12th November 2008 Archive

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  • HPC data center glory? It's in the game

    Everything but the homicidal IT admin

    Bootnotes 12 00:09

  • Anal whitening biz drops one million clams for Vibrators.com

    'We draw the line at porn'

    Bootnotes 12 00:11

  • Netizens sue NebuAd, data pimping ISPs

    More woe for American Phorm

    Broadband 12 02:37

  • US lost Cold War bomb under Greenland ice

    Dude, where's my nuke?

    Science 12 02:38

  • Quickoffice is iPhone bound

    But no doc editing until next year

    Mobile 12 05:24

  • Shrinking primary databases

    Clear out the redundant data to make clear space

    Storage 12 07:02

  • Polaroid PoGo handheld colour printer

    Instant (almost) snaps from your digicam or phone

    Hardware 12 09:02

  • US Forces offer soundtrack-search 'TroopTube'

    World War 2.0

    Government 12 09:42

  • Mankind to detect alien life 'by 2025'

    SETI astronomer sticks his neck out

    Science 12 10:00

  • Aircraft boneyard gets tagged

    RFID, but not as you know it

    Government 12 10:12

  • ISP boss pledges to undermine Great Aussie Firewall

    Stupid plan is stupid

    Government 12 10:37

  • Boffins plan Titanic balloon trip

    Floating insights into Saturnian moon

    Science 12 10:45

  • Analysts forecast gloomy season for PC biz

    Demand in decline

    Hardware 12 11:03

  • Comfy keyboard launched for Mac users' fingers

    Hardware 12 11:05

  • Nokia E63 smartphone to separate work, play

    Balancing act

    Mobile 12 11:14

  • Building 21st century applications

    Reg readers reveal all

    Reg Technology Panel 12 11:20

  • DHS robotic airport missile-patrol plan to be shelved

    Droid dazzler overwatch ploy too pricey

    Government 12 11:24

  • Flip pocket camcorder goes HD

    Hardware 12 11:32

  • Working under a cloud

    CI Net deploys 5.8GHz in Newmarket

    Broadband 12 11:36

  • Doctors' authorities probe suspension of mucky-mouthed medic

    GMC investigates alleged abuse of power

    Law 12 11:51

  • Date set for Jatropha Jumbo biofuel-2.0 test flight

    Misery-free oily nut juice to power Kiwi 747

    Science 12 12:00

  • BudBuds, for best buds only

    Totally bizzare

    Hardware 12 12:05

  • Philips pops out the drug packing iPill

    Take one of these computers with a glass of water

    Science 12 12:07

  • Microsoft insists Hotmail redesign hasn't left users out in the cold

    Put up and shut up

    Applications 12 12:27

  • Starlust: love, hate and celebrity fantasies

    Obscenity law stops fans thinking Aloud

    Law 12 12:27

  • MS patch Tuesday includes fix for seven-year old itch

    Better late than never

    Security 12 12:31

  • AMD's 'Bobcat' to leap out and claw Intel's Atom tomorrow?

    Netbook CPU strategy due to be detailed

    Hardware 12 12:43

  • GooFlu searches for sickness

    Google tells you when to get sick

    Science 12 13:01

  • T-Mobile G1

    Operating System 1, Hardware 0

    Mobile 12 13:02

  • UK's 'secure' child protection database will be open to one million

    Government underestimates, under pressure

    Government 12 13:08

  • Google adds audio, video tools to Gmail

    Intros yet another installable app

    Applications 12 13:13

  • How the gov's child protection database fails to add up

    Risk-averse authorities likely to treble access

    Government 12 13:14

  • Co-op IT workers vote to strike

    No to job losses, offshoring

    Management 12 13:17

  • Arizona boffins get a grip on their newly-fat pipe

    'Dark fibre' equivalent to 700 HD smut channels

    Bootnotes 12 13:24

  • Sun market cap slips below $3bn

    Shareholder value getting further and further away.

    Servers 12 13:35

  • Nissan to debut anti-prang tech next week

    Collision Damage Waivers a thing of the past?

    Science 12 13:53

  • Seagate polishes mirrored drive, backup service for SMEs

    Real-time and remote services and RAID 1 Maxtor box

    Servers 12 13:54

  • Motorola pours out cocktail phone

    Know your limit

    Phones 12 14:14

  • Text messaging helps kids fight the flab - study


    Mobile 12 15:02

  • DNS inventor blames wrangling for insecure interweb

    Mockapetris slams 10 years of 'political and technical dithering'

    Security 12 15:16

  • Geeks whup Marine ass in Call Of Duty 5

    But military fights back in vid game debut bloodbath

    Bootnotes 12 15:25

  • Broadband speed testers fail the test

    Virgin Media dishes out solitary gold star

    Data Networking 12 15:32

  • Carphone Warehouse denies mass Linux Webbook recall

    Ditched open source OS for XP ages ago

    Hardware 12 15:57

  • Content filtering firms merge to fight the big boys

    Marshal8e6 mashed up

    Security 12 16:04

  • Nokia Siemens Networks in 'synergy-related headcount restructuring'

    9,000 culled to the sound of whalesong

    Bootnotes 12 16:46

  • Microsoft woos small biz world with new server bundles

    Sizing up the little guy

    Servers 12 17:04

  • SMBs split on tech spending plans

    IT glass half empty, half full

    Small Biz 12 17:52

  • Itchy City wants scratch-window cash

    Reckons yoofs will pay for mobile search

    Mobile 12 18:01

  • IDC slashes 2009 global IT projections

    The US is a drag, man

    Financial News 12 18:50

  • Net provider accused of coddling crooks yanked offline

    Spam volumes plummet

    Security 12 19:23

  • Republicans adopt 'Gore's internet' for grassroots salvation

    Resurrect 'the great communicator'

    Media 12 19:27

  • Best Buy sheds lost revenue tears, shares holiday fears

    Too many people only want their two front teeth

    The Channel 12 19:49

  • Why clouds should be more like operating systems

    Best things come in small management packages

    Developer 12 21:09

  • LCD makers to pay $585m for price-fixing conspiracy

    Cartel burned Dell, Apple, Motorola

    Law 12 21:13

  • Batman sues Batman over Batman

    'There is only one Batman in the world'

    Media 12 22:25