 50Mbit/s broadband offering has gone on sale today to about 1.5 million homes, costing up to £51 per month, plus £50 installation fee. For a while at least, it will be the only cable broadband package without a bandwidth-throttling policy.
Christopher Williams, 15 Dec 2008

Quasar scrutineers use entire galaxy as telescope lens

A team of crafty astroboffins say they have managed to probe the guts of a quasar ten billion lightyears away - using nothing less than an entire galaxy as the main lens of their telescope.
Lewis Page, 15 Dec 2008

The £3 phone

Don’t want to cough-up an arm and a leg for the iPhone 3G? Then get down to Carphone Warehouse, where you can pick up a Motorola handset for less than the price of a pint.
James Sherwood, 15 Dec 2008
arrow pointing up

2TB Caviar drive too good to be true?

A Czech website is listing a 2TB WD Caviar drive for sale, although the current largest capacity WD Caviar drive is 1TB. Don't bother trying to order one of these 2TB whoppers though - they aren't available yet.
Chris Mellor, 15 Dec 2008

Flab-fighting EV powered by pizza

'Leccy TechWhile the debate rages over the best way to power the electric cars of tomorrow – plug-in charge, petrol-hybrid or hydrogen fuel-cell - we've yet to hear the case being made for fish'n'chips, pizza or the quarter pounder.
Alun Taylor, 15 Dec 2008

SGI slashes 15 per cent of its workforce

Supercomputer maker Silicon Graphics announced late last Thursday that it would be slashing 15 per cent of its 1,500-person workforce to lower costs.

Couple to get hitched in Halo wedding

For most women, the ideal wedding consists of a diamond ring, flowers, big dresses and bridesmaids. But one couple’s chosen to do away with tradition in favour of a Halo-themed wedding.
James Sherwood, 15 Dec 2008

Cryptic colour clock

Tokyoflash is known for its wacky watches. But even its fans would have difficulty telling the time using a rival retailer’s latest troublesome timepiece.
James Sherwood, 15 Dec 2008

The role of the application platform

The application platform (as described here) has become a reality for a decent proportion of the El Reg audience, but what is not so clear yet is where it’s all going, or if it’s going anywhere at all. Simply having an application platform in place is an achievement; even more so given the concept isn’t solidly ‘baked’ yet, so the effort is more down to the organisation implementing, rather than the provider.
Martin Atherton, 15 Dec 2008

Pret customers get free Wi-Fi

Sandwich maker Pret A Manger has begun offering free wireless internet access to its customers.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Dec 2008
£10 notes. Pic: Howard Lake

Fifth man pleads guilty over Citibank ATM hack scam

A cybercrook who got greedy and careless has admitted using hacked ATM codes to loot Citibank accounts.
John Leyden, 15 Dec 2008
homeless man with sign

Verari, Rackable look to leasing

When times get tough and companies want shiny new servers but also to conserve their cash, the talk at the bargaining table almost always turns to leasing. The big server makers, like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Sun Microsystems, have their own financial arms that can move a server deal from the capital budget over to the operating budget thanks to a lease. And that means boutique server makers plying a niche have to do the same thing if they want to close deals.

FCC kills Puritanical wireless vote

The US Federal Communications Commission has canceled the December meeting where it was scheduled to vote on chairman Kevin Martin's plan for free US-wide puritanical wireless broadband. But the commission says the proposal will "remain in circulation for the commissioners to vote" in the future.
Cade Metz, 15 Dec 2008

Apologies after teacher's 'Linux holding back kids' claim

UpdatedThe leader of a US effort handing out PCs and CDs running Linux to kids has apologized to a teacher for "throwing her to the wolves" in a tirade online.
Gavin Clarke, 15 Dec 2008

AMD spins dual-core Phenom Cartwheel

AMD has unveiled two new dual-core Athlons intended for low-cost home PCs.
Cade Metz, 15 Dec 2008

Google hints at the End of Net Neutrality

UpdatedNetwork Neutrality, the public policy unicorn that's been the rallying cry for so many many on the American left for the last three years, took a body blow on Sunday with the Wall Street Journal's disclosure that the movement's sugar-daddy has been playing both sides of the fence.
Richard Bennett, 15 Dec 2008

Web who's who botches secure sockets layer

New research has uncovered flaws in the encryption certificates used to protect the websites of hospitals, banks, and even top-secret government spy agencies, raising questions about whether they are complying with regulations requiring them to adequately safeguard their online visitors.
Dan Goodin, 15 Dec 2008

Orwellian Apple ad celebrates 25th birthday

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Apple's iconic 1984 TV ad. And no, we haven't got our math wrong.
Cade Metz, 15 Dec 2008

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