17th October 2008 Archive

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  • Microsoft's 'ordinary Joe' promises Windows 7 bliss

    Workers, not managers, in charge

    Operating Systems 17 00:23

  • Daily Mirror trapped in Wikicirclejerk

    Journo seduced by cult of nonsense

    Media 17 05:19

  • HP-EDS combo makes General Motors 'uncomfortable'

    Too much in one bucket?

    The Channel 17 06:53

  • RFID remotes have line-of-sight in their sights

    Batteries schmatteries

    Broadband 17 07:02

  • Toshiba gets tough with for customers

    New Portégé models made tougher so they'll sell

    Hardware 17 07:49

  • AMD stems the bleeding in Q3

    Profits are out there somewhere

    Hardware 17 08:23

  • NASA's nuclear Mars tank is go

    Podule for hover-rocket 'sky crane' lander shipped

    Science 17 09:13

  • Computacenter reports profits slide, warns on market

    Sticks to targets for full year

    The Channel 17 09:47

  • NASA spots 'gamma ray-only' pulsar

    No radio broadcasts from neutron star

    Science 17 10:06

  • Nokia hands Qualcomm €1.7bn to close patent dispute

    Not a secret anymore

    Mobile 17 10:13

  • Apple MacBook

    A complete overhaul only improves this neat notebook

    Hardware 17 10:19

  • Ofcom confirms three Freeview HD channels 'by end of next year'

    If you live near Manchester

    Media 17 10:26

  • FBI's fraud site spawns UK arrests

    Sting nets cybercrooks

    Security 17 11:16

  • Brit chemist conjures smell of outer space

    Fried steak and hot metal

    Science 17 11:18

  • Hoon: Not building überdatabase would be terrorist licence to kill

    Fear? Hyperbole? He's heard of them

    Government 17 11:21

  • Google says sorry as Gmail plummets out of the cloud

    Raindrops keep falling on my head

    Applications 17 11:33

  • UK in 80% emissions slash pledge

    Aviation exemption could see flying cars at last

    Science 17 11:44

  • US judge rejects lawsuit against God

    Cites impossibility of serving legal papers

    Bootnotes 17 11:48

  • Tech gadgetry brings about pet-o-geddon

    It's true - Steve Jobs kills kittens

    Bootnotes 17 12:01

  • Netbooks take ten per cent of Euro PC market

    'Explosive' growth a year on from Eee PC's arrival

    Hardware 17 12:04

  • Zuckerberg flirts with record labels, eyes digital music biz

    Gimme a slice of that pie... bitch

    Media 17 12:32

  • Bee Gees belter may help cheat death

    Party ditty restarts hearts?

    Bootnotes 17 12:44

  • What are your tech priorities for the next year?

    Hearing plans being ripped up?

    Reg Technology Panel 17 12:49

  • Tesla axes jobs, temporarily clamps 'affordable' electric car

    Founder back in the driving seat

    Science 17 12:57

  • Invest in Britain, it's fingerprinting good

    UK intros biometric business visitor visas

    Government 17 13:06

  • Right-on Radiohead - the union busters?

    Band is quids in, but collective bargaining is the loser

    Media 17 13:17

  • Hustler demands to know Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?

    Alaska's fave MILF gets down and dirty

    Bootnotes 17 13:19

  • Java in the cloud: hardware-free miracle drug?

    Cross platform hits its limits

    Developer 17 14:02

  • The netbook newbie's guide to Linux

    'We're the Fukarwi'

    Software 17 14:12

  • The jury’s in: Effective software delivery

    Communications and structure lead to quality

    Workshop 17 14:53

  • Sony unwraps dual-dock iPod hi-fi

    And other Xmas goodies

    Hardware 17 14:54

  • X64 server virtualization maturing already

    Let the market stats begin

    Servers 17 15:29

  • Belts tightened in push email

    Visto lays off another 10 per cent

    Financial News 17 17:32

  • Company without a name unveils mainframe Solaris

    Sine Nomine gets Sirius

    Servers 17 19:36

  • Microsoft greases collaboration on cloud

    Sync this

    Developer 17 19:41

  • Oz watchdogs howl over 'Cyber-Safety' net filter

    Can you opt-out?

    Government 17 20:10

  • US teen admits to 'Anonymous' DDoS attack on Scientology

    Up to 10 years in the clink

    Security 17 21:52

  • Google ends gambling ad self-denial

    Greed trumps Sanctimony

    Media 17 23:20

  • Stardock revises 'Gamer Bill of Rights'

    DRM fine print

    Applications 17 23:23