6th November 2008 Archive

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  • Fifty years later, steam appears on British railway

    No. 60163 Tornado completes trial run

    Bootnotes 06 00:02

  • Toshiba touts talking projector

    "Buy me, buy me, buy me," I said.

    Hardware 06 01:02

  • AMD boots (another) 500 workers

    Vows profits

    Financial News 06 01:04

  • Michael Dell, indie movie extra

    Plays self in 'Sno Cone' flick

    Bootnotes 06 01:13

  • Windows 7: One compatibility label, no confusion

    Microsoft learns another Vista lesson

    Operating Systems 06 03:38

  • HP's answer to the information explosion - more information

    Scan paper documents and archive more

    Storage 06 07:02

  • Roberts Ecologic 1 portable DAB radio

    A darn good little tuner

    Hardware 06 09:02

  • Cisco's solid quarter and recession-survival lessons

    But future is hard to see

    Data Networking 06 09:30

  • New no-advertising domain will deter some cybersquatters

    Defensive buying advised

    Law 06 10:14

  • Top Secret: Bond-style pen-sized DVR launched

    Your pen, if you choose to buy it...

    Hardware 06 10:15

  • Doctor debuts field-tested brainwave comms kit

    Mind over matter

    Science 06 10:24

  • The DNA database and you

    How big is it? How many get off it? Your questions answered...

    Law 06 11:02

  • How geeks helped win the war

    40% off at Reg Books

    Site News 06 11:02

  • Sony pitches blue-laser Compact Disc revival

    Compatible with Red Book CD standard

    Media 06 11:03

  • SanDisk to cut 15 per cent of its staff

    450 will get the flash flush

    Financial News 06 11:04

  • US admiral wants pain-rayguns for Gulf fleet

    'Take, sink, burn or destroy'

    Government 06 11:07

  • BlackBerry Storm to blow in next week - minus Wi-Fi

    HSDPA sufficient for you lot, says Vodafone

    Phones 06 11:19

  • MobileMe disappears for another 7 hours

    When free trials become real trials

    Mobile 06 11:21

  • Bletchley Park gets £330k lifeline

    Historic code-breaking centre bailed out by English Heritage

    Science 06 11:35

  • iPhone users to get get-out call

    Fake incomings to rescue you from disastrous dates

    Mobile 06 11:47

  • Spanish cheesemaker launches ovine Lolitas initiative

    Adopt-a-lamb webcam plan

    Bootnotes 06 12:05

  • Yang! tells! MS! to! buy! Yahoo!

    Er, didn't you stop that happening just three months ago?

    Financial News 06 12:31

  • Drunken Brummie hack resigns on YouTube

    Two fingers to the Birmingham Mail at Florida Obama bash

    Bootnotes 06 12:32

  • Computacenter denies stringing along small biz

    Payment term changes not aimed at the little man

    The Channel 06 12:56

  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T700 compact camera

    A slimline, stylish snapper that looks the part

    Hardware 06 13:02

  • Becta urged to find middle way on interoperability standards

    BESA calls on agency to head up new schools framework

    The Channel 06 13:11

  • Study clears cannabis of schizophrenia rap

    No greater risk than general non-tokers

    Law 06 13:19

  • Fadell gets $300,000 golden handcuffs Apple deal

    Ex-iPod boss given bulky annual 'shut-up' salary

    Financial News 06 13:27

  • Hands on with the RIM/Vodafone BlackBerry Storm

    Trying out this season's hottest talker

    Phones 06 13:27

  • US sea-bottom sensor net powered by 'stroking buoys'

    Green tech keeps oceans true blue

    Science 06 13:35

  • Hustinx: Nameless data can still be personal

    Treat it as personal if you're not sure

    Law 06 13:49

  • Fake site punts Trojanised WordPress

    Backdoored blogging code blag

    Security 06 14:31

  • German court curbs data collection law

    34,000 class action suit pays off

    Government 06 14:42

  • Sony Ericsson parades wireless audio dome

    Bluetooth music from your phone

    Hardware 06 15:02

  • Intel names 'Nehalem' launch date

    Clue in the Core i7 name

    Hardware 06 15:15

  • Jacqui Smith prints seized by No2ID in daring dabs grab

    Gloves off in the ID card struggle

    Government 06 15:29

  • Yes! It's the Darth Vader breakfast toaster

    I jam your father, Luke

    Hardware 06 15:32

  • US airforce online ad theme: 'Horror Meets Comedy'

    'Fairy Tale Police' to debut on Xbox Live

    Government 06 16:28

  • Cream drummer may flash ginger nuts in court

    Baker prepared to strip in £30k fraud case

    Bootnotes 06 16:34

  • McCain 'dead' email ruse punts penis pills

    Republican rickrolling ruse

    Security 06 17:10

  • Cisco storage slumps again

    Brocade biting its ass?

    Storage 06 17:18

  • Seagate's small form factor screamer

    15,000rpm Savvio

    Storage 06 17:23

  • Palin didn't know Africa is a continent, McCain aides say

    Needed work on North America too

    Bootnotes 06 18:38

  • LA engineers cop to traffic system sabotage

    Trafficking for the union

    Security 06 18:55

  • Is Sun taking open source a little too far?

    Schwartz puppetry

    Bootnotes 06 19:00

  • Ballmer: 'Google not a major mobile competitor'

    Show me the Android money

    Mobile 06 20:51

  • FBI drops hammer on AMD employee charged with stealing Intel documents

    Four more counts for alleged Chipzilla double-cross

    Government 06 20:53

  • Sun reveals hidden Java and MySQL story

    Software revenue breakout - at last

    Software 06 21:02

  • Martial law planned for Craigslist's red-light district

    Only 100% legal erotic services allowed

    Security 06 21:41

  • Dead boffins deflate the cloud

    History repeating itself?

    Developer 06 23:02

  • Cops collar Craigslist Thomas Crown

    Flashmob caper foiled by wig pickup

    Security 06 23:13

  • AMD beats drum for Shanghai surprise

    Anyone seen Big Blue?

    Servers 06 23:54