24th November 2008 Archive

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  • Vuzix iWear AV230 XL video glasses

    Give your iPod or games console specs appeal

    Hardware 24 09:02

  • IBM gets damages for Plasmon poaching

    Claims Steve Murphy broke holder agreement

    Storage 24 09:29

  • VAT fraudster must repay £26m

    Gold plated carousel fraud

    The Channel 24 09:31

  • IBM authorizes OpenSolaris on mainframes

    Step one comes after step two

    Servers 24 09:46

  • Home Office to hand out more Tasers to police

    1 in 5 English/Welsh cops to be trained

    Law 24 10:05

  • DWP shaves £50m off major projects

    Costs drop 3.1%

    Government 24 10:14

  • Verizon sacks Obama snoopers

    What did the snoopers see, and when did they see it?

    Mobile 24 10:21

  • RM profits dip in 'resilient' market

    Education, education, education

    The Channel 24 10:58

  • Welcome to the world of collaboration by stealth

    Infectious enthusiasm

    Productivity 24 11:08

  • Samsung demos amazing folding phone

    Interior OLED screen folds in half

    Phones 24 11:14

  • Palm purges staff, chops products

    But new OS still due next year

    Mobile 24 11:22

  • US couple sue over McNudes

    You can be the bun, and I can be the burger, girl

    Bootnotes 24 11:32

  • Domain hijack fears over Gmail exploit

    Undead multi-part exploit walks again

    Security 24 11:36

  • Honda whips out fuel-cell sci-fi style sportster

    Only thing missing is a roving red light at the front

    Science 24 11:38

  • Spin-down Copan spins itself down some

    Battens down the hatches

    Storage 24 11:48

  • ISS urinal/drinks-machine combo still buggy

    Piss off, sweat & tears only at space minibar

    Science 24 12:07

  • Small biz demands some relief from Darling

    Mandelson voices support for precision engineers

    Small Biz 24 12:18

  • Phoenix IT sucks up the recession

    Trend bucked

    The Channel 24 12:22

  • Nokia to become virtual network for Vertu

    New biz model for luxury phone wing

    Mobile 24 12:33

  • US rolls out 'Vicinity RFID' to check IDs in moving vehicles

    From 20-30 feet. But your data is safe, honest...

    Government 24 12:50

  • Will Microsoft spin its way into the cloud with Kumo?

    Windows Live Search jumps on fluffy bandwagon

    Applications 24 12:54

  • Software update nobbles Sky+ boxes


    Media 24 12:56

  • Virtualization: A quick reality check

    Dynamic IT vs dynamic mess

    Infrastructure 24 13:00

  • Jerry Yang - Slugworth to Google's Willy Wonka

    How did it come to this?

    Software 24 13:02

  • Shuttle SG45H7

    Fly me to the moon

    Hardware 24 13:02

  • Social workers sacked over Gary Glitter email

    Circulated 'inappropriate' image

    Management 24 13:08

  • Parallels 4 users want their money back

    Macs slowed to a crawl, users bent out of shape

    Virtualization 24 13:35

  • When does a system become legacy?

    The hero to zero of IT systems

    Systems 24 13:42

  • Booming cybercrime economy sucks in recruits

    Eastern European milk run

    Security 24 13:47

  • Net pedants dismantle Quantum of Solace

    Bolivian number plate experts move in for the kill

    Bootnotes 24 14:34

  • YouTube virals must play by US ad rules

    UK advertising rules may change to close loophole

    Media 24 14:48

  • Ballmer's bid to swerve 'Vista Capable' row comes unstuck

    Judge orders Microsoft boss to testify

    Hardware 24 14:57

  • The Netbook Newbie's Guide to Linux

    The Big Easy

    Software 24 15:17

  • Tech firms too slow to go green, says Greenpeace

    Latest Guide to Greener Electronics report

    Hardware 24 15:24

  • Sun readies entry Sparc T2 kicker

    Cheaper networking for the server

    Servers 24 15:55

  • Darling's budget targets small business

    VAT down, booze, ciggies and petrol up

    Small Biz 24 16:42

  • Tories, retail ISVs decry Darling's VAT cut

    There's no pleasing some people

    Small Biz 24 17:33

  • Indonesian HIV/AIDS patients face microchip tagging

    UN expresses 'grave concerns'

    Government 24 17:53

  • Smut pop-up teacher case finally resolved with misdemeanor plea

    Campaigners vindicated but has justice been served?

    Security 24 19:22

  • 'MS rep' claims he predicted NXE RRoD woes

    Told you so...

    Games 24 19:39

  • IBM readies cloud 'validation' program

    Stamps in the sky

    Servers 24 19:58

  • SCO ordered to pay Novell $2.5m in Unix royalties (again)

    Is the final judgment the final judgment?

    Servers 24 21:00

  • Security breach gives PayPal phish the personal touch

    Real names, thanks to Pamela

    Security 24 21:36

  • NASA's lost toolbag filmed from Earth

    First grease gun I see tonight...

    Science 24 21:38

  • HP missionaries paddled over mainframe convert claims

    Big Blue in server stats spat

    Servers 24 22:05

  • The Apple Armada - Still worthy of the Jolly Roger?

    Steve gets his F

    Data Centre 24 23:00