30th October 2008 Archive

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  • European SMBs to spend $7.6bn on servers, networking

    UK gorges on blades

    Servers 30 Oct 05:02

  • Royal Society of Chemistry requests 'Italian Job' ending

    ***40-year-old movie spoiler alert***

    Bootnotes 30 Oct 05:02

  • Centrino 2 launch provides no big lift for Intel Q3 market share

    Steady as she goes

    Hardware 30 Oct 09:28

  • David Tennant quits Who

    New Doctor for Series 5, Beeb confirms

    Bootnotes 30 Oct 09:33

  • Is Ion's Tape2PC Mac compatible?


    Hardware 30 Oct 10:02

  • Samsung's slimline Windows smartphone spied in Italy

    Phones 30 Oct 10:09

  • Touchscreen robo-pharmacist calls for more CCTV snooping

    Panopticon vs smash'n'grab smellies blagburst

    Law 30 Oct 10:14

  • Samsung shows off state-of-the-art 40in OLED TV

    Can't (yet) go any larger

    Hardware 30 Oct 10:40

  • Brocade cuts Foundry price

    Credit crunched

    Storage 30 Oct 10:42

  • Sarkozy fails to stop sale in voodoo hoohah

    French judge sticks it to pincushion prez

    Bootnotes 30 Oct 10:43

  • Ford to drive green motoring with 'leaves and vines' dashboard

    SmartGauge to 'enlighten' drivers into better fuel economy

    Science 30 Oct 11:01

  • Messenger images 80% of Mercury

    Majority of surface now revealed

    Science 30 Oct 11:15

  • Mobile blocking tech for trains

    You will be silent in the quiet zone

    Mobile 30 Oct 11:25

  • BT coughs up compo to MoD

    Genius way to cut answering times

    Government 30 Oct 11:28

  • Orange ditches Phorm

    Another blow for data pimping

    Broadband 30 Oct 11:30

  • Iomega, LaCie revamp telly-friendly external hard drives

    Hardware 30 Oct 11:39

  • Group Test: Universal Remote Controls

    Why take ten remotes into the living room?

    Hardware 30 Oct 12:02

  • New Scientist goes innumerate in 'save the planet' special

    Economics failing lunge for Dark Ages

    Science 30 Oct 12:03

  • Police collar kid for Wi-Fi pinching

    Teen arrested for camping on next door's net

    Law 30 Oct 12:32

  • AT&T throws iPhone users free Wi-Fi

    Like anyone pays for it these days

    Mobile 30 Oct 12:34

  • Beatles to bless Rock Band

    Drum along with Ringo

    Media 30 Oct 12:37

  • US air force inks 'tactical' space-war deal

    Space war: More like rugby than chess

    Science 30 Oct 12:48

  • Super Talent pimps solid-gold USB stick bling thing


    Storage 30 Oct 13:02

  • Vodafone goes east to make 87m friends

    I can txt Russia from here

    Mobile 30 Oct 13:29

  • Academic avoids extradition over Holocaust denial

    German warrant lacking website details chucked out of court

    Law 30 Oct 13:35

  • Manuelgate's goth vampire stripper fades from MySpace

    'Wronged youth' gets high speed airbrushing

    Media 30 Oct 13:50

  • Rocketing iPhone sales drive Apple into phone vendor top ten

    But the pole's slippery - just ask Motorola...

    Mobile 30 Oct 14:36

  • Bono bikini babe party pictures loose on Facebook

    U2 singer takes a break from solving world hunger

    Security 30 Oct 14:45

  • Apple's 'next move' is an HSDPA MacBook, forecasts analyst

    MacBook... or netbook?

    Hardware 30 Oct 15:23

  • Open-source Silverlight slips into second gear

    Closing gap on Microsoft?

    Developer 30 Oct 15:57

  • Intel to present 32nm chip while AMD shows off 22nm part

    Duel of the memory cells

    Hardware 30 Oct 15:58

  • Cash'n'Carrion free shipping ends tomorrow

    Beat the Halloween deadline

    Site News 30 Oct 15:58

  • London anthrax case man 'seriously ill'

    Imported drum skins likely source of infection

    Science 30 Oct 16:00

  • Beatles game is go

    Will you still need me when I'm 64-bit?

    Media 30 Oct 16:23

  • Motorola still losing money

    Still carrying mobile division

    Mobile 30 Oct 17:01

  • Deleted cloud in second fall from sky

    More off-demand computing from FlexiScale

    Servers 30 Oct 17:34

  • Feds indict international cyber crook accused of $1.7m ATM spree

    Hack resume lists Pentagon, NASA, Hamas

    Security 30 Oct 18:01

  • Microsoft wants open-source recruits for new model army

    Blinded by the Silverlight

    Mobile 30 Oct 18:11

  • French police cuff six over Sarkozy bank fraud

    50 victims stung by mobile phone scam

    Security 30 Oct 18:15

  • A new economics of P2P file sharing

    Lining up the ducks

    Media 30 Oct 18:21

  • Intel to build Atomized Linux fortress in Taiwan

    Throws money at local WiMax

    Financial News 30 Oct 18:37

  • Microsoft's Geneva Server: Hailstorm done right

    Hard lessons for Google, Facebook and Microsoft

    Servers 30 Oct 20:31

  • Rackable does cookie sheet servers

    A Google homage

    Servers 30 Oct 20:32

  • Life ain't a bowl of funding at CherryPal

    Tiny $249 cloud PC seeks financial aid

    Hardware 30 Oct 21:09

  • 150 pink slips for Pillar

    Cuts headcount 30 per cent

    Financial News 30 Oct 21:49

  • Sun doused with red ink in Q1

    Blames The Meltdown, write-offs

    Servers 30 Oct 23:01

  • PC vendors recall more blazin' Sony batteries

    Just when you thought your crotch was safe again...

    Hardware 30 Oct 23:08

  • Rigged e-voting machine snacks on Homer Simpson

    Cartoon doughnut eater smitten by touch screen

    Security 30 Oct 23:22