13th November 2008 Archive

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  • Dell CTO Kevin Kettler to step down in January

    'A personal decision,' claims company

    Hardware 13 00:29

  • Maradona rubbed from Yahoo! web by Argentinian judge

    World Cup cheat unsearchable

    Media 13 00:57

  • MS dreams big as IE 6 for Windows Mobile nears

    Steve, don't do it!

    Mobile 13 01:18

  • AMD buys (a little) breathing room with Shanghai

    Quad-core Opterons just in time for IT recession

    Hardware 13 05:02

  • ICANN to terminate notorious registrar's credentials after all

    ICANN, I might, I did

    Security 13 05:04

  • Apple bans iPhone app for changing version number

    Censorship needs no logic

    Mobile 13 06:10

  • Shure SE102 sound-isolating earphones

    Shure quality without breaking the bank

    Hardware 13 09:02

  • BT waves goodbye to 10,000 temps and permies

    Global Services blamed

    Financial News 13 09:32

  • Intel shocks with profit warning

    Ask not for whom the bellwether tolls

    The Channel 13 09:53

  • CBI calls for UK lo-carb tech spend 'equal to weapons'

    Nuclear power stations, not nuclear bombs

    Government 13 10:00

  • MoJ cancels tender for prison mobe detectors

    Fails to find suitable provider

    Law 13 10:11

  • Texas cop tasers himself

    Law enforcement fail caught on camera

    Bootnotes 13 10:15

  • Carbon Fibre MacBook Air to waft in soon?

    Aluminium alternative?

    Hardware 13 10:19

  • Mobe number middleman turns old sims into gold

    Pulls cash from the back of your drawers

    Mobile 13 10:50

  • Brits allowed in to OLPC's 'give one, get one' scheme

    XO donation scheme to restart next week

    Hardware 13 10:51

  • Ancient Rome rises on Google Earth

    3D model travels back to 320AD

    Applications 13 10:52

  • Firefox update fixes four critical flaws

    Laggard 2.x users urged to upgrade

    Applications 13 11:32

  • HTC unwraps 'world's first' WiMax, Wi-Fi phone in Russia

    Max 4G on Yota debuts

    Mobile 13 11:41

  • Distrust means cop databases suffer arrested development

    EU and Lords highlight hurdles

    Law 13 11:43

  • NetApp peers into the economic gloom

    Foggy vision

    Storage 13 11:45

  • Euro court blocks Lego trademark bid

    Just a bunch of stupid bricks...

    Law 13 11:54

  • Tragic Twitterers tweet goodbye to family life

    New Media: It's in your ear

    Media 13 12:02

  • Express Scripts posts $1m reward to net cyber-extortionists

    Prescription processing firm wants posse

    Security 13 12:02

  • Microsoft gives Windows Live launch a Web 2.0 scrub-up

    Wants to sync with customers' digital lives

    Applications 13 12:16

  • ARM to fuel netbook, internet gadget drive with Ubuntu

    Canonical to port its Linux to ARMv7

    Operating Systems 13 12:23

  • Nominet director quits over boardroom rift

    Players square up in battle for .uk

    Broadband 13 12:31

  • CRB database wrongly labels thousands as criminals

    Criminal records four times worse than thought

    Government 13 12:34

  • Royal Society of Chemistry defines perfect Yorkshire pud

    Distraught cooks offered recipe for success

    Science 13 12:47

  • Qualcomm pitches 'PC alternative' nettop, netbook reference design

    Kayak is Atom alternative too

    Hardware 13 12:55

  • Sony Walkman NWZ-E436F music and video player

    Budget iPod Nano beater

    Hardware 13 13:02

  • Telecoms switchers baffled by pricing info, say MPs

    In the dark over true costs

    Broadband 13 13:04

  • McLaren teams up with chip firm for F1 hybrid tech

    One KERS

    Science 13 13:21

  • Retro piracy - Should the Royal Navy kick arse?

    Tackling the freebooters of the 'Gate of Tears'

    Government 13 13:53

  • WiMAX gets a handset, but no free ride for evolution

    ITU holds timing and frequency to be different things

    Mobile 13 14:02

  • World's first AI birth achieved using frozen rhino sperm

    Horny Colchester perissodactyl in Budapest triumph

    Science 13 14:24

  • DiData ups revs and profits

    Word of warning on future though

    The Channel 13 14:30

  • 3 launches Facebook phone

    "Quentin is on the train"

    Phones 13 15:00

  • 'UK workers bear brunt of global HP job losses': Unite

    EDS Blighty staff take it on the chin

    The Channel 13 15:09

  • Console modders banned from Xbox Live

    Thou shalt not unscrew thy Xbox 360

    Games 13 15:09

  • Over-feeding phishers struggle to make ends meet

    Microsoft duo question easy money 'myth'

    Security 13 15:19

  • Microsoft spreads $1bn R&D love in China

    Why make trillions when we can make... BILLIONS?

    Financial News 13 15:28

  • Endeavour crew set for ISS gig

    Shuttle launch tomorrow

    Science 13 15:35

  • Advertisers should speak up on where Yahoo assets should be

    The problem of anti-trustness

    Financial News 13 16:02

  • Elite server makers open up for Shanghai Opterons

    Upgrading is a snap - selling servers, not so easy

    Servers 13 16:58

  • Net pharmacies raided in nine countries

    Takedown targets unlicensed penis pill pushers

    Security 13 18:44

  • DARPA: Self-repairing, learning kill-robot tech is go

    Beware, aware 'ware!

    Science 13 18:44

  • Intel rallies rivals on parallel programming education

    Sequential is so over

    Developer 13 18:47

  • Drug dealing sysadmin cops to hacking and burglary offences

    Faces six to 12 stretch

    Security 13 18:50

  • Cisco battles Meltdown with mobile and video

    Pushes into wireless

    Data Networking 13 19:03

  • IBM employee poaching suit hypes Apple

    'The Powermaster must be stopped'

    Law 13 19:14

  • Google shares plummet past $300, reach three year low

    Wall Street ignorant of Mountain View money machine

    Media 13 19:20

  • Attorneys for Palin email hacker: 'Don't call him hacker'

    The semantics of electronic intrusion

    Security 13 20:00

  • Wii whacked with patent infringement claim - again

    Remote and Nunchuck at center of row

    Games 13 21:07

  • Microsoft bets future on search bribery

    Explaining the inexplicable

    Media 13 21:19

  • Microsoft: 'Patents are gibberish - unless you're a patent lawyer'

    Ignorance is bliss

    Law 13 22:06