5th November 2008 Archive

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  • Shawshank thesp erased from NY voter rolls

    Mr. Susan Sarandon fears nationwide election meltdown

    Bootnotes 05 00:19

  • Dell pressures workers into leave without pay

    Bon voyage!...or else

    Financial News 05 01:08

  • FCC defies Dolly Parton, opens white space waves

    All takin' and no givin'

    Mobile 05 01:11

  • NY man charged with boosting TJX credit hijack

    Alleged sniffer mods

    Security 05 01:13

  • Intel selling half its stake in VMware

    EMC and Cisco snag 1 million shares

    Financial News 05 01:14

  • Is the internet going down down under?

    It's the end of the net as we know it

    Law 05 02:02

  • Barack Obama will be president

    Palin-tology defeated

    Government 05 04:29

  • Nokia closes plant, 'reorganises' 600 staff

    Marketing dept takes the hit

    Mobile 05 07:02

  • School to hand out e-textbooks

    Students to swot by smartphone

    Phones 05 08:02

  • Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi ExpressCard and Wireless Receiver

    Film fans and game buffs, rejoice

    Hardware 05 09:02

  • Gordo entertains a couple of lapdancers

    We're not sex workers, pair tell Number 10

    Bootnotes 05 09:02

  • CBI warns of harsh winter for small biz

    Prising cash out of the banks

    Small Biz 05 09:50

  • Defra drafts proper pet practice for the daft

    Irresponsible idiot? Want a kitten? We can help

    Government 05 10:02

  • Another 180 'hover & stare' ducted fan bots for US forces

    'T-hawk™' petrol peepers: Now with swivel spyeyes

    Government 05 10:04

  • Freesat gets Five

    Completing the set of terrestrial broadcasters

    Media 05 10:21

  • The great platform and operational excellence survey

    Brace yourself, this one's a cracker

    Reg Technology Panel 05 10:58

  • VIA and Nvidia nix netbook pact

    Anti-Atom partnership dissolved, claim moles

    Hardware 05 10:59

  • Which top-of-the-line graphics card should I buy?


    Hardware 05 11:02

  • Dell's sticks with dual de-dupe strategy

    Thinks two heads are better than one

    Storage 05 11:06

  • Coppers nab more mobe-yapping drivers


    Mobile 05 11:18

  • Yee-hah! Ford demos electric pick-up truck

    US vehicle based on British motor tech

    Science 05 11:32

  • The Independent gets the wrong end of Jacqui's gIMP

    Universal snooping plans trailed again at ISP jaw-jaw

    Government 05 11:36

  • Opera update plugs bug brace

    History search vuln exorcised

    Security 05 11:37

  • Bombproof TV rolling-news eco bins target the City

    Zeitgeistgasm: Rubbish/media security recycling

    Science 05 11:45

  • Smith's airport ID card plans cut back to small pilot scheme

    Small pilots still angry, though...

    Government 05 12:09

  • Asus denies sub-10in Eee PCs for the chop

    Hardware 05 12:15

  • Demand for consoles, add-ons skyrockets as PC games plunge

    UK Gamers shifting to dedicated devices?

    Games 05 12:28

  • Microsoft retires Windows 3.11 on 18th birthday

    Withdraws sales of old-timer OS

    Operating Systems 05 12:46

  • Jonathan Schwartz scrambles aboard the Obama train

    Sun shines out dept...

    Servers 05 12:48

  • Dell Inspiron Mini 9 with Vodafone HSDPA

    The best netbook with integrated 3G goodness

    Hardware 05 13:02

  • Europe takes aim at BBC licence fee

    Calls for 'less and better targeted aid'

    Media 05 13:08

  • Roadpricing satnav spybox trials under way

    ANPR alone too easy to beat

    Government 05 13:10

  • Whitehall credit card abuse and payment fraud costs £4m

    Fewer incidents but bigger losses

    Government 05 13:28

  • Orange opens dual-display LG clamshell

    Phones 05 13:29

  • Oki okays release of 'jumping robot leg' chair

    Spring release?

    Hardware 05 13:29

  • UK.gov apologises for Tory-bashing child database memo

    Civil servants went rogue on partisan missive, DCSF Sir Humphrey says

    Government 05 13:33

  • Firefox hits 20% share as testers tickle 'pr0n mode'

    Mozilla gets its jiggy on

    Applications 05 13:40

  • Guy Fawkes stunt arrives early

    Blows up junior transport minister

    Government 05 14:05

  • Nasty Toryboy bloggers ate my politics, claims Blears

    There should (will) be a law against it

    Government 05 14:23

  • Lords demand DNA database deletions

    Ermine-clad defenders of our liberty

    Government 05 14:37

  • HP apes IBM's SVC

    SAN Virtualisation Services Platform

    Storage 05 14:56

  • Olympus E30 DSLR leaked

    Hardware 05 15:19

  • Will 'wi-fi on steroids' give you spots, baldness and liver damage?

    Playing nicely in the white spaces

    Broadband 05 15:27

  • Orange IPTV: Missing, presumed dead

    Tuned out

    Broadband 05 15:29

  • Google! aborts! Yahoo! deal!

    Advertisers and regulators win the day

    Financial News 05 16:13

  • SanDisk pitches 100x SSD speed boost tech

    Slow random writes hidden in fast sequential writes

    Hardware 05 16:20

  • PETA goes ape over Sega chimp advert

    Samba De Amigo advert used real chimp

    Games 05 16:26

  • Pentagon spends $442m on 'multiple kill' space interceptors

    Smart swarms to eliminate ICBM 'threat clusters'

    Government 05 16:44

  • 9 hilarious election tweets worth remembering

    Microblogging service explodes with Twittard wits

    Bootnotes 05 16:59

  • Atrato taps salesman for CEO post

    Video surveillance storage bank seeks cash

    Storage 05 17:13

  • Microsoft woos startups with new BizSpark program

    Terminal jive

    Applications 05 17:18

  • Porn breath tests for PCs heralds 'stop and scan'

    Linux border patrol

    Security 05 17:26

  • Sun injects Euro universities with OpenSparc

    The Great Tech Feedback Loop

    Servers 05 17:48

  • Michael Crichton dead at 66

    Jurassic Park novelist had cancer

    Bootnotes 05 19:28

  • Report: Obama, McCain campaigns hit with 'sophisticated' cyberattack

    'Serious amount of files' lifted

    Security 05 19:30

  • Who's got more cash? Apple or Microsoft?

    Earnings closer than you think

    Financial News 05 20:31

  • Boffins: global warming kills lemmings, not suicide

    Norwegian rodents dying against will

    Science 05 21:13

  • Hackers jailbreak T-Mobile's Googlephone

    Gaping loophole = easy root access

    Security 05 21:23

  • Sun bundles servers in MySQL blankets

    Keeping sales warm in a cold world

    Servers 05 21:50

  • New cleaning products erase murder stains

    Vanish™ - the detergent for killers

    Bootnotes 05 23:00

  • WoW accused of turning man's mind into 'living video game'

    Loses touch with reality

    Law 05 23:08

  • Microsoft's 'M' treads on US veterans' toes

    Vista all over again

    Developer 05 23:40

  • Obama-themed malware mauls world+dog

    Short turnaround, high volume

    Security 05 23:46