21st November 2008 Archive

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  • Does it feel good when I twist your circuits?

    Now it does!

    Science 21 01:29

  • San Francisco enters Agassi's electric car dream

    'Just do what Shai tells us to do'

    Policy 21 01:31

  • Spammers look east after McColo shutdown

    Zombie networks likely to resurface in two weeks

    Security 21 07:02

  • Group Test: Blu-ray Disc players

    Fuel for your HD TV

    Hardware 21 09:02

  • Government still losing at least a computer a week

    Don't care, won't care

    Government 21 09:18

  • Dassault to build aerospace-factory Sims

    Gaming engines to model complex aviation projects

    Applications 21 09:53

  • HP breaks Japanese excessive packaging record

    Still destroying the planet, one big box at a time

    Bootnotes 21 09:58

  • Law firm argues links to its website abuse its trademarks

    Jones Day wrestles BlockShopper.com

    Small Biz 21 10:26

  • Brocade results are solid as a rock

    A couple of blips

    Storage 21 10:31

  • Police probe Baby P text messages and websites

    Contempt warnings

    Law 21 10:35

  • Nokia goes to tinsel town

    Hoping to make it big in the flicks

    Mobile 21 10:43

  • PM quizzed over McKinnon extradition

    Brown supports repatriation, in principle

    Law 21 10:55

  • Apple updates iPhone firmware

    Google Street view cometh

    Phones 21 11:14

  • Verizon suspends staff for ogling Obama's phone bill

    Verizon staff caught snooping

    Mobile 21 11:17

  • Promoter hunts stars for McKinnon benefit gig

    Rock against extradition

    Law 21 11:27

  • First pics of GTA: The Lost and Damned released

    Hungry for more?

    Games 21 11:37

  • Build your own Ferrari F430


    Hardware 21 11:38

  • BOFH: The unwanted software compo

    Anything for booze

    BOFH 21 11:52

  • Collaboration: A dirty word, still, for some

    So what do you think about all this social software malarkey?

    Productivity 21 12:02

  • The GUI that almost conquered the pocket

    Farewell then, UIQ

    Mobile 21 12:09

  • London Hospital back online after computer virus shutdown

    On the mend

    Security 21 12:32

  • Vote now for your top net neologism

    Asshats, f*cktards and lusers - your time has come

    Bootnotes 21 12:33

  • NASA orbiter reveals buried Martian glaciers

    Vast water ice sheets under rocky debris

    Science 21 12:50

  • Larger all-in-one desktop Eees en route?

    Two more models planned, claim sources

    Hardware 21 12:56

  • WIN a BlackBerry Storm!

    The season's hottest handset could be yours

    Phones 21 13:00

  • Sony Vaio TT slim'n'light laptop

    Small form-factor, hefty price tag

    Hardware 21 13:02

  • IT Crowd: spot Reg gear

    Third series starts tonight

    Bootnotes 21 13:27

  • DCSF reins in ContactPoint scope for police and A&E staff

    Frontline access frozen by political fears

    Government 21 13:31

  • Sony pours water on fiery Blu-ray Disc sales forecasts

    How much will punter spend on home entertainment now they're not going out as much?

    Hardware 21 13:38

  • Nominet chairman embroiled in governance row

    Seat on exec salary committee questioned

    Broadband 21 13:54

  • Enterprise storage is for the little people too

    Not the boxes, the thinking...

    Small Biz 21 13:58

  • DARPA wargamer calls for US X-Men superplane fleet

    JFK would have gone for it, Mr Obama

    Government 21 14:24

  • BBC Trust brands Manuelgate a 'deplorable intrusion'

    No sack for Ross, though

    Media 21 14:42

  • BlueSky Positioning snags Sagem

    SIM manufacturer in strategic deal with pipe dream

    Mobile 21 15:08

  • BBC Trust pulls plug on local video plans

    Fails public value test

    Media 21 15:10

  • 'Unappealing' electric cars a 'tragedy', cries Nissan chief

    Electrification shouldn't mean unappealing cars, says Ghosn

    Science 21 15:21

  • Reuters yanks reporter from Sadville

    Last one to leave, turn off the flying penis

    Bootnotes 21 15:35

  • US teen tops himself live online

    Sad end for Florida teen

    Media 21 15:47

  • Server virtualization ain't all that...

    Immature headline for immature technology?

    Infrastructure 21 15:54

  • Mobile shields man from death bullet


    Phones 21 15:59

  • Virtual servers and economic gloom boost Wyse Technology's message

    'Wyse up and toss those PCs'

    Virtualization 21 16:07

  • e-gold directors avoid jail

    Controversial money transfer service given second chance

    Security 21 17:19

  • FCC offers prison boss phone jamming help

    Operators jam the jammer

    Mobile 21 18:59

  • World hunts CherryPal cloud PC chimera

    Have you seen the 2 watt mini machine?

    Hardware 21 19:00

  • Anderson downgrades Long Tail to Chocolate Teapot status

    Metaphor swallows Man

    Media 21 19:11

  • iSuppli cuts 2009 PC growth forecast by two-thirds

    The economy's stupid

    The Channel 21 19:15

  • Terror in orbit: ISS piss recycler in fire alarm mishap

    Golden-Pond™ drinks module moistens space pants brows

    Science 21 19:51

  • Brand new Star Trek prequel pics and trailer

    What on Praxis were Paramount thinking

    Bootnotes 21 19:52

  • Virtualization and HPC - Will they ever marry?

    Imaginary-server overhead

    Virtualization 21 20:19

  • NASA celebrates return of the Zeppelin

    Eureka! We'll call it...

    Science 21 23:31