13th October 2008 Archive

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  • Compellent adopts solid state

    Adds remote site replication and cut-over to roadmap

    Storage 13 Oct 07:25

  • Vendors tout protection and performance at SNW

    And hope someone else can protect the economy

    Storage 13 Oct 07:26

  • Robot vacuum cleaners - now with grenade launchers

    Drudge-droid rebellion could be messy

    Science 13 Oct 08:02

  • Infosys backs out of Axon bid

    Cuts forecasts

    The Channel 13 Oct 08:29

  • Asus offers replacement Eee Boxes after Japanese virus strike

    Limited impact

    Security 13 Oct 09:19

  • World's first WoW mouse


    Hardware 13 Oct 09:21

  • Ruling makes it easier to get software patents in the UK

    Court of Appeal upholds Symbian software patent

    Small Biz 13 Oct 09:24

  • Wal-Mart punts industrial strength feminine deodorant

    Canada - where men are men, and so are the women

    Bootnotes 13 Oct 09:24

  • Euro judges strengthen protections for database creators

    Sides with University of Freiburg in poem row

    Law 13 Oct 09:56

  • Citroën sparks electric C-Cactus production plan

    Which powertrain do punters want?

    Science 13 Oct 09:59

  • Crazy Japanese earthquake game makes shaky debut

    Firm footing required

    Hardware 13 Oct 10:01

  • LG conjures up 'magic' TV

    Hardware 13 Oct 10:07

  • Prince Charles declines Doctor Who cameo

    'He turned us down, the miserable swine'

    Bootnotes 13 Oct 10:12

  • Asus alleged to be readying Eee mobos

    Banking on the brand

    Hardware 13 Oct 10:23

  • London and Wales to get fast fibre

    BT pushes 40Mbit/s

    Broadband 13 Oct 10:31

  • Blackswift hypersonic plane cancelled

    Budget bigshots bin bleeding-edge barrelroll bid

    Science 13 Oct 10:45

  • OLO promises Foleo-style iPhone-Air laptop combo

    Just as doomed as Palm's product?

    Phones 13 Oct 10:50

  • Parliament's take on Freedom of Information

    We'll tell you - if you promise not to tell anyone else

    Government 13 Oct 11:15

  • New Jersey flying deer floors Hippo

    Old timer survives airborne cervine impact

    Bootnotes 13 Oct 11:16

  • World Bank denies hackers pwned key systems

    'They never got in'

    Security 13 Oct 11:18

  • ICA's Reg-freetard smackdown: Low bodycount

    Where were the targets?

    Media 13 Oct 11:24

  • Samsung Omnia 16GB smartphone

    As good a phone as it is a media player

    Mobile 13 Oct 11:33

  • LG and Prada, together again

    The Prada II

    Phones 13 Oct 11:46

  • Deloitte loses hundreds of thousands of pension details

    Vodafone, rail union and others

    Security 13 Oct 11:54

  • No IT budget for faster SME payments

    Gov tightens fists

    Small Biz 13 Oct 12:02

  • HDS sends in SAS to shoot up modular storage range

    Go Go Go Go Go

    Storage 13 Oct 12:12

  • Sony exec pours cold water on PS3 price-cut hopes

    Not budging despite Xbox 360 reductions

    Games 13 Oct 12:24

  • Seagoing slime-skimmer snail ships punted

    Ooze cruisers suggested for US Navy

    Science 13 Oct 12:29

  • Apple to 'ditch' Intel for Nvidia in standard MacBooks

    Chipset reshuffle?

    Hardware 13 Oct 12:37

  • Nokia exec confirms touchscreen coming to N series 'soon'

    Phones 13 Oct 13:23

  • Disconnection still terrifies freetards

    Despite being off the cards for now

    Media 13 Oct 13:37

  • Home Office preps fudgetastic ISP data rules

    Cash-strapped Whitehall gives small ISPs free pass

    Law 13 Oct 14:10

  • SSL covers security embarrassments with EV figleaf

    Helping you know scammers from Adam

    Security 13 Oct 14:25

  • OpenOffice.org overwhelmed by demand for version 3.0

    Wibbles, wobbles, falls down

    Applications 13 Oct 14:31

  • Internet security suites fail to block exploits

    Tests expose 'chocolate teapot' shortcomings

    Security 13 Oct 14:32

  • Saw torturecoaster rolls into UK theme park

    You won't believe how it bends

    Bootnotes 13 Oct 15:05

  • Texan boffins working on electric cyber-heart

    Yes! It's the pulseless heart!

    Science 13 Oct 15:29

  • No pr0n, no interference - puritan broadband is go

    Point-free tests confirm what Ofcom already knew

    Broadband 13 Oct 15:31

  • Should software developers do it for themselves?

    We don't need no stinkin' management

    Workshop 13 Oct 15:53

  • Home Secretary rejects McKinnon anti-extradition plea

    Game over for Pentagon hacker?

    Law 13 Oct 17:11

  • CastleCops nemesis gets two-year sentence

    Irascible hacker's $70k botnet rampage

    Security 13 Oct 18:25

  • Microsoft's second Silverlight courts open-source coders

    Reverse takeover

    Applications 13 Oct 18:26

  • YouTube offers full-length shows

    Site finally gets a job with ad-supported vids

    Media 13 Oct 18:43

  • Wikipedia dumps Red Hat for Ubuntu

    Unhappy with definition of 'management'

    Operating Systems 13 Oct 19:34

  • Sun takes four-socket Victoria Falls Sparc plunge

    The iron roars tonight

    Servers 13 Oct 22:41

  • Gates predicts 'significant' US recession

    Place your faith in Spam

    Financial News 13 Oct 22:50

  • Sarah Palin ordered to preserve Yahoo! emails

    Used for official Alaska business

    Government 13 Oct 22:57

  • Feds kills ATI and Nvidia price-fix probe

    Dropped like a hot chip

    The Channel 13 Oct 23:45