18th November 2008 Archive

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  • PETA cooks up gory game in Cooking Mama protest

    Shut the pluck up

    Games 18 00:02

  • Happy Birthday, Turing's universal machine

    Solving the unsolvable

    Science 18 00:21

  • French record labels sue, um, SourceForge

    Open source haven thumped for harboring P2P app

    Law 18 00:29

  • 25 years of Macintosh - the Apple Computer report card

    What Steve hath wrought (from A to F)

    Vintage 18 00:43

  • Jerry! Yang! to! quit! as! Yahoo! CEO!

    Board seeks new boss

    Financial News 18 02:58

  • Adobe CTO calls for JavaScript coordination

    Standards that suit

    Developer 18 04:01

  • Feds prep gov domains for net address server swap

    DNSSec rising

    Security 18 04:29

  • Gartner: open source software 'pervasive'

    Here, there, not everywhere

    Applications 18 04:45

  • Privacy watchdog issues guidance on FOI exemptions

    Tips on keeping secrets

    Law 18 07:02

  • agámi sales VP casualty finds home

    Nexsan gains from wreckage

    The Channel 18 08:02

  • Virgin Mobile Lobster 621 budget phone

    Low-end price meets mid-range feature set

    Phones 18 09:02

  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 spec finalised

    Ten times the speed of USB 2.0

    Hardware 18 09:04

  • Chips are down for Transmeta

    Silicon Valley darling sold

    Hardware 18 09:23

  • Adobe, profs working on web time-machine app

    'Zoetrope' travels into distant past 1990s

    Applications 18 09:55

  • Roachzilla menaces Florida

    Lizard owners fingered for monster cockroach threat

    Science 18 10:01

  • NASA images LA wildfires

    Aqua satellite in smoke detector mode

    Science 18 10:12

  • Intel Core i7 'Nehalem' CPUs go on sale

    Old-gen 'energy efficient' quad-cores coming

    Hardware 18 10:47

  • Apple releases MacBook trackpad fix

    No more unrecognised glass-trackpad taps?

    Hardware 18 10:54

  • Carphone Warehouse plans for split after pre-tax loss

    Sprawling company still in 'good shape'

    Mobile 18 11:02

  • Kim Kardashian in Miami beachslapping

    Shift your arse, love, we're trying to work here

    Bootnotes 18 11:04

  • The Long Fail: Web 2.0's faith meets the facts

    Hope is all you need

    Media 18 11:13

  • Capita goes hunting in economic gloom

    Plans to gobble up those less fortunate than itself

    The Channel 18 11:28

  • SSH sniffer attack poses minor risk

    Shadow of a doubt

    Security 18 11:31

  • Smut email hubby claims iPhone glitch

    Lewd snap 'accidentally' attached

    Bootnotes 18 11:56

  • British pilots ramp up opposition to ID cards

    'Unfair' plan could prompt strike action

    Government 18 12:15

  • MPs grill BBC heads over Manuelgate

    'A very serious editorial lapse', admits director general

    Media 18 12:23

  • Mobile phones will 'cut off' Al Qaeda

    US puts faith in mobe-issued boarding passes

    Government 18 12:34

  • First self-inflicted identity donor cards to ship in late 2009

    Criminal Records chief takes charge of rollout

    Government 18 12:56

  • Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 dual-GPU graphics card

    One card, two very fast graphics chips

    Hardware 18 13:02

  • Microsoft rolls out online Exchange and Sharepoint for the US

    Just dollars a user a month

    Applications 18 13:04

  • Palin webmail 'hack' trial delayed

    Time-out for computer forensics

    Security 18 13:16

  • EC slams national cybercrime responses as inadequate

    Super regulator back on the agenda?

    Security 18 13:30

  • Christmas NXE comes early

    Preview program punters given update first

    Games 18 13:48

  • Kodak sues LG, Samsung over camera patents

    Let the fight begin

    Hardware 18 13:53

  • HP beats street on Q4 but reins in Q1 outlook

    Uncommon currency hurts revs

    Financial News 18 14:24

  • BNP membership list leaks online

    Rightwingers left exposed

    Security 18 14:31

  • Mobe firm gives birth to pair of kid tracking phones

    I can't sleep without Teddy Phone

    Mobile 18 14:50

  • InfiniBand and 10GbE break data centre gridlock

    Bandwidth bonanza in the data centre

    Servers 18 15:06

  • DARPA seeks 'Machine Reading' AI auto-analysis bot

    Human analysts' unanimous view - it'll never work

    Government 18 15:14

  • Endeavour pair prep for ISS spacewalk

    First mission STS-126 EVA this afternoon

    Science 18 15:37

  • Wacky Jacqui's £12bn gIMP could be unleashed by 2012

    But 'nothing decided' on comms überdatabase, says Home Office

    Government 18 16:04

  • PC virus forces three London hospitals into computer shutdown

    Too used to the other sort

    Security 18 16:10

  • Lord Ahmed faces dangerous driving charge

    Investigation centred on text message sent before crash

    Law 18 16:14

  • iPhone backup battery case launched

    To protect and charge

    Hardware 18 16:27

  • World needs mobile phone wallets, cries trade body

    Near-Field Comms standardisation required

    Mobile 18 16:30

  • Big Apple's Times Square gets eco-billboard

    Solar and wind power used

    Hardware 18 16:59

  • Chrysler: the future's bright, the future's electric

    More ZEOs, fewer Peapods, please

    Science 18 17:05

  • NXE fans tempted with refurb Xbox HDD offer

    Old drives, new uses

    Games 18 17:06

  • EMC launches Data Protection Advisor

    Tape backup not enough

    Storage 18 17:43

  • Tron sequel already in production

    Arguably the most long overdue sequel ever

    Bootnotes 18 17:45

  • Intel celebrates Core i7 launch with Dell and Gateway

    San Francisco shindig

    Hardware 18 18:42

  • Michael Dell heralds supercomputing fourth wave

    Just like the third wave - with more marketing

    Servers 18 19:10

  • Visual Studio 2010 - reading the Redmond runes

    Big release, big Windows tie in

    Developer 18 19:44

  • Dead network provider arms Rustock botnet from the hereafter

    McColo dials Russia as world sleeps

    Security 18 20:13

  • Sun measures HPC backorders in petaflops

    Layoffs? Let's talk new iron

    Servers 18 21:06

  • Adobe's Flex Builder to woo Microsoft C# developers

    RIA lipstick wars

    Developer 18 22:06

  • Apple rescinds version change App Store ban

    Jobsian caprice smiles on CastCatcher

    Mobile 18 22:08

  • Feds shutter one-stop stalker shop

    'Spy on anyone from anywhere'

    Security 18 22:16

  • Amazon's cloud spreads into content delivery

    Pay-as-you-go caching

    Developer 18 22:22

  • Victoria & Albert overwhelms museum SAN

    We are not amused

    Storage 18 22:34