14th November 2008 Archive

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  • Sun pimps out OpenOffice as Microsoft 'clarifies' Office for web

    Under the influence

    Applications 14 00:29

  • Time to reject traditional database techniques?

    'Big' data and the BI challenge

    Developer 14 00:39

  • Google crowbars search money machine into YouTube

    Buy your way to the top

    Media 14 00:39

  • eBay bans sale of Obama inauguration tickets

    The revolution will not be auctioned

    Media 14 00:46

  • Watchdogs decry Kentucky's 141-site net casino land grab

    Today, gambling sites. Tomorrow...

    Law 14 01:12

  • Nuke plant reborn as 'green' data center

    Server-plutonium swap

    Servers 14 05:47

  • 3 pledges 14.4Mb/s HSDPA in 2010

    Upload speeds to be upped to 5.7Mb/s

    Broadband 14 07:02

  • Ofcom's pilot starts seeing signs

    First spectrum map of the UK

    Mobile 14 08:02

  • Samsung ML-1630W wireless network mono laser printer

    A great-looking printer that's quick and quiet

    Hardware 14 09:02

  • Capita gets £60m deal to merge NHS websites

    Stand by for nasal congestion charges

    Policy 14 10:01

  • DoS and distributed hacking tools finally criminalised

    Computer Misuse Act updated

    Security 14 10:27

  • Logica jacks ups full year estimates

    Still cautious and still cutting costs

    The Channel 14 10:29

  • AMD readies 'Yukon' for netbook gold rush

    Roadmap for mini-laptops revealed

    Hardware 14 10:34

  • Guns N' Roses blogger to walk

    Noises in head punishment enough?

    Media 14 10:54

  • Google to launch iPhone voice search app

    'How can I unlock this phone?'

    Phones 14 11:05

  • MoD seeks 'budding Qs' in SME engagement push

    Pops open porkbarrel small tin of spam

    Small Biz 14 11:13

  • AMD 'Fusion' CPUs slip to 2011, roadmap reveals

    More GPU-less CPUs coming in the meantime

    Hardware 14 11:14

  • Tens of thousands of kids need to be protected from ContactPoint users

    So says UK.gov

    Government 14 11:25

  • Judge says tech-addled jurors undermine justice

    12 googled men and true

    Law 14 11:47

  • Shoden takes lego approach to de-duped mainframe VTL

    SI builds acronym edifice

    The Channel 14 11:52

  • Piaggio MP3 to beat Chevy Volt to plug-on mass production


    Science 14 11:53

  • BOFH: The paperless cafeteria

    A movement builds

    BOFH 14 11:59

  • Tory MP smacks Labour about the balls

    Thinking of England at every stroke

    Government 14 12:35

  • India draws up own Google Earth plan

    Space programme spin-off

    Bootnotes 14 12:37

  • Half Life hacker refused FBI sting bait

    German cracker now faces US DDoS-for-hire charges

    Security 14 12:41

  • Sweden judges back Pirate Hunter Act

    But government sailing against the tide

    Law 14 12:44

  • HTC Touch HD Windows Mobile smartphone

    Beautiful big screen

    Phones 14 13:02

  • NASA's CO2-scan sat arrives at launch site

    Two year atmo-mapping mission to get facts on carbon cycle

    Science 14 13:07

  • Warrington first to get Virgin Media 50Mb/s

    Free two-month trial for 200 punters

    Broadband 14 13:08

  • IQstor claims highest-density drive array

    Is there room for another drive array manufacturer?

    Storage 14 13:16

  • Reg Reader 'bitch of a survey' transformed into beautiful webcast

    Building applications for the 21st century

    Reg Technology Panel 14 13:52

  • FTC sues internet 'loan sharks' for deceptive lending

    Accused of'abusive and deceptive' collection tactics

    Law 14 13:57

  • Auntie Beeb's amazing, evolving, ID card stories

    Rewriting history as it happens...

    Media 14 14:11

  • 'Ruggedised, weaponised' raygun modules now on sale

    FIRESTRIKE™: still too heavy for the average shark

    Science 14 14:19

  • Sony unveils 12Mp cameraphone sensor

    Portable photography, pimped

    Hardware 14 14:22

  • Sun slashes up to 6,000 jobs

    Something's got to give - and it did

    Data Centre 14 14:49

  • Nominet top brass reject resignation call

    And deny calling in Mandelson

    Broadband 14 15:04

  • Hubble snaps planet orbiting distant star

    First visible-light image of gravitationally-bound world

    Science 14 15:07

  • US Dept of Agriculture rubbishes Amish anti-RFID push

    'Buttons are proud and vain, not plain'

    Broadband 14 15:40

  • Obama names techies to transition squad

    Not all bankers and lawyers

    Government 14 15:50

  • Yes! It's the GPS game!

    GPS gives loners new lease of life

    Science 14 15:56

  • Northamber confirms channel of misery

    Who'd be a distie?

    The Channel 14 16:28

  • India plants flag on Moon

    'Impact probe' crash lands to glory

    Science 14 16:55

  • Lenovo pitches passcode-protected external hard drive

    No number, no data

    Hardware 14 17:29

  • Adobe proposes open access to app stores

    Operators scramble for a piece of the pie

    Mobile 14 18:07

  • AVG slaps Trojan label on Adobe Flash

    Third false alarm follows upgrade offer

    Security 14 18:13

  • Clearwire looks to white space for savings

    New network approved, needs paying for

    Broadband 14 18:26

  • Spare Backup signs Carphone Warehouse

    Laptop cloud backup

    Storage 14 18:31

  • Still sending naked email? Get your protection here

    Buckle your seatbelt, encrypt your bits

    Security 14 20:22

  • Microsoft nobbled ‘Vista-Capable’ for Intel

    Unlocked court papers show email trail

    Operating Systems 14 21:25

  • Obama inaugurates YouTube-side chats

    'Good evening, friends, Tron guy, Star Wars kid, sneezing panda...'

    Media 14 21:38

  • Papermaster countersues IBM over Apple gig

    'Your chip secrets are safe with me'

    Hardware 14 23:15