9th December 2008 Archive

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  • Logitech launches padded Lapdesk

    Work in a cold climate

    Hardware 09 Dec 00:02

  • Big Blue donates cloud to unborn solar cells

    Free cycles for plastic sun capture

    Science 09 Dec 00:07

  • Micro Focus snags Relativity for $9.7m

    Mainframe marriage

    Financial News 09 Dec 00:32

  • 21 million German bank accounts - yours for only €12m

    It's a steal

    Security 09 Dec 00:58

  • Microsoft phone coming Zune?

    Rumors finally have a freshness date

    Phones 09 Dec 01:38

  • Adobe and SpringSource meet on RIA

    Rich enterprise play

    Developer 09 Dec 01:39

  • Dell to flog EMC Celerra NAS

    Buddy system to go on five more years

    Storage 09 Dec 05:02

  • LIVE 2:30pm GMT: What the hell is an optimum working environment?

    Delivering the information on information delivery

    Productivity 09 Dec 08:15

  • Archos 7 internet-enabled PMP

    Two inches can go a long way

    Hardware 09 Dec 09:07

  • Onyx buys Dundas IT

    Scottish expansion

    The Channel 09 Dec 09:12

  • A380 too quiet, moan Emirates pilots

    Pesky passengers disturbing our kip

    Science 09 Dec 09:35

  • Brussels ploughs ahead with biofuel plans

    Sugarbeet is the EU's Iowa corn

    Science 09 Dec 09:50

  • Reg readers in the dark over extreme porn

    Local police clueless too

    Law 09 Dec 09:55

  • Fighter jet crashes in suburban San Diego

    Three dead on the ground, pilot ejects safely

    Science 09 Dec 10:11

  • HP's bendy plastic e-paper display on the way

    Ribbony prototype tested

    Hardware 09 Dec 10:25

  • Phones to be powered by speech?

    It's good to talk

    Phones 09 Dec 10:32

  • Better Place deploys re-charging posts

    Pillar of the EV community?

    Science 09 Dec 10:44

  • Fujitsu looking to sell hard drive unit

    Sale is on again

    Storage 09 Dec 10:59

  • Why the IWF was right to ban a Wikipedia page

    Wikimedia's hypocrisy

    Law 09 Dec 11:22

  • Clangers creator dies at 83

    RIP Oliver Postgate

    Bootnotes 09 Dec 11:27

  • MS: We'll slash search data retention if big boys play ball

    Anonymise after six months...

    Law 09 Dec 11:35

  • SkyFire beta goes public

    Mobile browser war opens new front

    Mobile 09 Dec 11:38

  • Ofcom rules on Clarkson strumpet gag

    No breach of broadcasting code

    Bootnotes 09 Dec 11:44

  • Rockstar pledges GTA:IV PC patch

    Gameplay problem fix

    Games 09 Dec 12:16

  • Scorpions tale leaves IWF exposed

    'Look, that regulator isn't wearing any clothes'

    Broadband 09 Dec 12:17

  • RIM officially unveils Javelin

    Bold beater?

    Phones 09 Dec 12:26

  • Hackers ahead of the game despite McColo shutdown

    One step forward, two steps back

    Security 09 Dec 12:39

  • Exam board to hear appeal over format cockup

    Left on school servers, as well as sent as Word documents

    Applications 09 Dec 12:49

  • Sony shutting factories and laying off staff

    Temps and perms go

    Financial News 09 Dec 13:04

  • RIM Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220

    The message machine to be seen with?

    Phones 09 Dec 13:19

  • iPhone lights a fire

    Burn, baby, burn

    Phones 09 Dec 13:25

  • Helmet makes you 'feel' in-game head shots

    Just like being shot in the head, apparently

    Hardware 09 Dec 13:28

  • Mozilla boudoir shoots out second Firefox 3.1 beta

    Let there be pr0n

    Applications 09 Dec 13:40

  • UK.gov resilience website feedback page falls over

    404: FAIL

    Servers 09 Dec 13:55

  • What we really think of IT architects

    Slippery enough to crawl under a snake's belly wearing a top hat?

    Systems 09 Dec 14:03

  • CPW man quits Olympic committee

    Boris loses yet another adviser

    Mobile 09 Dec 14:15

  • LG tests 100Mb/s download phone chip

    A viable 4G technology?

    Broadband 09 Dec 14:50

  • Leeds Council loses kids details

    Memory stick, car park fail

    Government 09 Dec 15:05

  • MS Ireland blocks redirection 'hack' - eventually

    Red hair faces all round

    Security 09 Dec 15:31

  • Saw: The Videogame hit by setback


    Games 09 Dec 16:01

  • Microsoft squeezes out Oxite 'open source' blogger platform

    Spot the difference

    Developer 09 Dec 16:07

  • Sun puts Shanghai Opterons in Galaxy boxes

    Gets ready for Intel's Nehalem Xeons

    Servers 09 Dec 16:40

  • Firm touts anti-radiation chip for phones

    'Quantum physical information wave' technology employed

    Phones 09 Dec 17:23

  • Pilots survive night on Hudson Strait ice sheet

    18 hours at -20°C

    Bootnotes 09 Dec 18:08

  • In-the-wild attacks find hole in (fully-patched) IE 7

    Hardened browser pwned

    Security 09 Dec 18:17

  • Google Oompa Loompas cloaking user agents?

    Goobuntu rumor resurfaces

    Software 09 Dec 19:07

  • Apple's Snow Leopard set to exploit GPU power

    OpenCL 1.0 spec debuts

    Operating Systems 09 Dec 19:20

  • Google Native Client challenges Microsoft and Adobe RIAs

    If only they can get the security to work

    Software 09 Dec 20:33

  • 2008 goes into one-second overtime

    Boffins insert another 'leap second'

    Science 09 Dec 20:39

  • Four-year-old Diebold glitch silently drops votes

    Botches California county's results

    Government 09 Dec 21:12

  • GPLv3 to reinforce FSF open-source license position?

    Beats older competition

    Software 09 Dec 21:35

  • Intel plans tiny energy suckers to watch environs

    Litter the planet

    Science 09 Dec 22:22

  • Yahoo! planning massive layoffs for Wednesday

    10% workforce cut looms

    Business 09 Dec 22:52