10th December 2008 Archive

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  • Microsoft updates Mac Office 2008

    Promises, promises

    Applications 10 00:13

  • More mobile makers join Android alliance

    Fourteen new recruits

    Mobile 10 00:17

  • Facebook ignores huge security hole for four months

    And counting

    Security 10 01:45

  • Sun closes 'future' pay-per-use utility computing service

    From flagship to flag maker

    Software 10 02:13

  • Sun adds goodies to OpenSolaris 2008.11

    Sparc support still MIA, though

    Servers 10 05:02

  • IWF pulls Wikipedia from child porn blacklist

    Virgin Killer ban reversed

    Media 10 06:19

  • How can I sync a Blackberry Bold with Now-up-to-Date?


    Hardware 10 07:02

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud service storms Europe

    EC2 instances go international

    Developer 10 08:02

  • 2008's top three MP3 players

    For your consideration...

    Hardware 10 09:02

  • Is filming someone in the street a breach of privacy?

    A tricky legal question

    Law 10 09:38

  • Intel, Nvidia partner on Atom chipset

    Small, cheap desktops to gain GeForce IGP

    Hardware 10 09:40

  • Why Morgan Stanley had to pay that $15m email fine

    Two papers about IT security

    Security 10 09:45

  • Government plans emergency extranet

    Disaster information exchange

    Government 10 10:02

  • Oz men's mag recovers inflatable jubs

    Bulgarian airbags turn up in Melbourne

    Bootnotes 10 10:03

  • Discount supermarket offers not-so-cheap netbook

    How much?

    Hardware 10 10:14

  • HP talks clouds, diamonds and tiaras

    Drawing up magical kingdoms in old Vienna

    Servers 10 10:31

  • Abbey IT upgrade 'chaos' hits small biz banking

    Frozen money

    Small Biz 10 10:40

  • Microtune boots up for in-car TV

    Watching TV while the rubber economy burns?

    Broadband 10 11:17

  • Yahoo! eyes! Sarin!

    Vodafone's ex-top man shortlisted

    Financial News 10 11:31

  • Hubble sniffs CO2 on far-flung 'hot Jupiter' planet

    And we thought we had global warming

    Science 10 11:32

  • Bumper MS patch batch spells client-side misery

    IE still vulnerable after bombardment

    Security 10 11:48

  • 'I don't blame pilot', says San Diego jet crash father

    'I know he did everything he could'

    Science 10 12:04

  • Regulator to probe Davenport Lyons' P2P porn cash demands

    Hot watchdog on watchdog action

    Law 10 12:22

  • O2 strikes at netbooks with Window Mobile gadget

    In like Flint

    Hardware 10 12:26

  • GTA: IV available for download on PC

    Games on tap

    Games 10 12:29

  • Raids net police £1m in pirate game and movie discs

    'You want DVD?'

    Media 10 12:34

  • Logitech makes play with 'comfort' gaming über-keyboard

    Hardware 10 12:38

  • Intel completes 32nm development process

    Bigs up tiny circuitry plans

    Hardware 10 12:40

  • ITU plots third dimension

    You think HD needs a lot of bandwidth?

    Data Centre 10 12:50

  • Google gives Chrome spit 'n' polish treatment, says report

    Luring OEMs by removing beta tag?

    Applications 10 13:31

  • Nappies OK'd by beaks in Nowak space loverat fracas

    Lawyer offers pants explanation

    Science 10 13:42

  • SOCA budgets £500m to revamp IT systems

    Plenty of scope for lots of police notepads

    Law 10 14:00

  • Seagate abruptly lowers Q4 2008 revenue forecast

    Twenty days and half a billion dollars gone

    Storage 10 14:11

  • The hitman, the Pirate Bay and the freetard prof

    The prank that fell flat

    Media 10 14:24

  • Vertu offers £20k phone with 'beaten up' look

    Polished turd?

    Phones 10 14:37

  • Shuttle X27D

    Nice CPU. So why the poor chipset?

    Hardware 10 14:40

  • Reding still pushing Mob-TV

    First legislation, then recommendation, now guideline

    Mobile 10 15:21

  • Delta Boeing 777 engine suffers 'uncommanded rollback'

    Related to Heathrow incident?

    Science 10 15:23

  • Bollywood to remake The Italian Job

    'Lots of singing and dancing'

    Bootnotes 10 15:33

  • Sony Ericsson to make Android phone

    Summer 2009 launch looks possible

    Phones 10 15:34

  • Fake Vint Cerf tweets link spam on Twitter

    'I get so much electronic chatter as it is', Cerf tells El Reg

    Security 10 15:47

  • Plod hopes Bluetooth messages will stem drinking

    Tried everything else

    Mobile 10 16:04

  • PS3's Home to debut tomorrow

    Welcome Home

    Bootnotes 10 16:47

  • Harvard prof slams US nut allergy hysteria

    Tastes like 'mass psychogenic illness'

    Science 10 16:57

  • Skype fills out with middle age

    New technology and strategy officers

    VoIP 10 16:59

  • Gloves for (cold) gadget lovers

    Touchscreen? No problem

    Hardware 10 17:27

  • Digital delinquents thrive on IE6 exploits

    Fiesta attack tool drives through swiss-cheese browser

    Security 10 18:54

  • FBI recruits former Lehman Brothers IT exec

    Fills CIO spot vacant since October

    Government 10 19:26

  • Microsoft's mobile Live services slip beta label

    Mobius conspiracy convened

    Mobile 10 19:29

  • Microsoft and HP get SaaSy with resellers

    Cloudy small biz vision

    Software 10 19:31

  • Jaspersoft secures $12.5m in VC dough

    Red Hat kick in

    Financial News 10 19:33

  • Indian court urged to 'ban Google Earth'

    Aided Mumbai attacks

    Security 10 19:57

  • Intel to extend chip-tech dominance

    Bad news for AMD, IBM

    Hardware 10 20:26

  • Native-Linux music player Amarok gets major overhaul

    iTunes minus the store - and the fanbois

    Media 10 21:37

  • Judge buries bogus malware-protection gang

    One million duped

    Security 10 22:47