4th November 2008 Archive

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  • Forcefields will guard Mars ships from solar ion storms

    Boffins crack portable particle-squall brolly tech

    Science 04 00:02

  • Illegal pharmaceutical ads infiltrate gov, edu sites (again)

    Princeton punts penis enlargement

    Security 04 00:06

  • Goohoo! rejiggers monopoly expansion pact

    Anything but government oversight

    Government 04 01:07

  • Cloud idealist turns realist on platform portability

    If only there was a scheduling app

    Developer 04 01:10

  • America's second largest ethanol producer goes titsup

    Bill Gates was right, cornsarnit!

    Science 04 01:13

  • Man cops to $1m phony bar code shoplifting scheme

    TJTMiss's stellar eBay rating

    Security 04 01:27

  • Rackable swings to loss on lower sales

    Prays for cloudy skies

    Financial News 04 05:18

  • Is EMC's Maui another Invista?

    Biting off more than it can chew

    Storage 04 08:02

  • DNA tests lay Steve Fossett to rest

    'The coroner's case is closed'

    Science 04 08:35

  • Taurid meteors promise Guy Fawkes fireball show

    'Unusually good' display expected on 5 Nov

    Science 04 08:38

  • Official Bluetooth compatibility guide launched

    Know what works and what doesn't

    Hardware 04 08:40

  • How do I install fonts on my Linux Acer Aspire One?


    Hardware 04 08:58

  • Zoombak Universal portable A-GPS locator

    You need never lose anything ever again

    Science 04 09:02

  • Apple scotches pre-Xmas Mac desktop revamp rumour

    No more updates in 2008, says spokesman

    Hardware 04 09:21

  • The True Confessions of an Election Official

    Inside the machinery of the 2008 vote

    Government 04 09:38

  • RM kisses wannabe American cousin

    Scoops up Computrac

    The Channel 04 09:53

  • Sacking suspected ageist not ageism, EAT rules

    Appeal tribunal finds for management

    Small Biz 04 10:13

  • It's official: Siemens sells out to Fujitsu

    Joint venture splits, CEO quits

    The Channel 04 10:15

  • Ofcom tries to launch satellite plans again

    EU holds the upper hand (literally)

    Networks 04 10:31

  • Place your bets on the next US President

    American polls still mobile

    Government 04 11:02

  • Tesla Roadster safe after Musk-promised money arrives

    Model S everyman 'leccycar - don't hold your breath

    Science 04 11:09

  • NFC Forum offering cash for killer application

    Still wondering what technology is for

    Mobile 04 11:30

  • Windows RPC exploit spawns bots and worms

    An evil spell

    Security 04 11:32

  • Analyst predicts iPhone decline

    But not everyone's convinced

    Mobile 04 11:33

  • The US election, live online from er... London

    Roll up for Operation Snark County

    Bootnotes 04 12:02

  • OpenOffice 3.0 - the only option for masochistic Linux users

    And linear optimizing Mactards

    Software 04 12:02

  • Apple iPod, iPhone wonk: iQuit?

    Tony Fadell reportedly exits stage left

    Mobile 04 12:15

  • Ledger zombie pizza promo pulled

    Mmm, tasteful

    Bootnotes 04 12:21

  • Fisker prevails in Tesla tech theft claim fight

    CEO didn't steal electric car firm's technology, arbitrator rules

    Science 04 12:28

  • China trumpets 'human rights action plan'

    More democracy, sometime soon

    Government 04 12:32

  • Alienware unveils multi AMD GPU laptop

    Hardware 04 12:43

  • Wacky Wii-style PS3 controller in the works

    Games 04 12:47

  • Group Test: electronic book readers

    Take your library with you when you travel

    Hardware 04 13:02

  • Jezza Clarkson cops flak for 'truckers murder strumpets' gag

    Warning: No US election angle

    Bootnotes 04 13:05

  • Barclays and Goldman Sachs squeeeeze IT staff

    Lloyds swings even bigger axe

    Financial News 04 13:14

  • Mid-line FAS 3000 from NetApp

    FAS 3160 is the third man

    Storage 04 13:34

  • Adobe patches Reader flaw

    PDF flaw affects affect older, infirm package

    Security 04 13:58

  • US kicks off secure hash competition

    Gentlemen, choose your algorithms

    Security 04 14:02

  • Morning voting in America

    Queuing up like Brits, and maybe voting that way, too

    Government 04 14:13

  • Berlin bans handy iPhone metro app

    Dutch Rail not happy either

    Applications 04 14:19

  • Washington postpones historic vote

    FCC needs fewer options

    Networks 04 14:54

  • Sky channels return to cable

    Virgin Media drops legal handbag

    Media 04 15:26

  • Debian discord over de-classified developer proposal

    Elite in charge?

    Developer 04 16:02

  • Fujitsu intros satnav notebook and touch-sensitive netbook

    Hardware 04 16:15

  • LaCie offers white-as-a-cloud net storage box

    Hardware 04 16:45

  • McCain pulls ahead in pharmaceutical spam

    Taking the political temperature through the medium of penis-enlargement promises

    Security 04 16:52

  • Donkeys refuse fodder as US election tension rises

    Dreaming of a better life under Obama

    Bootnotes 04 17:39

  • HP animates sleeping ProLiant power cap

    Integrated Lights Out

    Servers 04 19:13

  • Seagate heading for the wild west

    A romp with cowboy Bill

    Storage 04 19:23

  • Dell: 'Code, baby, code!' - and please buy our servers

    Their survival depends on your spending

    Developer 04 19:55

  • E-voting glitches hamper elections in seven states

    Hanging Chad, make room for Folded Crease

    Security 04 20:15

  • Google plays safety card against Microsoft Office

    Apps trainspotter challenge

    Applications 04 20:35

  • Cocaine addicted IT manager hacks ex-employer's mail servers

    Why change passwords when you've got a baseball bat?

    Security 04 21:05

  • AT&T feeds metered internet to American gamblers

    'Bandwidth hogs' and all that

    Broadband 04 21:40

  • NetApp spins second flash SSD universe

    Welcome to tier zero

    Storage 04 21:48

  • Open-Xchange phones home for funding

    Open source independence

    Applications 04 22:28

  • Battleground email hoax postpones Election Day

    Pardon me, your listserv is showing

    Security 04 22:39