8th October 2008 Archive

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  • SpringSource responds to support criticism

    Java acquisition coming

    Developer 08 Oct 00:00

  • Google takes aim at drunken messaging

    Can Mountain View end Beer Goggles?

    Applications 08 Oct 00:13

  • Sepaton's tape library de-duplication guarantee

    Will it be duplicated?

    Storage 08 Oct 00:16

  • Red Hat tells Wall Street it wants Main Street

    'Economic Meltdown, we embrace you'

    Operating Systems 08 Oct 03:42

  • Toshiba re-states commercial fuel-cell deadline

    Mass-production by March 2009

    Hardware 08 Oct 06:02

  • Plasmon UK goes into administration

    Redundancies en route to a takeover

    Storage 08 Oct 07:02

  • I'm very sorry, says gay health warning clergyman

    'Full and complete' apology for tattoo slur

    Bootnotes 08 Oct 08:02

  • Hitwise and Compete: the user data ISPs do sell

    Data pimping it old school

    Networks 08 Oct 08:29

  • Tories plan streamlined children's database

    Only 'vulnerable' kids

    Government 08 Oct 08:56

  • Boris to give out Olympic 'BlackBerries'

    Handheld devices promote a 'more intimate experience'

    Government 08 Oct 09:13

  • Darling launches £50bn relube of bunged-up UK banks

    Union slams 'disgraceful behaviour' of bank bosses

    Financial News 08 Oct 09:22

  • BlackBerry Storm finally blows in


    Mobile 08 Oct 09:24

  • Green biz now 'bigger than software and biotech'

    Bankers show off amazing motorised goalposts

    Science 08 Oct 09:27

  • My jubs are real, wails Kim Kardashian

    No runaway inflation here, fetching snap proves

    Bootnotes 08 Oct 09:39

  • Asus sexes up Eee line

    First-birthday celebration

    Hardware 08 Oct 10:02

  • Boy band sings praises of Windows 7

    'I've seen you in my dreams, I love you so much...'

    Hardware 08 Oct 10:40

  • PS3 too expensive, claims analyst

    Reduce the price, or risk lost sales

    Games 08 Oct 10:42

  • DARPA to begin mysterious 'Project GANDALF'

    'And with you come evils worse than before'

    Science 08 Oct 10:43

  • AMD Fusion for Gaming

    Fusion debuts... as a software system speed booster

    Hardware 08 Oct 11:02

  • Judge Dredd smartshell shotguns to hit Iraq in '09

    'XM-25' wireless airburst slugs hit round corners

    Science 08 Oct 11:04

  • Voltaire expects revenue dive

    InfiniBand feels knock-on effect

    Data Networking 08 Oct 11:11

  • Axmark quits Sun cos he 'hates' working for the man

    'Rules suck', says MySQL co-founder

    Developer 08 Oct 11:13

  • Messenger delivers more Mercury postcards

    Second fly-past runs on rails

    Science 08 Oct 11:28

  • Swedish kingpin backs new mobe technology in US

    Rollout to start in Florida next month

    Mobile 08 Oct 11:45

  • 'Podestrian' risk rising for drivers, warns insurer

    Beep! Beep!

    Hardware 08 Oct 11:48

  • Brown promises £250bn bailout will save SMEs

    Hello, is that the Titanic? Your bucket's on its way

    Small Biz 08 Oct 12:03

  • Europe whacks industry, blesses capture caper

    De-industrialisation: It's full speed ahead

    Science 08 Oct 12:08

  • Asus admits Eee Box mini PC shipped with virus

    Other regions as well as Japan affected?

    Security 08 Oct 12:10

  • UK.gov £12bn comms überdatabase 'wouldn't spot terrorists'

    Influential US report says data mining ineffective

    Government 08 Oct 12:19

  • Symantec swoops on Messagelabs

    Hot and SaaSy

    Financial News 08 Oct 12:28

  • Famed investor backs away from web-obsessed Microsoft

    Accuses firm of 'Google-envy'

    Financial News 08 Oct 12:56

  • HP and Tandberg trumpet lifesize video conferencing

    Save those air miles

    Data Networking 08 Oct 14:09

  • UK asks to buy next-gen spy planes from US

    Plan to use replica De Havilland Comets shelved?

    Government 08 Oct 14:09

  • Autopilot blamed for Qantas plunge

    Computer says 'Weeeeee!'

    Bootnotes 08 Oct 14:23

  • US military fails to go RFID tag-tastic

    RFID in policy, bar-coded in action

    Government 08 Oct 14:31

  • Scaling agile software development

    Divide and Conquer

    Workshop 08 Oct 15:01

  • Ten of the Best... Pocket Camcorders

    YouTuber or home-movie buff - here are the cameras you should audition

    Hardware 08 Oct 15:38

  • Acer Aspires to WiMAX with 4G laptop duo

    But only if you're living in Baltimore

    Broadband 08 Oct 15:47

  • Unisys cranks out kicker CMOS and Xeon mainframes

    Yes, Virginia, companies still use mainframes

    Servers 08 Oct 16:03

  • HP and EDS kill nearly 3,500 UK jobs

    Union condemns move, says public sector will suffer

    The Channel 08 Oct 16:08

  • Son of state lawmaker charged with Palin email hack

    'No interwebs for you!'

    Security 08 Oct 17:05

  • Apple patents OS X Dock

    Do you hear war drums?

    Operating Systems 08 Oct 19:02

  • World's largest ad broker targets web games

    Google and 'family safe' Flash

    Media 08 Oct 19:22

  • Unisys anoints ex-Gateway chief as CEO

    Another sale, Mr. Coleman?

    Financial News 08 Oct 20:16

  • $236m judgment lands on mom and pop spam shop

    Bulk Mailing 4 Dummies

    Security 08 Oct 20:39

  • Terracotta claims cure for web app bottleneck

    Take one giant JVM cluster and call me in the morning

    Servers 08 Oct 22:17

  • Facebook and Microsoft complete Live Search crowbarring trick

    'Check out this restaurant...bitch'

    Applications 08 Oct 22:41

  • US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics

    ...of herself

    Security 08 Oct 23:39