26th November 2008 Archive

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  • US Army in $50m video game upgrade

    But can they run Crysis on full settings?

    Government 26 00:17

  • Google silences Gmail security blogorumors

    Domain hijack vuln doesn't exist

    Security 26 00:27

  • Facebook spams social networkers with phishy email

    Click on this link...bitch

    Security 26 02:41

  • RISC daddy conjures Moore's Lawless parallel universe

    The 64-core laptop

    Servers 26 07:38

  • Government data review grants more data sharing power

    Gets rid of pesky need for legislation and oversight

    Government 26 08:56

  • Elgato EyeTV DTT Mac digital TV tuner

    Turn your iMac into a telly

    Hardware 26 09:02

  • HMRC estimates its IT project costs

    We can't be just giving away information you know

    Government 26 09:48

  • Quantum parks 180 staff

    Not running out of cash

    Storage 26 10:25

  • Government finally names the day for porn ban

    It's the end of your smut as you knew it

    Law 26 10:38

  • Acer confirms 10in netbook for Q1 2009

    Threat to mainstream laptops

    Hardware 26 10:44

  • Juror dismissed over Facebook poll

    'I don't know which way to go, so I'm holding a poll'

    Law 26 11:06

  • IT departments VAT-whacked

    Up, down, trouble all around

    Small Biz 26 11:15

  • VW to speed up rollout of cut-price EV

    Fast track for Chico

    Science 26 11:16

  • Luke Skywalker's lightsabre goes on sale

    But no match for a good blaster...

    Bootnotes 26 11:26

  • Gov backs campaign to save Scott's Antarctic hut

    £3.5m appeal needs your support

    Science 26 11:27

  • Apple forced to pull misleading UK iPhone ad

    Small print fails to provide get-out clause

    Mobile 26 11:35

  • UK's Watchkeeper drone in first autonomous flight

    Over Israel

    Government 26 11:42

  • Lapdancing 'not sexually stimulating', MPs hear

    Parliamentary committee 'astonished' by industry claim

    Law 26 12:02

  • Secunia tool helps surfers to keep up to date with patches

    An Anadin Plus for patching headaches

    Security 26 12:16

  • Google exempts self from Apple rules

    Some developers are more equal than others

    Mobile 26 12:22

  • Copyright-bothering web TV outfit rises from the grave

    TVCatchup.com says it's cracked it

    Media 26 12:32

  • UK.gov abandons income splitting tax law

    'Economic challenges' puts lid on controversial overhaul

    Small Biz 26 12:38

  • Intel details objections to antitrust probe

    S'not fair!

    Hardware 26 12:47

  • The Legacy Dilemma

    Architecture giveth, vendors taketh away?

    Systems 26 12:52

  • Nokia N96 16GB smartphone

    Heavyweight upgrade packs in a hefty multimedia punch

    Phones 26 13:02

  • A Geeks Guide2... Christmas - Part 1

    Up to 40% off at Reg Books

    Site News 26 13:03

  • Peaches Geldof - she's back!

    Discordant lounge jazz in Brooklyn thrift stores

    Bootnotes 26 13:06

  • How can effective IT drive business?

    Free expert advice for mid-sized companies

    Small Biz 26 13:08

  • DARPA wants to develop an 'iPhoD'

    Photonics bit cops perfect-storm tech acronym

    Science 26 13:11

  • Nokia launches DIY phone design studio

    Make your own mobile

    Phones 26 13:12

  • What’s driving collaboration?

    Taggers and microbloggers, eat your hearts out

    Productivity 26 13:13

  • Bear/woods alert: Entire world not quite virtualized yet

    Savvy readers expectations met: it's no doddle

    Infrastructure 26 13:15

  • MySociety puts e-democracy up for sale

    Political accountability on the block

    Bootnotes 26 13:20

  • Aussie government muffs plans for internet filtering

    Greens borrow Sex Party clothes

    Law 26 13:22

  • Nominet fingers governance scrutineer

    Good luck

    Broadband 26 13:37

  • ISS drinks dispenser now taking the p*ss

    Urine Processor Assembly up and running

    Science 26 14:02

  • Yes! It's the USB Toaster!

    Tasty tech treat?

    Hardware 26 14:16

  • Microsoft ranks 5th on inglorious spam-friendly ISP list

    Soft target

    Security 26 14:19

  • Tosh touts 16GB Micro SDHC memory card

    Class two capacity

    Hardware 26 14:38

  • WIN a Vodafone Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook

    Your chance to grab a go-anywhere mini-laptop

    Hardware 26 14:41

  • The mobile operators' Three Ring Trick

    So you want us to use your networks?

    Mobile 26 15:25

  • Amazon intros early VAT cut

    You can take your 17.5 per cent and shove it...

    Hardware 26 15:33

  • ASA slaps beer-punting ladyboy

    Watchdog growls at Tiger Beer advert

    Bootnotes 26 15:47

  • Porn doctor jailed for 33 years

    Child images shared online

    Security 26 16:07

  • Dell zeroes in on US customers with 0% financing

    Not coming to Europe - yet

    The Channel 26 16:11

  • Sons of Macintosh - shaking the Apple family tree

    The Jesus Phone is not divine

    Data Centre 26 20:07

  • FBI warns NY officials of Thanksgiving Day terrorist plot

    'Plausible but unsubstantiated'

    Security 26 20:09

  • Google - your source for FREE Adobe gear

    Ad 'quality' meets scam shilling

    Small Biz 26 20:34

  • Srizbi spam botnet in failed resurrection

    Rebirth before redeath

    Security 26 20:48

  • Selfish worm targets month-old Windows flaw

    'Find your own vuln. This one's mine'

    Security 26 22:17