29th October 2008 Archive

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  • TomTom ships Go x40 satnav series

    New road-savvy range released in UK

    Science 29 00:02

  • Yahoo! begs world+dog for free engineering

    'Opens' code for social networking's dying breath

    Developer 29 00:30

  • NetApp's de-duping VTL arrives

    Finally answers Data Domain, Quantum, and EMC

    Storage 29 02:32

  • What's to become of Fujitsu Siemens?

    Hopes for Happy Christmas

    Storage 29 05:02

  • Vodafone pitches Comic Sans as the next Crazy Frog

    Oooh, I love your dingbatz

    Mobile 29 07:02

  • Eee PC maker readies Android phone for 2009

    Could be more successful than its Windows Mobile devices

    Mobile 29 08:04

  • Liberty: Observer story takes liberties

    Newspaper conjures data endorsement for mobile operators

    Mobile 29 09:02

  • Pioneer defeats Samsung in plasma panel patent spat

    $59m damages awarded

    Hardware 29 09:07

  • Eee PC line to gain gamer-friendly graphics chip

    Why, oh why?

    Hardware 29 09:08

  • HP introduces stylish VIA Intel-based netbook

    Older C7-M models sidelined as 'education' machines

    Hardware 29 10:08

  • EPO to give definitive ruling on software patents

    An end to all the fuss?

    Small Biz 29 10:11

  • Government negotiating on tax credit refund

    Circles EDS

    Government 29 10:30

  • Fraudsters get into the cloud

    Fraud as a service persists post-Dark Market

    Security 29 10:59

  • NASA probe finds opals in Martian crevices

    Mars became Australian uninhabitable later than thought

    Science 29 11:03

  • Thomas tells CEOs told to sort out data protection

    As government proved to be biggest offender

    Government 29 11:11

  • Dell restyles biz-friendly desktop lines

    OptiPlex updated

    Hardware 29 11:27

  • Spanish cities surrender to Street View

    Google snoopmobile footage goes live

    Bootnotes 29 11:35

  • Lenovo schools S10 netbook for colleges

    Transformed into S10e

    Hardware 29 11:43

  • Palm Treo Pro Windows Mobile smartphone

    Unusual... but far from unusable

    Phones 29 12:02

  • US Navy SEAL uniforms: Now with built-in tourniquets

    In-pant drawstring arterial clamp threads hit TWAT

    Bootnotes 29 12:20

  • Motorola embraces Android, sees Microsoft on the side

    Lays off staff and platforms

    Mobile 29 12:32

  • Snow blankets London for Global Warming debate

    How Parliament passed the Climate Bill

    Government 29 12:35

  • Co-op IT workers vote on strike action

    Offshoring comes home

    Management 29 12:50

  • TMS tries to tarnish IBM Quicksilver pitch

    Taking the market temperature

    Storage 29 12:52

  • Server saboteur gets six months

    When sysadmins attack

    Servers 29 13:11

  • DHL slashing European IT jobs

    Courier firm parcels up work and sends it to Prague

    Management 29 13:21

  • Ford to build 'boring-EV beating' eco-engine in Bridgend

    Brown thinks Think green

    Science 29 13:47

  • 'Parasitic' Google feels TV's wrath

    What has Sergey ever done for us?

    Government 29 13:51

  • Emulex chases QLogic over FCoE design wins

    For FCoE's sake

    Storage 29 13:52

  • Samsung demos 0.05mm-thick OLED panel

    Skinnier gadgets on the way

    Hardware 29 15:10

  • Social networking will save us all, says Orange

    Web 2.0 to cure recession, apparently

    Mobile 29 15:15

  • BBC's speak you're branes collapses under Brand-Ross sex outrage

    If you love Russell Brand so much why don't you go and live there?

    Media 29 15:17

  • Sanyo intros 'iPhone-on-a-stick' home internet terminal

    No need for netbooks now?

    Hardware 29 15:37

  • Mandelson's dept mulls UK internet power grab

    Dark Lord to Nominet: Justify thyself

    Government 29 15:42

  • How do I set my Logitech MX3200 keyboard to GMT?


    Hardware 29 16:07

  • Schneier sticks it to surveillance

    Inglorious five-year snoop-plan

    Security 29 16:30

  • 3M unrolls power-saving laptop screen sheet

    Better brightness for better battery life

    Hardware 29 16:33

  • DHS cybersecurity boss fights back against critics

    Shot by both sides

    Security 29 17:31

  • Notorious registrar gets deactivation notice for president's sin

    RIP EstDomains

    Security 29 18:07

  • Sony and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad quarter

    Profits feeling 90 per cent lighter

    Financial News 29 19:45

  • Microsoft taps Dell to build Azure cloud

    Round Rock containerized?

    Servers 29 20:26

  • Intel, Asus plead with Web 2.0 for notebook of the future

    'The world's first community-designed PCs'

    Hardware 29 22:12

  • Silverlight for mobile: what's in, what's out

    Previews first quarter 2009

    Mobile 29 22:18

  • Comcast eyes AT&T's American broadband crown

    Pulled up by its VoIP straps

    Financial News 29 23:40