21st October 2008 Archive

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  • Motorola's navel gazing Android delayed

    'Social smart phone' due 2009

    Mobile 21 Oct 00:33

  • Wikia layoffs ground Jimbo's imaginary jet

    Google not dead

    Financial News 21 Oct 00:34

  • Big names, big claims, on AJAX interop

    Scripted response?

    Developer 21 Oct 02:38

  • Sun unsheathes shiny new blades

    Three for serving, one for storage

    Servers 21 Oct 04:02

  • PGP takes disk encryption management into the cloud

    Lost laptops disabled remotely

    The Channel 21 Oct 05:02

  • Amazon UK downplays Kindle Christmas

    E-Book may come here next year

    Hardware 21 Oct 06:02

  • Ofcom denies lifeboat spectrum squeeze

    'We're not evil, honest'

    Mobile 21 Oct 07:02

  • Sun undershoots again

    It's the Economy wot done it

    Servers 21 Oct 07:06

  • Paris ups sticks to London

    'I'm much happier here', coos talented heiress

    Bootnotes 21 Oct 08:47

  • UK-IPO backs international prosecutors' network

    Calls for anti-cyber crime training

    Law 21 Oct 08:50

  • Seagate picks LSI for flash controller

    SSD System-on-Chip designs

    Storage 21 Oct 09:08

  • BBC clarifies location of England

    Ah, so that's where it is...

    Bootnotes 21 Oct 09:09

  • Nvidia intros GPU-boosting integrated chipsets

    GeForce 9300 and 9400 debut

    Hardware 21 Oct 09:16

  • Putin's dog gets satnav tracker collar

    Russia big! Find dog without Yankee meddling

    Bootnotes 21 Oct 09:34

  • Top prosecutor warns against growing state power

    Urges caution on new surveillance powers

    Law 21 Oct 09:43

  • Microsoft raises anti-piracy posse

    Don't talk like a pirate day

    The Channel 21 Oct 09:48

  • i-Mate has no friends

    You can't play at the Alternative Investment Market

    Mobile 21 Oct 09:55

  • Fujitsu intros gesture-control laptop line

    Multi-touch LifeBook P8020 debuts in US

    Hardware 21 Oct 10:29

  • This SSD thing is really catching

    Everyone but 3PAR has an SSD adoption strategy

    Storage 21 Oct 10:33

  • Link spammers set up shop on GMTV sofa website

    Breakfast station briefly pwned after domain name snafu

    Security 21 Oct 10:52

  • Asus P6T Deluxe Intel Core i7 motherboard

    Intel's X58 chipset makes an early appearance

    Hardware 21 Oct 11:02

  • HP pops out iPaq pair

    Data Messenger and Voice Messenger

    Mobile 21 Oct 11:08

  • Germans seduce Jacqui over remote hacking of disks

    Trojanised Home Sec comes home to infect Parliament

    Government 21 Oct 11:19

  • Yahoo!, Google delay ad-sharing deal

    While DoJ deliberates

    Financial News 21 Oct 11:22

  • El Reg launches Bletchley fundraising t-shirt

    Enigmatic apparel

    Site News 21 Oct 11:29

  • Merrill Lynch confirms IT job cuts

    How many coders can you get for $7bn?

    Financial News 21 Oct 11:43

  • Mandelson puts reassuring arm around small firms

    Hopes to give 'backbone of economy' government leg-up

    Small Biz 21 Oct 11:45

  • Prof: 'Taser-proof vests put cops in danger'

    Tinfoil waistcoat could have someone's eye out

    Law 21 Oct 11:55

  • Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target

    All aboard the 'there's probably no God' bus

    Science 21 Oct 12:00

  • Trainee teachers score F all in maths tests

    LibDems: Force unemployed city workers into the classroom

    Government 21 Oct 12:57

  • Hands on with Sony's slimline Vaio TT

    Air beater? No question

    Hardware 21 Oct 13:03

  • London cabs to go 'lectric in 2009

    I 'ad that Liffium Ion in the back once...

    Science 21 Oct 13:32

  • Thieves snatch PS2 pile while courier kips


    Games 21 Oct 13:35

  • Retailer roots out humping-hound USB drive

    Shagging dog story?

    Hardware 21 Oct 13:52

  • Judge tells Oracle and SAP to sort it out

    Website snooping case

    Law 21 Oct 14:09

  • A Blu-ray Christmas? Don't bank on it

    Credit crunch to hurt HD format's sales

    Hardware 21 Oct 15:02

  • TapRoot gives up on Walking Hotspot subs

    Tries flat-rate temptation

    Broadband 21 Oct 15:03

  • US Navy robot kill-choppers to drop auto-snort podules

    Suspect sailors' crack sniffed out by droids

    Government 21 Oct 15:08

  • MS to ban freedom of speech?

    Tech for changing rude words into Shakespeare

    Games 21 Oct 15:25

  • McAfee update classifies Vista component as a Trojan

    Another fine mess

    Security 21 Oct 15:59

  • Google frees Android from code of secrecy

    Closed open platform now open

    Mobile 21 Oct 17:13

  • Lala sells 'streaming rights' at 10c a song

    Any takers?

    Media 21 Oct 17:25

  • IBM chills mainframe New Coke

    Sweeter formula runs Linux cheaper

    Servers 21 Oct 17:52

  • Global meltdown endangers terabytes

    Could storage sales sag?

    Financial News 21 Oct 18:01

  • CommVault and McAfee team to fight gorilla

    The 800-pound Symantec silverback

    Software 21 Oct 18:07

  • Bang&Olufsen slices 300 jobs

    Exits mp3 player, phone biz

    Financial News 21 Oct 19:15

  • Adobe Flashes open credentials for RIA

    AIR on an iPhone

    Developer 21 Oct 19:27

  • Taliban extends mobile shutdown order

    Militant gunmen still battery removal challenged

    Broadband 21 Oct 20:05

  • Skype (kinda, sorta) shields Mac kiddies from VoIP smut

    The missing 'sexy dirty b*tch' filter

    Security 21 Oct 20:14

  • Rackable stays horizontal with x64 servers

    Now with more density

    Servers 21 Oct 20:39

  • Yahoo! axes! (at least)! 1,400! workers!

    Profits plummet 64 per cent

    Financial News 21 Oct 22:48

  • Jobs not dead as Jesus Phone outsells CrackBerry

    Cult leader declares Apple third largest handset maker

    Financial News 21 Oct 23:44