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Judge: No cryptographic hash analysis without warrant

In a case that could have important implications for law enforcement investigations throughout the US, a federal judge has ruled that the cryptographic fingerprinting of suspects' hard drives constitutes a search for purposes of the Constitution.
Dan Goodin, 15 Nov 2008

Online identity card scheme aims to remove password headaches

Credit reference agency Equifax has launched an online identity card scheme that aims to reduce consumer security and password headaches.
John Leyden, 15 Nov 2008

Reg readers in Firefox 3 lovefest

Mozilla’s open-source Firefox browser accounts for 20 per cent of the worldwide browser market. So there’s no doubt Reg readers are outside the norm.
Cade Metz, 15 Nov 2008

Brit couple divorce over Sadville infidelity

A British woman is divorcing her husband after catching his Second Life avatar having cybersex with other virtual women.
Austin Modine, 15 Nov 2008

Endeavour launch heralds new dawn for piss-drinking

Space shuttle Endeavour safely blasted off from Kennedy Space Center this evening, delivering extra living space for the International Space Station and the promise of cold, refreshing recycled urine on tap.
Austin Modine, 15 Nov 2008

When you sneeze, does Google tell the Feds?

When unveiling its search-data-driven Flu Trends modeler earlier this week, Google insisted it could never be used to identify the web habits of individual people. Flu Trends, the company said, uses nothing but "anonymized" data.
Cade Metz, 15 Nov 2008

Philips Aurea II 42PFL9903H 42in LCD TV

ReviewHow in-your-face do you want your TV to be? Why not try one with a frame that lights up? This is not just Philips' Ambilight effect, this is second-gen Aurea, where the frame sprays multiple colours at you from the front too.
David Phelan, 15 Nov 2008

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