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UK Govt to spend £100m on three-city electric car trial

'Leccy TechOn a slightly smaller scale than the planned 'leccy infrastructure roll out Down Under, the British Government will this week announce it is planning to fork out £100m in order to test electric cars and vans in three cities.
Alun Taylor, 27 Oct 2008

Bryan Adams pulls a Prince on fan sites

Canadian soft rocker Bryan Adams is the latest star to grumble at fans for plastering his name and face on unofficial websites.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Oct 2008

UK confirms e-voting death

There are no plans to introduce e-voting in the UK, or even to conduct further pilots of the technology, a government minister has confirmed.
John Oates, 27 Oct 2008

GPU market resists recession

The credit cruch has not - so far - affected the main makers of graphics chips. AMD, Intel and Nvidia all saw shipments rise between Q2 and Q3 this year, market watcher Jon Peddie Research claimed today.
Tony Smith, 27 Oct 2008

MoD's London brass resist job cuts

CommentMinistry of Defence headquarters offices in central London are to shed 1200 uniformed and civilian staff posts, according to reports. Military bureaucrats are resisting the moves fiercely.
Lewis Page, 27 Oct 2008

Brocade Foundry bid foundering?

Brocade's bid to take over Foundry has stumbled because not enough Foundry shareholders are in favour of the deal.
Chris Mellor, 27 Oct 2008

Hubble's main camera back in action

The Hubble space telescope's main camera is back in action following the reactivation last week of the flying eye's backup computer system.
Lester Haines, 27 Oct 2008

Volt is 'go' for Oz as charging-point deal unveiled

'Leccy TechFollowing on from its antipodean appearance at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, the Chevy Holden Volt is coming to Oz. And Australian power company AGL is going to put in charging infrastructure.
Alun Taylor, 27 Oct 2008
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NetApp ready to rumble in Sun IP case

NetApp co-founder Dave Hitz has challenged Sun to come to court now and get the ZFS-WAFL IP case sorted as fast as possible.
Chris Mellor, 27 Oct 2008

Oz pub dishes up really crap ice cream

A Sydney family's Sunday lunchtime in the pub has provoked a major rumpus after the hostelry allegedly served them with faeces-laced ice cream, Oz's Daily Telegraph reports.
Lester Haines, 27 Oct 2008

Dell unveils 12in Vista-based notebook-not-netbook

Remember the 12in laptop Tesco inadvertently told the world Dell was preparing? Dell has announced the machine, the Inspiron Mini 12, in Japan.
Tony Smith, 27 Oct 2008
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Investment firm looks for Sun's true value

The US private investment firm which has bought $2.1bn of Sun shares since May says the companies are in talks to have Sun's true economic value realised.
Chris Mellor, 27 Oct 2008

Apricot Picobook Pro netbook

ReviewWe have in our hands the revived Apricot's first fruit: the Picobook Pro netbook, a Small, Cheap Computer based on VIA's C7-M processor. And a block-like boy it is too.
Tony Smith, 27 Oct 2008

BBC's TV detector vans to remain a state secret

The Information Commissioner has ruled against a request to force the BBC to reveal the inner workings of its TV detector vans.
John Oates, 27 Oct 2008

Cliff Richard not face of British music any more

The Monday morning after the clocks go back traditionally brings us very little cheer, but here's one piece of good news - you'll be seeing less of Sir Cliff Richard in the future.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Oct 2008

Gov cans 'national day' plans

The government has canned plans for a 'national day' during which citizens of good old Blighty might celebrate their Britishness by tucking into a chicken tikka masala washed down with cheap tinned Oz lager while watching US TV imports on their Japanese-made TV.
Lester Haines, 27 Oct 2008

DARPA seeks bigger BigDog petrol packmule robots

Pentagon tech brainiacs are moving forward with their plans to furnish US troops with petrol-powered robotic pack mules to carry their heavy equipment and supplies.
Lewis Page, 27 Oct 2008

The iPhone App Store - a classic protection racket

Fail and You"Listen up, friend. We take care of the community. We all protect each other. You wanna set up shop in this neighborhood, you're gonna need some protection, you know what I'm sayin'? I mean, you got a real nice business here, nice store, nice people. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it. Fire, robbery, these things happen all the time, but we can make sure they don't - at least to you. Let's say 30 per cent of your daily take? It's not in your best interest to say no to guys like us. It's bad for your health."
Ted Dziuba, 27 Oct 2008

NEC shows tileable A3 e-paper sheet

NEC has unrolled a new form of e-paper sheet that extends to A3 in size and, it claimed, makes for an easier read than printed newspapers.
Tony Smith, 27 Oct 2008

Ubuntu goes more mobile with 8.10 release

The gradual and metered improvement with the Ubuntu variant of Linux created and supported by commercial Linux distributor Canonical takes another step forward this week with the release of "Intrepid Ibex", which will be distributed as Ubuntu 8.10.

Ubuntu: Vendors need to step up

"Intrepid Ibex", distributed as Ubuntu 8.10, goes live today for distribution later this week, and the economic crunch certainly makes the Linux variant more compelling.

