20th November 2008 Archive

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  • Medic-oriented 'Swiss Army knife' phone uncovered

    It could just save your life

    Phones 20 00:02

  • Inside Microsoft's 'New Xbox Experience'

    Look familiar?

    Media 20 00:18

  • Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime

    What price systems integration?

    Operating Systems 20 01:07

  • Congratulations, Barack — Now fix your websites

    Change? Start with security

    Security 20 01:24

  • NASA readies remodeled ISS ENose

    Smells like Endeavour team spirit

    Science 20 01:26

  • Firefox millions - only 12 per cent Google free

    Mozilla faces IRS audit over search sugar daddy

    Financial News 20 05:44

  • The madness of 'king cores

    80-core servers will add-up to nothing without hypervisors

    Virtualization 20 07:02

  • BlackBerry Javelin to spear RIM's Bold and Curve?

    The 'sharpest' BlackBerry yet?

    Mobile 20 08:02

  • Asus Eee PC S101 luxury netbook

    An Eee to truly challenge thin'n'light laptops

    Hardware 20 09:02

  • Nuke boffins plan Penguin petaflop cluster

    Linux A-bomb sim rig could go commercial

    Servers 20 10:02

  • Ballmer: We're so over Yahoo!

    We don't even want to talk about it

    Applications 20 10:25

  • Scientists ponder mysterious source of cosmic rays

    Exotic object or dark matter?

    Science 20 10:45

  • Trademark owner loses domain name claim against unauthorised reseller

    Court rules against ITT

    Small Biz 20 11:12

  • Google torches own brand Sadville

    'Lively' wasn't

    Applications 20 11:18

  • MacBook buyers bite Apple over copy protection cock-up

    DisplayPort-only direction yields iTunes playback woes

    Hardware 20 11:23

  • Beeb reprieves Xmas Top of the Pops

    'Oh I wish it could be Christmas..' etc, etc

    Bootnotes 20 11:25

  • Lords debate Climate Bill, carbon racket

    'We don't know what we're talking about'

    Science 20 11:31

  • GTA IV extra game download details emerge

    To be posted on 17 February 2009?

    Games 20 11:34

  • Cybercrooks making easy money from virtual worlds

    EU agency launches campaign

    Security 20 12:05

  • Packard Bell readies latest EasyNote

    Sexy, stylish and slim, it's claimed

    Hardware 20 12:23

  • Carbon Cult: Ban flushing toilets

    Pay per dump, and think of Gaia

    Science 20 12:31

  • The Pope predicted economic Armageddon back in 1985

    Italian pol says sub prime collapse all in the good loan book...

    Bootnotes 20 12:42

  • Capita takeover faces monopoly investigation

    Office of Fair Trading not convinced

    Applications 20 12:45

  • Formula One kinetic energy recovery rigs debut

    Off-the-shelf sets prepped for use next season

    Science 20 12:46

  • MPs declare their ignorance on the web

    If they're not ranting, they're bumbling

    Government 20 12:58

  • Enter the Dragon N96: Bruce Lee phone spied online

    Hong Kong Fooey version in pipeline?

    Phones 20 13:00

  • Logitech Squeezebox Boom wireless music player

    Small box, very big sound

    Hardware 20 13:02

  • Ofcom claims UK leads on digital communications

    Irish are the talkiest and Yanks watch most TV

    Networks 20 13:07

  • How are you future proofing your IT?

    Avoiding legacy status

    Systems 20 13:13

  • BNP list hunters bring down Wikileaks

    70 hits a second

    Law 20 13:33

  • US Army bans USB devices to contain worm

    Unfriendly fire

    Security 20 13:41

  • US, UK deploy manned unmanned aircraft to save bandwidth

    Backseaters still tolerating pilots for now

    Government 20 14:11

  • How to destroy the music business

    This will only take a second

    Media 20 14:38

  • T-Mobile leaves 300,000 disconnected

    Database corruption blamed

    Mobile 20 14:51

  • UK.gov tells domain industry to get its house in order

    Oh no! Here comes the government...

    Government 20 14:52

  • Lewis Hamilton mulls riding Virgin

    Galactic jaunt for F1 champ?

    Science 20 15:20

  • Mac-friendly external hard drives launched

    Made from planes, sort of

    Hardware 20 15:39

  • Kids blame technology for homework hand-in failures

    The dog 8 it

    Hardware 20 15:49

  • Scots vote out ID cards

    MSPs say nae, but move means naething

    Government 20 16:31

  • Heidemarie 'Toolbag' Piper set for second spacewalk

    While ISS crew hunt missing spider

    Science 20 16:32

  • Project Hyperion: A super testbed for HPC apps and hardware

    Freebie teraflops for ISVs

    Storage 20 16:50

  • Gamers voice NXE woes

    RRoD, frozen consoles and missing avatars mentioned

    Games 20 18:02

  • Sun adds Query Analyzer to MySQL

    Subscription service customers only

    Developer 20 18:06

  • SGI preps supers for future Intel chips

    To Itanium or not to Itanium

    Servers 20 18:40

  • Google - the world's first firewalled monopoly

    Pricing power goes virtual

    Financial News 20 18:42

  • Hitachi GST spots oyster, seeks HDD pearls

    Storage doesn't have to spin

    Storage 20 18:58

  • Agilistas are to architects as Neo is to...

    This is not The Matrix. But it is

    Developer 20 19:13

  • eHarmony settles over same-sex dating

    All's fair in love and court

    Bootnotes 20 20:12

  • Phisher-besieged PayPal sends users faux log-in page

    Error.com's missed opportunity

    Security 20 20:37

  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 planned for 2009

    Third beta, then release

    Applications 20 21:34

  • SGI shows off Molecule concept machine

    SC08 A dense cluster of Intel Atoms

    Servers 20 22:05

  • Regulators back Bell Canada choking indie ISP traffic

    Rented tubes should still be clear tubes

    Broadband 20 22:15

  • Dell profits take (small) hit in Q3

    Cost cutting saves the day

    Financial News 20 23:41

  • Company sues Facebook over somethingorother

    Unified, horizontal system for communications...bitch!

    Law 20 23:44