1st December 2008 Archive

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  • LG GP08NU10 slimline portable DVD writer

    Ready for any disc format. Ready for your netbook

    Hardware 01 09:02

  • HP cancels Christmas in the UK and Éire

    Stationery party cupboard is bare for British and Irish workers

    Financial News 01 10:02

  • Wolves gather around Plasmon

    With UDO going, Blu-ray is the only optical choice

    Storage 01 10:11

  • Mandy preps list of UK businesses to save

    Sorry mate, you're not on the list

    Government 01 10:14

  • Endeavour down safely at Edwards

    Operation Golden Barrel deemed successful

    Science 01 10:16

  • Lord Lamont joins Phorm board

    Four directors go

    Networks 01 10:52

  • Windows 7, June 2009 and the technologies of antitrust

    Is Microsoft gettting its ship together?

    Microbite 01 10:59

  • Blockbuster OnDemand coming to a Blu-ray player near you

    Not just set-top boxes

    Hardware 01 11:06

  • Auf Wiedersehen to 700 FSC workers

    Can't be profitable with you

    The Channel 01 11:07

  • Swiss Mindset reveals E-Motion sports EV

    Not from the Italian side of Switzerland...

    Science 01 11:21

  • Who's kicking whose ass when it comes to information delivery?

    The challenge of exploiting information

    Systems 01 11:24

  • London hospitals back online after PC virus infection

    Two week clean-up job nears completion

    Security 01 11:55

  • Apple eats video editing jobs

    Farewell tape

    Storage 01 12:06

  • Nikon unveils flagship DSLR

    Kevlar body

    Hardware 01 12:13

  • Bittorrent declares war on VoIP, gamers

    The next internet meltdown

    Networks 01 12:29

  • Vista SP2 to land in April 2009-ish?

    RTM date leaked on interwebs

    Software 01 12:31

  • Sony Walkman S-series MP3 player

    One of the finest sounding MP3 players available

    Hardware 01 13:02

  • Down the Digital River, into the heart of download darkness

    You may own the bits. But you can't have 'em

    Applications 01 13:02

  • MSI readies netbooks with HDDs and SSDs

    Hybrid Storage

    Hardware 01 13:03

  • NYT scribe: No bailout for Tesla-buying 'centimillionaires*'

    'Moore's Law doesn't govern batteries' - well, duh

    Science 01 13:15

  • McDonalds survey scam is super-size fraud

    Fillet O'Phish

    Security 01 14:36

  • Tux makes home on the iPhone

    Linux means never having to ask why

    Mobile 01 15:11

  • Phorm, Norman Lamont, and the Broadband Stakeholder Group

    Fibre investment forum denies conflict of interest

    Networks 01 15:14

  • New terror guidelines on photography

    No change - but police continue to bend the law

    Law 01 15:26

  • MySQL creator kicks MySQL 5.1 team in the teeth

    Monty chides Sun for premature, bug-riddled release

    Applications 01 15:58

  • Amazon and Nintendo cash in on e-reading

    A paperback? What's that?

    Phones 01 16:08

  • Championship cyclist injured playing Wii

    Hopes to be back in the saddle soon

    Games 01 16:15

  • BMW intros MS Surface car customiser

    Touch here for new car

    Science 01 16:17

  • How are you managed?

    Taking tasking to task

    Productivity 01 16:32

  • EU cybercrime strategy backs law enforcement Trojan

    Remote searches? Nein danke

    Law 01 16:50

  • Asus' G71 gaming quad-core notebook touches down

    UK delivery of world's first quad-core gaming laptop

    Hardware 01 16:52

  • Nuke-nobbler raygun 747 in first full-power blast

    Soon to fry the unfriendly skies

    Policy 01 17:12

  • Designer sets sights on visual impairment iPhone case

    We didn't see that one coming

    Phones 01 17:24

  • Malware spread explains Pentagon USB ban

    Agent infection hardly much of a battle

    Security 01 18:33

  • IBM, HP annoy server buyers less than Dell, Sun

    x64 FAIL meter

    Servers 01 19:23

  • FCC eyes free puritanical wireless vote

    No-smut opt-out?

    Broadband 01 19:31

  • Grand Theft Auto IV PC debut gets SecuROM sideshow

    Steal in this game. Don't steal this game

    Applications 01 20:14

  • Biz travelers howl over US gov RFIDs

    Border (in)security

    Security 01 20:32

  • HP squeezes 85 data centers into 'six-pack'

    Hurd mentality

    Servers 01 20:47

  • Microsoft Live Search goes Kumo?

    The old Venezuelan switcheroo

    Applications 01 20:51

  • Amazon beckons world+dog onto database cloud

    Free fluffiness

    Developer 01 22:38

  • Online Black Friday sales better than flat

    Can Cyber Monday® save etail?

    The Channel 01 22:47

  • Big iron sellers grow shipments, shrink revenues

    Server price-lash

    Servers 01 23:24