Virgin Media accused of shafting customers on upload rates

UpdatedVirgin Media is facing charges from customers connected to certain parts of its network that it is misleading them about the speed of their broadband connections.
Christopher Williams, 27 Oct 2008

Germany laughs at EU's full-body scanners plan

Germany has dismissed proposals to use "virtual strip searches", describing the scheme as nonsense.
John Oates, 27 Oct 2008

Forgotten what an egg looks like? We can help

Hot on the heels of the Beeb's "just exactly where is England?" shocker, we have a further example of news outlets' occasional need to really spell it out to readers.
Lester Haines, 27 Oct 2008

Cash'n'Carrion free shipping ends Friday

Cash'n'CarrionJust a quick reminder for those of you thinking of indulging in some light shopping down at El Reg merchandising tentacle Cash'n'Carrion - our free shipping promotion ends on Friday.
Cash'n'Carrion, 27 Oct 2008

Belgian judge reverses moon-on-stick music copyright ruling

A Belgian judge who slapped a €2,500 per day fine on an ISP until it filtered its network for music copyright infringements has reversed the decision after music lawyers conceded it wasn't technically possible.
Christopher Williams, 27 Oct 2008

Financial meltdown hits Hilton where it hurts

Poor Paris Hilton is the latest victim of the financial apocalypse which has ripped across our planet, with London clubs offering the talented amateur porn flick performer as little as £25k a pop to enhance their premises with her magnetic charms.
Lester Haines, 27 Oct 2008

Raytheon demos new submarine-launched UAV

America has gone one better than Germany in the race to develop the world's most powerful submarine-launched robot aircraft. US arms giant Raytheon has announced a model which can be deployed at depth without modification to the submarine.
Lewis Page, 27 Oct 2008

Silverlight 2.0: killer features, no Flash killer

Web bling toneMicrosoft's Silverlight 2.0, released this month for Windows and Mac, is a tipping point. This is the version that gives developers the features they have long been waiting for, including a cross-platform implementation of Microsoft's .NET Framework.
Tim Anderson, 27 Oct 2008

High-speed train toilet attempts to eat Frenchman

RoTMEmergency services were on Sunday obliged to cut free a TGV passenger whose arm was swallowed by the high-speed train's sucking dunny, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 27 Oct 2008

EMI's £700k taxi bill

A report by Maltby Capital, the company created to acquire and run EMI, reveals that the British music giant is still spending money like a drunken sailor. A highlight of the out-of-control budget was £700,000 spent with just one London taxi firm.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Oct 2008

No2ID shakes fist at plod print scanner plan

Privacy group No2ID is calling for legal protections before the introduction of mobile fingerprint scanners next year.
John Oates, 27 Oct 2008

HP lets slip revamped netbook

HP's US online store has revealed that company's Mini-Note line is due to expanded - or condensed - with a new model, the Mini 1000.
Tony Smith, 27 Oct 2008

Congressman quizzes FCC on white space management

Congressman John Dingell, chair of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, has joined the white space debate, asking the FCC to explain more about its tests and how it intends to police white spaces in the spectrum.
Bill Ray, 27 Oct 2008

NetApp chucks staff at OS merger

Frustrated by drawn-out development schedules, NetApp has put all its US-based engineers to work on merging 7G and GX, its two ONTAP operating systems.
Chris Mellor, 27 Oct 2008

Microsoft's Red-Dog cloud turns Azure

PDCAmazon's EC2 has overshadowed Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference where Steve Ballmer and Co. finally announced their cloud-computing architecture, codenamed Red Dog.
Gavin Clarke, 27 Oct 2008

Opera scrambles to quash zero-day bug in freshly-patched browser

Just a few days after Opera Software patched critical vulnerabilities in its browser, researchers have identified another serious bug that allows attackers to remotely execute malicious code on the machines of people running the most recent version of the software. Opera has vowed to fix the flaw soon.
Dan Goodin, 27 Oct 2008

Google Earth lands on Jesus Phone

Google has squeezed its world-snooping software, Google Earth, into a small, small world for Apple's iPhone/iPod Touch.
Austin Modine, 27 Oct 2008

US cablecos spice wireless broadband fight

Cox Communications - the third largest cable TV outfit in the US - says it will unleash its own 3G wireless network sometime in 2009.
Cade Metz, 27 Oct 2008

Hole in Yahoo! surrenders keys to the kingdom

Yahoo has closed a gaping hole that attackers were exploiting to gain access to victims' Yahoo Mail accounts and other restricted areas of site.
Dan Goodin, 27 Oct 2008
fingers pointing at man

Shuttleworth on Ubuntu: It ain't about the money

In the wake of the launch of Ubuntu 8.10, Mark Shuttleworth - the founder of the Ubuntu project and the chief executive officer of Canonical, the commercial entity behind Ubuntu - hosted a conference call with the press and analyst community. And in that call, Shuttleworth, who is not afraid to shell out money for a good cause - such as the $20m he paid to be the second tourist in space, via a Russian Soyuz mission - made it clear that he is perfectly happy to fund Ubuntu until it gets on its own financial two feet.

HP Monsters spew data center ad jargon

Hewlett-Packard has somehow devised a Halloween treat even less appealing than a circus peanut.
Austin Modine, 27 Oct 2008

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