8th December 2008 Archive

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  • Google App Engine to swallow Salesforce cloud

    Business interest

    Developer 08 05:02

  • How can I image the drives of an Acer Aspire One fleet?


    Hardware 08 07:02

  • Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX 22in monitor

    A neat idea packed into a nice chassis

    Hardware 08 09:02

  • Carphone co-founder quits over secret share pledge

    Borrowed money against share stake

    Financial News 08 09:50

  • How clear a view do you have on your IT?

    Keeping a handle on the bigger picture

    Systems 08 10:02

  • Apple dealer buys its way into the Midlands

    Consolidation a go-go

    The Channel 08 10:33

  • Microsoft picks up data centre from the back of a lorry

    Hopes to restart enterprise juggernaut

    Servers 08 10:38

  • Intel's 32nm Atom roadmapped

    Total SoC integration

    Hardware 08 10:54

  • Sony Ericsson touts tiny talker

    Small but perfectly formed?

    Phones 08 11:01

  • Fugitive Danish IT chief surrenders at LA copshop

    Stein Bagger on Skid Row

    Law 08 11:16

  • PSP is 'vibrant platform', says Atari chief

    UMD's future looks grey, though

    Games 08 11:17

  • Aussie government to rig filter testing

    Opponents of Great Aussie Firewall take to the streets

    Broadband 08 11:29

  • AMD's 8-series integrated chipset slips a quarter?

    Later release date for 'RS880'

    Hardware 08 11:36

  • EMC and NetApp disk revenues outstrip market

    IDC quarterly disk storage numbers

    Storage 08 11:37

  • MS calls time on Black Friday cashback debacle

    No rollback on bushwhacked money back plan

    Applications 08 11:47

  • OCZ readies USB eSATA Flash drive

    End of the USB key as we know it?

    Storage 08 11:55

  • Brute force SSH attack confounds defenders

    Who are those guys?

    Security 08 11:58

  • Unseen touchscreen Nokia leaked

    Mock-up for UI improvements, claims Nokia

    Phones 08 12:00

  • AMD rolls out first Phenom IIs

    Watch out, Core i7

    Hardware 08 12:24

  • Did speaker's statement show he doesn't know what day IT is?

    Wool(sack)y thinking on PCs

    Government 08 12:28

  • Aussie convicted over Simpsons sex pics

    'My butt does not deserve a website'

    Law 08 12:47

  • Onyx buys Dundas IT

    Scottish expansion

    The Channel 08 12:50

  • Microsoft bullish on BizTalk Server beta

    One of a kind?

    Developer 08 13:02

  • Google OS gOS - if at first you don't succeed...

    ...fail, fail again

    Operating Systems 08 13:02

  • Barrow boy Microsoft flogs nostalgic tragic t-shirts

    As Dell Boy takes to QVC

    Bootnotes 08 13:15

  • WowWee Rovio Mobile webcam

    All Terrain, Armoured... webcam. Well, almost

    Hardware 08 13:30

  • Penis pill botnet awakens after McColo shutdown

    It's ALIVE

    Security 08 13:43

  • IBM crossed off ID application shortlist

    CSC and Fujitsu still duking it out

    Government 08 14:03

  • RAF in plot against Fleet Air Arm again

    1930s, 1970s ... disaster every time they do it

    Government 08 15:03

  • Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word format


    Applications 08 15:07

  • Santa booted from iPhone app store

    Seasonal icons face off

    Mobile 08 16:11

  • NFC-enabled Micro SD card unveiled

    Cash and capacity

    Hardware 08 16:21

  • Memorex’s MP3 karaoke crooner

    Pick a song, any song...

    Hardware 08 16:22

  • UK e-tailers scurry to scrap dodgy Heavy Metal covers

    IWF says acts in good faith - what about Blind Faith?

    Law 08 16:23

  • Fiat shows solar-panel wrapped 'Panda of the future'

    Phylla up

    Science 08 16:23

  • Is groupware the worst thing you've ever encountered?

    Get over it with our productivity mini-survey

    Productivity 08 16:24

  • Touchscreen demand hurt Nokia in Q3, says analyst

    Rocketing iPhone, Blackberry growth

    Mobile 08 16:26

  • Google starts selling unlocked G1

    Shipping in gold envelopes?

    Phones 08 17:51

  • Apple disables Egyptian iPhone GPS

    Wandering in the desert

    Mobile 08 18:50

  • Acer beats arch-rival Asus in Q3 netbook match

    Aspire One quarter's most popular machine

    Hardware 08 18:50

  • Fresh blood planned for Sun's board

    Sense of urgency

    Financial News 08 19:11

  • Obama urged to create White House cybersecurity chief

    Current risk 'unacceptable'

    Security 08 19:48

  • Google spews desktop ads onto Satan, Jesus Phones

    Holiday push

    Mobile 08 19:53

  • Wal-Mart iPhone a done deal?

    Sales associates sing

    Mobile 08 20:24

  • AMD accepts smaller stake in chip fab spin-off

    Lowered assets in ass-covering deal

    Financial News 08 20:28

  • IBM drops Power7 drain in 'Blue Waters'

    Super efficiency

    Servers 08 20:57

  • Gaps blight JavaFX early promise

    Sun repeats Swing mistakes

    Developer 08 21:14

  • Trio indicted over Trojan brokerage scam

    Inside man cons crooks

    Security 08 21:27

  • Facebook worm hijacks web search

    Koobface shows its ugly mug again

    Security 08 21:32

  • Hackintosh clone surfaces in the Argentine

    'Applications may not function properly'

    Hardware 08 22:47

  • Intel trumpets world's fastest silicon photonic detector*

    *Ladybird not included

    Hardware 08 23:50