24th October 2008 Archive

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  • Woman cuffed for deleting virtual husband

    Metaverse crime and punishment

    Law 24 Oct 00:13

  • US carriers attack FCC's puritan broadband

    Wireless Groundhog Day

    Broadband 24 Oct 00:15

  • Microsoft 2.0 feels data center pinch

    'Low-priority' spending

    Financial News 24 Oct 00:21

  • Space tourist back on terra firma

    While NASA preps Endeavour for November ISS gig

    Science 24 Oct 06:06

  • Hubble fired up and ready for action

    Back to work tomorrow, says NASA

    Science 24 Oct 06:43

  • NHS needs to catch up on technology

    Lack of leadership blamed

    Government 24 Oct 08:19

  • Dell readies small, cheap computer for small biz

    Will Vodafone swallow up stocks of this one too?

    Hardware 24 Oct 09:04

  • Plasmon Inc rises from ashes of...Plasmon Ltd

    US private equity buyout succeeds

    Storage 24 Oct 09:13

  • Home Office coughs to Dutch DNA screw-up

    Lost disc with 22 crooks' DNA

    Government 24 Oct 09:20

  • Fiat unwraps 'leccy buggy concept

    Tesla S glimpsed too

    Science 24 Oct 09:22

  • Spanish discover cache of 26 Enigma machines

    Franco's 'secret weapon' tracked to army HQ

    Science 24 Oct 10:03

  • Public ID card support holds steady - says gov report

    But number of antis increases

    Government 24 Oct 10:30

  • Speaking clock gets Disneyfied

    Tinker Bell takes to the mic at BT's 123

    Bootnotes 24 Oct 10:32

  • Intel apologises for 'inappropriate' iPhone critique

    We've got to be nice to Steve, OK?

    Phones 24 Oct 10:34

  • Steve Jobs 'heart attack' citizen hack wasn't a short seller

    Wall Street just got punk'd, SEC reportedly finds

    Financial News 24 Oct 10:35

  • Parrot displays near-field photo frame

    Displaying images just got easier

    Hardware 24 Oct 10:37

  • BOFH: Fine detective work

    The Boss applies his sleuth skills

    BOFH 24 Oct 10:57

  • MEPs warn on 'virtual strip searches'

    Old bodies, new scanners, new danger

    Government 24 Oct 11:13

  • Dell's PCs to come with music

    Sounds good?

    Media 24 Oct 11:21

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15in

    A powerful, professional piece of kit

    Hardware 24 Oct 11:31

  • Xerox waves job axe at 3,000 staff

    As Q3 results disappoint Wall Street

    Financial News 24 Oct 11:33

  • Windows 7 and Microsoft's cloud - The Reg takes a MicroBite

    PDC preview: Gates' trainers and Ozzie's head

    Microbite 24 Oct 11:34

  • Vodafone emboldened by Orange's BlackBerry Bold woes

    RIM's first HSDPA phone back on Orange UK next month

    Mobile 24 Oct 11:37

  • Police poison speed debate with fuzzy figures

    Not just crime figures getting spin dry treatment

    Law 24 Oct 11:49

  • Thrustmaster draws Wii weaponry

    Dual trigger gun meets light saber

    Games 24 Oct 11:51

  • Fancy nipping for a quick two-thirds of a pint?

    Does proposed new measure wet your whistle?

    Bootnotes 24 Oct 11:56

  • El Reg in Street View drive-by snooping

    Orwellian spycar menaces Vulture Central

    Bootnotes 24 Oct 12:02

  • Book about D-Notices gets D-Notice slapped on it

    Retired officers' spat masks MoD coverup

    Government 24 Oct 12:20

  • Virgin probes Facebook safety, chav claims

    Staff slag off customers, planes

    Bootnotes 24 Oct 12:24

  • Panasonic touts ToughBook trio

    Well 'ard

    Hardware 24 Oct 13:24

  • NASA's greatest clanger

    Lost lunar civilisation peeks from under dustbin lid

    Bootnotes 24 Oct 14:02

  • Oprah cuddles Kindle

    Amazon's toy gets talk show sofa space

    Media 24 Oct 15:13

  • US forces want man-hunting robot wolfpacks

    Droid doorkickers to sniff out 'non-compliant humans'

    Government 24 Oct 15:14

  • 3 officially joins Nokia’s music bundle

    Comes With Carphone Warehouse - or does it?

    Mobile 24 Oct 15:51

  • Sun feeds data center pods to credit crunched

    Selling the dog food you eat

    Servers 24 Oct 18:13

  • Google Willy Wonkas park fighter jet on NASA

    '82 Dornier wows space mavens

    Science 24 Oct 18:23

  • EU to stock internet criminal database

    Alert platform targets child porn

    Government 24 Oct 18:27

  • LG unwraps tasty touchscreen treat

    Cookie Monster's ideal phone?

    Phones 24 Oct 18:28

  • Star Wars MMO to grab more players than WoW

    LucasArts hopes for over 11m subscribers

    Games 24 Oct 18:28

  • Rackspace swallows Slicehost Jungle

    Hosting acquisitions partly cloudy

    Servers 24 Oct 18:47

  • XML anti discrimination plan hits hurdle

    Cherokee Nation awaits

    Developer 24 Oct 19:33

  • Man threatens lawsuit after negative eBay feedback

    A++++ libel, would sue again

    Media 24 Oct 21:20

  • Google: Guinea pig brainwaves prove video ads 'compelling'

    When you watch YouTube, what's your 'skin response'?

    Media 24 Oct 22:01

  • Trojan attacks Microsoft's emergency patch vuln

    Transforms self into worm

    Security 24 Oct 22:05

  • Winning contestant dies during competitive eating event

    Death by cheesy rice buns

    Bootnotes 24 Oct 22:32

  • Support grows for Intel's mobile Linux despite slip

    Confidence is high

    Operating Systems 24 Oct 22:44