3rd November 2008 Archive

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  • Intel prices up first Core i7 four-core CPUs

    Still mum on the release date, though

    Hardware 03 05:02

  • Sun starts skoolin' partners on software sales

    Those who can't do, teach

    The Channel 03 05:02

  • Sprint de-partitions internet

    Restores Cogent connection (temporarily)

    Networks 03 05:05

  • Texas fines IBM for 'crucial back-ups' failure

    Server crash puts prosecutions at risk

    Storage 03 07:23

  • Government Gateway login details found in pub car park

    Transformational security breaches

    Government 03 08:00

  • 3M MPro110 handheld projector

    Palm-sized and ready for business

    Hardware 03 09:02

  • InPhase delays holographic storage to late 2009

    As GE spins own technology

    Storage 03 10:08

  • Dell hit with $500m discrimination suit

    'Old boys network'

    Management 03 10:18

  • London drum-maker dies of inhalation anthrax

    Fatal percussion

    Science 03 10:42

  • What's the best 1TB wireless storage box?


    Hardware 03 10:44

  • Sky 'to bid' for Tiscali

    The neverending auction

    Broadband 03 10:49

  • Microsoft sticks to its Xbox 360 prices

    No Xbox 360 price cut coming this year or next

    Games 03 11:14

  • Google plugs first Googlephone flaw

    Welds patch onto Android

    Mobile 03 11:21

  • Astronaut space dump pong-bomb frag shower today

    ISS Stinky fridge hurl plunge shocker

    Science 03 11:39

  • Sarah Palin gets righteously punk'd

    Nic Sarko calls to praise Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?

    Bootnotes 03 11:40

  • Tesla Model S spied?

    Day not spoiled at BMW, Jaguar etc

    Science 03 11:43

  • Windows 7 'pre-beta' washes up on Pirate Bay and co

    It's as if people WANT to download the next MS OS

    Operating Systems 03 11:52

  • Western Digital debuts HD TV add-on

    Hardware 03 11:54

  • Are you making the most of your IT?

    El Reg and the experts tackle IT effectiveness live

    Business 03 11:54

  • MPs decry Heathrow T5 fiasco

    'National embarrassment', says Transport Committee

    Government 03 12:25

  • The amazing, endless, bioterror pork conveyor

    The war on terror as corporate welfare...

    Government 03 12:46

  • Microsoft: Malware for Windows on the rise

    Attack of the killer password stealers

    Security 03 13:02

  • What Ray Ozzie didn't tell you about Microsoft Azure

    Behind the whiteboard of confusion

    Developer 03 13:02

  • Motorola legal tie to pull pricey Aura phone off eBay

    'I do solemnly swear not to sell my $2000 handset...'

    Phones 03 13:12

  • Virgin sacks the Facebook 13, BA customers stink

    Social networking for fun and P45s

    Management 03 13:21

  • Microsoft slings Windows Home Server in OEM bargain bin

    'Will anyone buy my lurvverly OS?'

    The Channel 03 13:29

  • MPs join fight to save McKinnon from US prison

    Pentagon hacker 'too vulnerable' to survive hard time

    Law 03 13:32

  • Intel Core i7 'Nehalem' processor and X58 chipset

    We put the chip giant's new architecture to the test

    Hardware 03 13:43

  • Music royalties group pooh-poohs Belgian P2P appeal reports

    ISP must filter, just later, SABAM says

    Media 03 14:07

  • Why no c*nt and paste for the iPhone?

    It's just Jobs being awkward, suggests ZDnet

    Bootnotes 03 14:22

  • Asus intros £449 all-in-one desktop Eee

    Hardware 03 14:58

  • York council gets sniffy with Street View

    Could have asked for permission to film

    Bootnotes 03 15:02

  • MoD miracle-armoured-vehicle scheme still struggling

    FRES: Fudgemobiles Repeatedly Expected Soon

    Government 03 15:11

  • Drunken paedo commie exposed on internet

    Chinese official sacked for restaurant escapade

    Bootnotes 03 15:14

  • Free WinMo 7 phones to lure punters to desktop Windows 7

    Buy the MS PC OS, get the MS phone OS - and a handset - free

    Phones 03 15:18

  • US court narrows scope for business method patents

    Tight squeeze

    Law 03 15:21

  • Dell scrambles onto de-dupe bandwagon

    Quantum of revenue solace

    Storage 03 15:39

  • FCC under pressure to reduce D block cost

    $750m proves a bit pricey

    Networks 03 16:12

  • MS punts Xbox Live starter pack for network newbies

    Get online for Christmas

    Games 03 16:25

  • Sapphire twinkles over Radeon HD 4850 X2 exclusive

    Two GPUs, only one board supplier

    Hardware 03 16:49

  • VMware does U-turn on recent, unloved price hike

    Channel players grumble at sudden change of heart

    The Channel 03 17:05

  • Users pour forth MacBook trackpad woes

    Failing to click

    Hardware 03 18:02

  • Ubuntu 8.10 - All Hail new Network Manager

    The good kind of UI theft

    Operating Systems 03 18:31

  • IBM smells Sun red ink

    Undercuts Sparc servers with beefier rebates

    Servers 03 19:04

  • Second French rogue trader case sparks risky thinking

    Can real-time controls prevent fraud?

    Security 03 19:05

  • OpenBSD 4.4 released

    Free Unix offshoot lands

    Operating Systems 03 19:10

  • Sun euthanizes UltraSparc-IV boxes

    A promotion before dying

    Servers 03 19:19

  • Circuit City cutting jobs, stores, inventory for the holidays

    All I want for Christmas is liquidity

    The Channel 03 19:22

  • Salesforce.com apps integrate with Facebook and Amazon

    Microsoft "scared" of clouds

    Developer 03 20:33

  • CIO surveys murdering IT budgets

    Stop the mag before it polls again

    Financial News 03 21:13

  • Gartner dips chip forecast for 2009

    Something about an economic something-or-other

    Hardware 03 22:32

  • Oxford don offered $10,000 for proof terrorist penned Obama memoir

    Philosophy, computing, and Republican desperation

    Government 03 22:36

  • Violent video games <coin flip> ARE linked to child aggression

    Giant enemy crabby kids

    Applications 03 23:47