11th November 2008 Archive

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  • HP missionaries convert 250+ mainframe shops

    Have you seen the Itanium light?

    Servers 11 00:04

  • Denial, exposure and online security

    Five top tips

    Developer 11 00:24

  • VMware launches someone else's mobile hypervisor

    It takes two to Trango

    Mobile 11 02:20

  • Vintage IBM tape drive in Apollo moon dust rescue

    40-year-old data recovery

    Vintage 11 06:37

  • SpringSource buys Groovy and Grails specialist

    Java meets dynamic languages

    Developer 11 06:40

  • Reding maps out mini-super-regulator

    Trial sized

    Broadband 11 07:02

  • Open source fanciers finger Beeb's Win 7 'sales presentation'

    Takes a dig at the Rory and Rob show

    Operating Systems 11 07:02

  • Hauppauge myTV Pocket Freeview PMP

    Media player with built-in digital telly tuner

    Hardware 11 09:02

  • Mars lander has probably carked it, says NASA

    Phoenix robot won't rise again

    Science 11 09:22

  • Law Commissions want to keep UK consumers' refund rights

    Slam European Commission's actions

    The Channel 11 09:58

  • Hitachi touts greenest 500GB laptop hard drive

    Very secure too, apparently

    Hardware 11 10:45

  • Banks to share data on promiscuity

    Clamp down on over-exposed 'credit tarts' to follow

    Financial News 11 10:47

  • Dutch plan 'Energy Island'

    Dyke ring 'leccy pumpage to smooth bursty wind

    Science 11 10:53

  • US Navy hacker avoids Romanian jail

    Sharp contrast with McKinnon extradition saga

    Security 11 10:59

  • Vodafone tightens belt by £1bn

    Plans to exploit the less exploitative customer

    Mobile 11 11:20

  • Half of Brits abuse apostrophe's

    Cant tell they're it's from their elbow's

    Bootnotes 11 11:21

  • Intel intros hi-tech digital doctor

    Is there a Core 2 Duo in the house?

    Hardware 11 11:23

  • Digicam gift card launched

    Gift card that takes pictures

    Hardware 11 11:26

  • Company That Can't Be Named slams critics

    Twitter ye not

    Broadband 11 11:31

  • 'Jaguar' Cray hypercomputer beats 1.3 petaflops

    World's fastest machine not working on atom bombs

    Servers 11 11:39

  • Panasonic to buy Sanyo?

    Firms enter into talks

    Hardware 11 11:43

  • China to offer detox to net junkies

    Recognises addiction as 'clinical disease'

    Bootnotes 11 12:00

  • DARPA inks $2m deal for vat-grown artificial blood tech

    'Blood pharming' to replace US troops' spilt claret

    Science 11 12:12

  • Blogger to plead guilty for Guns N' Roses leak?

    November rains on cuffed US man

    Media 11 12:17

  • Modem maker to supply white-box Android smartphones

    Huawei goes Google

    Mobile 11 12:18

  • The US and the impossible green revolution

    A dream beached by the economy

    Government 11 12:23

  • DNA convictions fall as database doubles in size

    Magic database finds 0.36% of crimes

    Law 11 12:30

  • AVG slaps Trojan label on core Windows file

    Second false alarm creates consternation

    Security 11 12:36

  • World's ugliest mutt pops paws

    RIP, three-legged, one-eyed hound of hell

    Bootnotes 11 12:41

  • Quantum finds UK customers reluctant to buy

    Longer sales cycles and cheaper kit wanted

    The Channel 11 12:46

  • Boffin finds gene for coke addiction

    Boring sniffler? It's not your fault

    Science 11 12:52

  • LG Renoir eight-megapixel cameraphone

    Serious alternative to the you-know-what

    Phones 11 13:02

  • Parallels opens Windows on the Mac desktop

    Mix'n'match OS for Intel-based cross dressers

    Virtualization 11 13:25

  • US senator demands clamp down on Obama ticket touting

    Make inauguration an e-commerce free zone

    Government 11 13:36

  • US spec-ops get robot whispercopter kill fleet this month

    Droid choppers can also carry passengers

    Government 11 13:51

  • Ofcom exempts road users

    But only if they're saving lives

    Mobile 11 13:53

  • Lads from Lagos target Facebook

    Beware 'friends' bearing begging bowl

    Security 11 13:59

  • Geek gets Blackberry Storm tattoo

    For the love of...

    Phones 11 14:14

  • Targeted attacks to add to ISP woes

    As if brute-force DDoS assaults weren't enough

    Security 11 14:18

  • Nokia seeks helpers for real-time traffic survey

    Finnish phone maker wants you... and your mobile

    Science 11 14:41

  • Agassi: free electric car, anyone?

    Unlikely to be a Tesla

    Science 11 15:15

  • German boffins plan frictionless liquid crystal lubricant

    'Sliding rod' slips in easily with right orientation

    Science 11 15:23

  • Grand Theft Auto creator prevails in strip-club clash

    Virtual venue doesn't infringe real one's trademark

    Games 11 15:38

  • Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'

    Locking down garage...and RnB, basement

    Law 11 15:43

  • UK lists preferred occupations for immigrants

    Bring us your huddled fish filleters

    Small Biz 11 15:46

  • Farmers demand 'special' climate deal for flatulent cattle

    'Limited in how much they can cut emissions'

    Science 11 16:02

  • Love bug worm inspires Asian film

    Chick flick with computer viruses. Sounds truly dire

    Bootnotes 11 16:26

  • Hotmail holdouts grumble about 'pathetic' new interface

    MS scrambles to fix distorted views

    Applications 11 16:38

  • Amazon UK pulls Scientology exposé for 'legal reasons'

    Silences former member of church's 'secret army'

    Media 11 17:48

  • F5 Q4 revenues up, income down

    Pulls Acopia out of the dumps

    Storage 11 18:00

  • IBM slashes chip animation, new server prices

    'Please spend now. Not later'

    Servers 11 18:07

  • Judge OKs lawsuits seeking Dubya's lost email

    225 days of missing messages

    Law 11 18:14

  • Virgin Media wields mighty jobs axe

    Waves goodbye (but not yet) to 2,200 staff

    Broadband 11 18:19

  • Mac Parallels goes fourth

    Faster and slicker Windows-on-Mac

    Hardware 11 18:21

  • Microsoft rethinks open source CodePlex site

    Devil, meet details...

    Developer 11 19:20

  • Microsoft ups search engine bribe

    Extends exercise in futility

    Media 11 21:27

  • IBM Lotus preps small biz software appliance

    Domino, Symphony, idiot-proofing

    Servers 11 21:59

  • Ode to the Phoenix Mars Lander

    In your last dying throes/observed that it snows

    Bootnotes 11 22:07

  • Microsoft marks Windows' anniversary with Windows 7

    Big, dumb icons

    Operating Systems 11 22:40