20th October 2008 Archive

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  • UK.gov says: Regulate the internet

    Eradicate smut and unemployment

    Government 20 Oct 08:57

  • BMW unwraps electric Mini

    This is the Earth Preservation Society

    Science 20 Oct 09:01

  • Symantec gives 3PAR helping hand

    Giant pushes fat-to-thin process

    Storage 20 Oct 09:10

  • Yahoo! prepares to slash jobs this week

    Warms up by bumping off user profiles

    Financial News 20 Oct 09:11

  • Touchscreen-equipped BlackBerry Bold en route?

    Pluto phone rumours

    Mobile 20 Oct 09:31

  • French police probe Sarkozy bank fraud

    Zut alors!

    Security 20 Oct 09:44

  • The IBM DS5000: Best in a field of one

    IBM array comes top in IBM commissioned tests

    Storage 20 Oct 09:46

  • Toshiba eyes co-owned SanDisk Japanese Flash factories

    Get your mitts off, Samsung

    Storage 20 Oct 09:48

  • Making sense of BPM

    Hello Wood. Shift it, Trees

    Reg Technology Panel 20 Oct 10:07

  • Hubble in double trouble

    In safe mode as NASA probes two systems 'anomalies'

    Science 20 Oct 10:10

  • Gamers cash in on LittleBigPlanet delay

    Title pulled over Koran reference

    Games 20 Oct 10:31

  • Goodbye to physical Fibre Channel

    FC is being killed by SAS and FCoE

    Storage 20 Oct 10:37

  • NASA projects IBEX heavenwards

    Spacecraft prepares to sniff interstellar boundary

    Science 20 Oct 10:45

  • Sky and BBC in iPlayer deal

    Agree to use HTML

    Media 20 Oct 10:52

  • NEC intros retro-look netbook

    Hardware 20 Oct 10:55

  • Advent 4213 HSDPA 3G-enabled netbook

    Integrated cellular connectivity... at last

    Hardware 20 Oct 11:02

  • Holy f**k, Microsoft covers up ‘undesired’ words

    Patents new audio censoring software

    Applications 20 Oct 11:08

  • Ann Summers yanks chocolate willy spread

    Melamine-laced todger garnish off the menu

    Bootnotes 20 Oct 11:27

  • Govt ponders proof-of-ID law for future phone purchases

    Here is your new BlackBerry, Winston Smith

    Government 20 Oct 11:30

  • Run Mac OS X on a PC

    We show you how

    Operating Systems 20 Oct 11:33

  • Panasonic to demo 20-hour laptop-friendly fuel cell

    Laptop battery and stand-alone charger developed

    Hardware 20 Oct 11:53

  • Pr0n-surfing pastor downs church network

    Nasty case of the clap

    Bootnotes 20 Oct 12:06

  • Times: US about to deploy Space Marines

    Dead-tree network as bad as internet

    Science 20 Oct 12:06

  • Vista SP2 beta could land within next four weeks

    Strictly private viewing

    Operating Systems 20 Oct 12:11

  • Home Office mulls fighting hacking with corporate ASBOs

    Consultation on serious crime prevention orders planned

    Security 20 Oct 12:24

  • Intel signs up Ericsson for internet tablet HSDPA kit

    Hopes pact will last longer than its Nokia partnership

    Broadband 20 Oct 12:47

  • The Jesus Phone NDA - No one cares but you

    'Get back to work, c**kbite'

    Developer 20 Oct 13:02

  • UK.gov plans 'consensus' on PAYG phone registry

    Voda leads opposition to mobe registry plan

    Government 20 Oct 13:06

  • UK puts £55m into disabled parking reform

    Another day, another expensive data sharing scheme

    Government 20 Oct 13:31

  • NZ chaps' sperm not quite up to scratch

    'Worrying' decline in protokids per millilitre

    Science 20 Oct 13:55

  • Samsung handset borrows U800 looks, adds extra features

    Features upped, looks kept the same

    Phones 20 Oct 14:17

  • Putin’s dog collared by satnav

    Canine connectivity

    Science 20 Oct 14:32

  • Crazy Frog won't croak again

    New future for Jamba

    Mobile 20 Oct 14:40

  • Interpol proposes world face-recognition database

    Old skool mugshot files too slow, say globocops

    Law 20 Oct 14:43

  • SanDisk's NAND flash white knight

    Toshiba deal could help keep Samsung at bay

    Storage 20 Oct 17:26

  • Northrop scoops DARPA laser RIFLe cash

    Elasmobranch head mount attachment imminent

    Science 20 Oct 17:29

  • Dutch court orders Google to reveal Gmail user

    Secret mails auto-forwarded

    Law 20 Oct 17:34

  • AMD co-founder Ed Turney dies

    Death of a chip salesman

    Hardware 20 Oct 18:27

  • SEC taps Scalent for disaster recovery

    Economic recovery another matter

    Servers 20 Oct 18:38

  • Intel slices (few) chip prices

    Waiting for Nehalem

    The Channel 20 Oct 19:14

  • Silverlight has serious side, says Microsoft

    More than Michael Phelps

    Developer 20 Oct 19:23

  • Swiss boffins sniff passwords from (wired) keyboards 65 feet away

    Electromagnetic eavesdropping, 007

    Security 20 Oct 19:39

  • Apple and Psystar enter out-of-court counseling

    Judge lowers cone of silence on Mac clone scrap

    Hardware 20 Oct 21:13

  • Linux Foundation unwraps distro normalizer 4.0

    Can't we all just get along?

    Operating Systems 20 Oct 21:33

  • Kentucky judge OKs 141-site net casino land grab

    'The internet is not above the law'

    Law 20 Oct 21:48

  • Circuit City mulls mass layoffs, store closures

    Call it urban decay

    The Channel 20 Oct 22:43

  • New York sends AOL 'how-to-wiretap' slides

    Cuomo's anti-porn crusade rolls on

    Media 20 Oct 23:37