27th November 2008 Archive

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  • US gun lobby blogs Thanksgiving gun 'facts'

    Shoot now, chow later

    Bootnotes 27 02:23

  • Honeywell's Kitchen Computer remembered

    The $62,550 machine no one bought

    Vintage 27 04:52

  • Java Community Process shakes Soviet commissar tag

    Open standards perestroika

    Developer 27 05:10

  • Lenovo offers netbooks with added 'e'

    Euro-centric IdeaPads debut

    Hardware 27 06:02

  • Mumbai terrorist attacks kill at least 100

    Britons, Americans targeted

    Law 27 06:04

  • Oxford student vote kyboshed by email

    Ents officers endangered by e-voting fail

    Applications 27 08:02

  • Group Test: AMD Radeon HD 4000 series

    From 4350 to 4830 - budget graphics cards galore

    Hardware 27 09:02

  • 'Bloody' is an offensive word, declares ASA

    Too f**kin' right

    Media 27 09:51

  • Dixons plunges to loss

    And Woolies goes titsup

    The Channel 27 10:04

  • NASA developing brain-monitor hats for airline pilots


    Science 27 10:11

  • John Coltrane. Miles Davis. Er... Ray Ozzie?

    How do you make Lotus Notes cool? With jazz greats

    Applications 27 10:13

  • Overland gets fresh financing

    Lives to fight another day

    The Channel 27 10:28

  • Twitter silenced in Canada

    Canuck twits hurt by SMS billing

    Mobile 27 10:50

  • Anti-fraud site targeted in Joe Job attack

    Spammers try to discredit Bobbear.co.uk

    Security 27 11:01

  • No cheap Blu-ray players for Blighty this Xmas

    They've all gone to the US and Japan

    Hardware 27 11:05

  • Daimler sparks e-drive research project

    Engineers and academics to accelerate electric tech evolution?

    Science 27 11:30

  • Nokia develops home control tech for phones

    Turn the telly off from your car

    Hardware 27 11:41

  • Prosecutors gather evidence on secret BT-Phorm trials

    'Implied consent' to be probed

    Broadband 27 11:42

  • Boris cans congestion extension

    Western zone is no more

    Science 27 12:10

  • The world's most deadly handset?


    Phones 27 12:16

  • Obama tries to stay connected

    Will the White House entertain a BlackBerry?

    Mobile 27 12:21

  • Icahn! goes! double! or! quits! on! Yahoo!

    Lost a billion? Spend another $69m

    Financial News 27 12:27

  • Russian WebMoney hacker cuffed over Trojan scam

    Cybercrook turned to assist e-crime investigations

    Security 27 12:29

  • Clamshell 'iPhone' appears online

    Dial F for Fake

    Mobile 27 12:34

  • MPs lost for Word over creaking Microsoft packages

    And politicos want YouTube exposure

    Government 27 12:40

  • Oz bill-dodgers nailed on Facebook

    Restaurant owner turns net sleuth

    Bootnotes 27 12:56

  • Infocus X10 projector

    Very high standard entry-level home cinema rig

    Hardware 27 13:13

  • Atari dumps Davenport Lyons' piracy nastygram campaign

    'Nuts and sledgehammers come to mind'

    Law 27 13:20

  • Zoo's polar bear breeding plan scuppered by girl-on-girl

    Male actually female, staff belatedly note

    Science 27 13:29

  • Lori Drew guilty in MySpace bully trial

    Suicide sparked by online abuse

    Law 27 13:35

  • Ashdown brain trust: Democracy isn't a human right

    Also invading places is OK, but nukes aren't

    Science 27 13:41

  • The Music Wars from 30,000 feet: Meet Chris Castle

    'Don't expect another Bob Dylan'

    Media 27 13:52

  • Satanic net neologisms - nominations invited

    What's the most hideous bastard spawn of cyberspace?

    Bootnotes 27 14:16

  • Back the F:\ Up

    Mozy's tasteful new t-shirt campaign

    Storage 27 14:39

  • Financial crisis does for Scottish biofuel plant

    Plans for £65m facility on indefinite hold

    Science 27 14:56

  • Robo-flower wilts as power burns

    Bloomin' heck

    Hardware 27 15:02

  • WordPress update kyboshes XSS flaw

    Blog pwnage risk busted

    Security 27 15:07

  • Sharp ships latest Blu-ray Disc player

    One for Santa's sack?

    Hardware 27 15:17

  • Chinese police confirm Gome chairman quizzed over 'economic crimes'

    Electrical retail tycoon Wong Kwong-yu probed

    The Channel 27 15:46

  • How Microsoft blew its own RIA invention

    Silverlight: back to the browser

    Developer 27 16:02

  • Space robot research station to land in Oxfordshire

    Europe pledges billions

    Science 27 16:17

  • Apple to slash prices by up to 15% on Black Friday?

    Could match resellers to lure cash-strapped US customers

    Hardware 27 17:07

  • MoD kit chief: Blighty unsure of supersonic stealth jumpjet

    'Does it do what it says on the tin?'

    Government 27 18:02

  • HP, IBM - Stuck in the 'midrange' with you

    Whatever that means

    Servers 27 19:02