7th November 2008 Archive

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  • Apple opens Macbook front in iPhone jailbreak war

    OK, we're baffled

    Hardware 07 01:22

  • Panasonic closes in on Sanyo

    Lithium-ion power play

    Business 07 01:27

  • North Korea photoshops stroke from Kim Jong Il

    Pixelated communist chief in shadow snafu

    Government 07 01:34

  • Microsoft talks big on Windows and SQL Server

    Hot hardware

    Operating Systems 07 01:40

  • MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head

    Strumpet gag a 'dismissible offence'

    Bootnotes 07 06:02

  • Unisys, SGI - canaries in the coal mines

    Quarterly profits a mixed bag

    Financial News 07 07:36

  • The secret sauce in SanDisk's ExtremeFFS

    Shortcuts the read-modify-write cycle

    Hardware 07 08:02

  • Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Bluetooth stereo headphones

    Wireless earphones the way they should be

    Hardware 07 09:02

  • Doormen's database boss goes

    Bouncers' bouncer bounced

    Government 07 09:23

  • Clothing designer stitches together fisheye camera

    Paul Smith does photography

    Hardware 07 09:43

  • Elon Musk's SpaceX offers non-ISS spaceship

    Cutting NASA's apron strings?

    Science 07 09:47

  • GPS phones threaten satnavs sales, says analyst

    Analyst predicts GPS smartphone takeover

    Mobile 07 09:54

  • Bloggers getting bigger and messier

    But not in the way you think...

    Media 07 10:02

  • Ofcom urges government restraint on new broadband

    'Hands off!'

    Broadband 07 10:19

  • McKinnon suffers further legal setback in extradition fight

    Fight continues as legal options dry up

    Law 07 10:49

  • Passport and ID card price hike laundered via private sector

    High Street enrollment adds £20–40 to tab

    Government 07 11:05

  • Serial commentard vents steam through ears

    Aaron Kempf ♥ Sarah Palin — True

    Letters 07 11:08

  • Lightning to thunder with speed-creep beating V8 roar

    Aural reference for driver

    Science 07 11:14

  • T-Mobile issues 5610 XpressMusic display alert

    Phone's screen may go blank

    Phones 07 11:32

  • Gadget Show competition spews text spam

    At £1.50 a pop

    Bootnotes 07 11:36

  • BBC has newsgasm over Obama's dog

    Goldendoodle or pitbull? Hmmm...

    Bootnotes 07 12:00

  • The Platform and Operations Monster Survey

    Step up, brave souls, and win Reg goodies

    Reg Technology Panel 07 12:11

  • BOFH: Taking out a contract

    Less is not actually Moore

    BOFH 07 12:21

  • Webcast quango: One-third of UK teachers are creationists

    Teachers may be silly: Gov mediacrats, sillier

    Science 07 12:24

  • Orange readies free HSDPA-integrating Eee PC deal

    Hardware 07 12:34

  • Azure, Windows 7 and it's OK for MS to hate Vista, too

    The lowdown from Microsoft's PDC

    Microbite 07 12:41

  • MySpace CEO: no own-brand MP3 player just yet

    But the company's considering it

    Media 07 12:42

  • Hotmail users bitch and moan about new interface

    Change not always a good thing

    Applications 07 12:57

  • Toshiba launches three-GPU, four-core laptop

    Hardware 07 13:00

  • Handheld games console three-way shoot-out

    PSP vs DS vs… iPod Touch

    Games 07 13:02

  • Chopping the Long Tail down to size

    Wired's advice could seriously damage your business

    Media 07 13:07

  • MPs (finally) debate cybercrime

    Steep learning curve

    Security 07 13:25

  • Honda debuts groin-clutching walker exoskeleton

    Bot-bot offers crouch/cringe mode for car workers

    Science 07 14:03

  • Lenovo profits disappear

    Blames world economy, US, itself

    The Channel 07 14:15

  • Lib Dem stripogram councillor quits politics

    Finally shafted by Devon two Inches

    Bootnotes 07 14:18

  • AT&T ups Wi-Fi ante with Wayport acquisition

    20,000 hotspots at home, 80,000 worldwide

    Broadband 07 14:53

  • Preventive policing? Don't even think about it

    Police 'randomly searching every fifth person'

    Law 07 15:17

  • Swedish transsexuals offered prosthetic todgers

    All well and good, but no wood

    Bootnotes 07 15:23

  • UK.gov has no idea how much WEEE ends up in landfill

    True green love weighs a tonne

    The Channel 07 15:42

  • Sony Ericsson readies Walkman slider

    The latest in a long line

    Phones 07 15:43

  • Tomy, Zink launch camera with built-in printer

    Snap and print on the go

    Hardware 07 15:56

  • White House network pwned 'multiple' times by Chinese

    'It is not as if they have continued access...'

    Security 07 15:56

  • Wi-Fi phobes hijack disability legislation

    We're disabled, really, we are!

    Financial News 07 15:57

  • America sacks 240,000 in October

    IT starts taking hits, but also adds jobs

    Financial News 07 16:06

  • Copper propositioned woman while 'on the job'

    Pints all round for the Sky News cheap gag department

    Bootnotes 07 16:07

  • iPhone passcode blocks everything - except phone calls

    Easy as 0000

    Mobile 07 17:00

  • Grand Theft Auto obsessive jailed for sex attacks

    Games 07 17:14

  • Honda's latest wacky walker stetches its legs

    Take the strain out of walking

    Hardware 07 17:48

  • Eclipse kills open-source SOA projects

    After the hype, the hurt

    Developer 07 19:13

  • Yahoo! shares tumble as Ballmer shuts coffin on Microhoo

    Redmond supremo unfazed by yin Yang

    Financial News 07 19:14

  • Miscreants hijacking machines via (freshly patched) Adobe flaw

    Is yours next?

    Security 07 19:19

  • AT&T cops to Jesus Phone-as-modem app

    Eat your heart out, NetShare

    Mobile 07 21:43

  • First Amendment rescues Grand Theft Auto's 'totally nude' strip club

    Video games and titty bars - 'not like love and marriage'

    Law 07 22:25

  • PC maker Micron MPC files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

    Source: Replacement parts frozen

    The Channel 07 23:32