16th October 2008 Archive

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  • Warezov botnet rises from the grave

    Undead spam

    Security 16 Oct 00:33

  • FCC smiles on Goo-soft's white space wireless play

    Grandma's football safe from drugged WiFi

    Networks 16 Oct 01:10

  • Liquid Computing drops IQ for Ethernet

    Slushy servers for Windows, Linux

    Servers 16 Oct 03:55

  • Wireless neutrality: Not if we can prevent it

    Throttling on a granular scale

    Broadband 16 Oct 06:02

  • Hubble's 486 back-up springs into life

    Successful boot after extended slumber

    Science 16 Oct 06:29

  • Hands on with SanDisk's SlotMusic SD-not-CD player

    Crazy or canny?

    Hardware 16 Oct 07:36

  • Google UK honours Queen Liz 2.0

    Royal visit prompts 'Gawd bless yer Ma'am' logo

    Bootnotes 16 Oct 08:47

  • How should software developers be paid?

    By the line?

    Workshop 16 Oct 09:13

  • Tata launches 'public' Cisco video conferencing

    Bleeding edge expensive

    Data Networking 16 Oct 09:27

  • Portsmouth seeks ISP - no net access required

    Interested? Call this number...

    Broadband 16 Oct 09:28

  • 1980s Apricot reborn in noughties as netbook seller

    Biz-oriented PicoBook Pro launched

    Hardware 16 Oct 09:29

  • iSCSI dodges Fibre Channel over Ethernet noose

    Vendors seek Fibre Channel's growth, not iSCSI's death

    Storage 16 Oct 09:52

  • Italy, Poland threaten veto on EU green package

    Eco versus economics

    Government 16 Oct 10:06

  • Android comes with a kill-switch

    Only for use if device discovers human emotion

    Mobile 16 Oct 10:20

  • Siemens shows slim, sexy solar-powered cordless concept

    Mobile 16 Oct 10:22

  • PS3 must stay focused on games, says Sony

    Blu-ray and movies just extras?

    Games 16 Oct 10:29

  • Intel: Atom chips for all!

    But not until the end of Q4...

    Hardware 16 Oct 11:00

  • Tarmin touts active archiving software

    It's ILM, Jim, but not as we know it

    Storage 16 Oct 11:01

  • Daughter cremates mom on improvised barbecue

    Then fashions necklace from chunk of skull

    Bootnotes 16 Oct 11:03

  • Adobe patch thwarts clickjacking attack

    Flash, bang, wallop

    Security 16 Oct 11:08

  • Vint Cerf declares for Obama over net neutrality

    Reminds US citizens to turn up on polling day

    Broadband 16 Oct 11:11

  • HP readying touchscreen laptops, phones

    Range of sensitive products in the works

    Hardware 16 Oct 11:19

  • Oracle discharges monster bug fix

    Three dozen bulletins - multiple critical vulns

    Developer 16 Oct 11:41

  • Google calls on developers to polish Chrome

    That tinkering feeling

    Applications 16 Oct 11:43

  • Nokia tries to smile as profits slump

    Says less money from fewer phones no big deal

    Financial News 16 Oct 11:50

  • SpringSource makes OSGi components pledge

    Free for all

    Developer 16 Oct 12:02

  • Wacky Jacqui's yoof ID site goes silent

    Open debate on shut website

    Government 16 Oct 12:24

  • Nokia 6650 clamshell phone

    Full-featured Symbian job on a budget?

    Phones 16 Oct 12:37

  • Parliament to probe military kit issues

    Troops, taxpayers should definitely write in

    Government 16 Oct 12:37

  • The secret history of the internet & its founders

    40% off at Reg Books

    Site News 16 Oct 13:02

  • Sharp to ship 'world's first' Blu-ray recording TV

    Blu-ray on-board

    Hardware 16 Oct 13:05

  • Toshiba hints at sooner-rather-than-later fuel-cell debut

    Ahead of its own timescale?

    Hardware 16 Oct 13:10

  • LSI snares tier one OEM for SAN SW

    Who is the mystery SVM shopper? UPDATE: It's HP.

    Storage 16 Oct 13:31

  • PayPal glitch freezes sellers' cash for weeks

    Cock-up not conspiracy

    Small Biz 16 Oct 13:36

  • Audit Commission coughs to Iceland investments

    Blush much at economic watchdog?

    Government 16 Oct 13:39

  • Man buys new MacBooks, pulls them to bits, takes pics

    Autopsy conducted

    Hardware 16 Oct 13:57

  • Motorola touts touchscreen phone tech to Trekkers

    Krave phone features interactive, clear, flippy thing

    Mobile 16 Oct 14:10

  • Das überdatabase: Inside Wacky Jacqui's motherbrain

    A two-pronged assault on civil liberties or a necessary upgrade?

    Government 16 Oct 14:24

  • Dell adds 12in notebook-not-netbook to support site

    Launch imminent?

    Hardware 16 Oct 14:35

  • Microsoft's Fast charged with 'accounting fraud'

    Oslo police raid web firm's HQ

    Financial News 16 Oct 14:40

  • AVG tags ZoneAlarm as Trojan

    AV software meets firewall, has meltdown

    Security 16 Oct 14:41

  • Abu Dhabi emir rescues Thames Estuary mega-windfarm

    Wind jobs windfall forecast

    Science 16 Oct 15:01

  • Logic3 lets loose line up of iPod accessories

    Hardware 16 Oct 15:07

  • Premium rate watchdog chief quits


    Broadband 16 Oct 15:08

  • McCain gets pair of personal cellphone towers

    AT&T and Verizon very obliging

    Mobile 16 Oct 15:22

  • MS hit with Red Ring of Death lawsuit

    Californian complaint seeks refunds

    Games 16 Oct 15:51

  • Platform, Dell push open source cluster management

    And now Red Hat is now in there, too

    Servers 16 Oct 16:05

  • Shiny phones lead to rash of rash

    Too much yakking = spotty teenagers

    Mobile 16 Oct 18:23

  • Scammers making '$15m a month' on fake antivirus

    Real scareware threat spawns questionable figures

    Security 16 Oct 18:28

  • Adobe redirects web surfers to nefarious links

    Six days of Serious Magic Malware

    Security 16 Oct 18:41

  • Oracle shareholders enhance Ellison's package

    Room for more

    Financial News 16 Oct 18:44

  • Internet searches stimulate brain more than books

    Assuming good Google-fu

    Media 16 Oct 19:40

  • Ballmer stirs excitement with Yahoo! comments

    'Call me sometime'

    Financial News 16 Oct 19:47

  • Verari previews SSD for blades

    It's all about the IOPs

    Servers 16 Oct 19:56

  • Obama spews ads onto Xbox Live

    Politics in a Burnout Paradise

    Media 16 Oct 21:20

  • Ralsky confidant agrees to rat out notorious spam gang

    Second co-defendant said to plead guilty

    Security 16 Oct 22:06

  • US Air Force outlines combat raygun safety

    Exposure to death ray may cause death

    Science 16 Oct 23:00

  • Google: 'We are Meltdown proof'

    Economy sagging? Crank the money machine

    Financial News 16 Oct 23:24

  • Servers take dive in IBM's third quarter

    Big boxes can't pull 'em up

    Financial News 16 Oct 23:39