27th October 2008 Archive

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  • UK Govt to spend £100m on three-city electric car trial

    Tax breaks for EVs a better use of taxpayers' money?

    Science 27 08:08

  • Bryan Adams pulls a Prince on fan sites

    Web Sheriff: No more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas

    Law 27 09:56

  • UK confirms e-voting death

    No plans, no more trials

    Government 27 09:59

  • GPU market resists recession

    Q3 shows highest sequential growth in six year, says researcher

    Hardware 27 10:03

  • MoD's London brass resist job cuts

    Rubber desk johnnies don't like it up 'em

    Government 27 10:07

  • Brocade Foundry bid foundering?

    Suffering from shareholder wobble

    Storage 27 10:40

  • Hubble's main camera back in action

    Reactivated computer system bearing up

    Science 27 10:48

  • Volt is 'go' for Oz as charging-point deal unveiled

    Up to 750,000 power feeds planned

    Science 27 11:02

  • NetApp ready to rumble in Sun IP case

    Hey, who took my WAFL?

    Storage 27 11:04

  • Oz pub dishes up really crap ice cream

    'Oh my god, they've served us s***'

    Bootnotes 27 11:34

  • Dell unveils 12in Vista-based notebook-not-netbook

    Uses handheld-oriented Atom CPU

    Hardware 27 11:56

  • Investment firm looks for Sun's true value

    Private investment firm owns fifth of company

    Servers 27 11:59

  • Apricot Picobook Pro netbook

    Intel Atom? Pah! VIA's C7-M makes good

    Hardware 27 12:02

  • BBC's TV detector vans to remain a state secret

    I saw one being pulled by a unicorn

    Bootnotes 27 12:03

  • Cliff Richard not face of British music any more

    UK Music sets sail

    Media 27 12:06

  • Gov cans 'national day' plans

    Celebrate your Britishness at work, matey

    Bootnotes 27 12:26

  • DARPA seeks bigger BigDog petrol packmule robots

    Quiet stealth mode for mini Imperial Walker droids

    Government 27 12:47

  • The iPhone App Store - a classic protection racket

    30 per cent to the bag man

    Mobile 27 13:02

  • NEC shows tileable A3 e-paper sheet

    Eight rolls, one picture

    Hardware 27 13:11

  • Ubuntu goes more mobile with 8.10 release

    Servers get better Java, RAID, and virtualization

    Servers 27 13:21

  • Ubuntu: Vendors need to step up

    Get certified and pre-install

    Operating Systems 27 13:21

  • Virgin Media accused of shafting customers on upload rates

    Ex-NTL lines draw the slow straw

    Broadband 27 13:24

  • Germany laughs at EU's full-body scanners plan

    Who said they have no sense of humour?

    Government 27 13:39

  • Forgotten what an egg looks like? We can help

    Local paper spells it out

    Bootnotes 27 13:39

  • Cash'n'Carrion free shipping ends Friday

    Get in there while you can

    Site News 27 13:55

  • Belgian judge reverses moon-on-stick music copyright ruling

    Audible Magic meets network realities

    Law 27 14:42

  • Financial meltdown hits Hilton where it hurts

    Clubs put the squeeze on Paris appearance fees

    Bootnotes 27 14:50

  • Raytheon demos new submarine-launched UAV

    Up up and away periscope

    Science 27 16:00

  • Silverlight 2.0: killer features, no Flash killer

    Open, with limitations

    Developer 27 16:02

  • High-speed train toilet attempts to eat Frenchman

    Arm trapped in satanic sucking dunny

    Science 27 16:09

  • EMI's £700k taxi bill

    And incredible shrinking business

    Media 27 16:21

  • No2ID shakes fist at plod print scanner plan

    Dodgy tech not the solution

    Law 27 16:35

  • HP lets slip revamped netbook

    Mini-Note 2133 to be joined by Mini 1000

    Hardware 27 16:44

  • Congressman quizzes FCC on white space management

    White noise in white spaces?

    Mobile 27 17:06

  • NetApp chucks staff at OS merger

    Block-level VTL de-dupe before year-end

    Storage 27 17:12

  • Microsoft's Red-Dog cloud turns Azure

    EC2 for grown ups?

    Developer 27 18:15

  • Opera scrambles to quash zero-day bug in freshly-patched browser

    Multiple platform pwnage

    Security 27 18:44

  • Google Earth lands on Jesus Phone

    Is that the Western Hemisphere in your pocket?

    Mobile 27 19:18

  • US cablecos spice wireless broadband fight

    The quadruple play

    Mobile 27 19:56

  • Hole in Yahoo! surrenders keys to the kingdom

    Attack of the killer XSS

    Security 27 21:20

  • Shuttleworth on Ubuntu: It ain't about the money

    At least, not yet

    Operating Systems 27 22:32

  • HP Monsters spew data center ad jargon

    Halloween special curls your TPS reports

    Servers 27 22:37