7th October 2008 Archive

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  • Lehman Brothers' India ops saved from economic meltdown

    As 300 Accenture jobs die in the UK

    Financial News 07 04:57

  • iPhone secure enough for Japanese enterprise

    Makes you wonder what they know

    Mobile 07 06:02

  • Win a Palm Treo Pro smartphone

    One £399 handset could be yours

    Mobile 07 06:02

  • Visa finds a home inside a Nokia

    Handset vendor or bank?

    Mobile 07 06:02

  • AMD spins off manufacturing biz

    Fabless future for x86 number two

    Hardware 07 08:20

  • SAP shares tumble after sales warning

    Loose lips sink ships

    Financial News 07 09:12

  • Reading privacy policies takes 10 minutes on average

    Too long to read: Researchers

    Law 07 09:28

  • New NASA nuclear Mars rover hits budget, time problems

    Laser rock-crushing droid tank attack for '11?

    Science 07 09:32

  • Videos cast light on BlackBerry Storm

    Launch date still unknown

    Mobile 07 09:54

  • Xyratex speeds up arrays and doubles protection

    End-to-end 8gig SANS coming?

    Storage 07 10:01

  • iPhone squares up to Android

    Have at you with your Google Street View

    Mobile 07 10:02

  • Mosley asks Europe to change UK privacy laws

    'I should have been told first!'

    Law 07 10:05

  • NASA's IBEX to sniff interstellar boundary

    Looking beyond the termination shock

    Science 07 10:07

  • Spy chiefs plot £12bn IT spree for comms überdatabase

    Black boxes to keep Black's firm in the black

    Government 07 10:15

  • Analyst: Nvidia will quit chipset biz in 2009

    Rumours restoked

    Hardware 07 10:16

  • Nintendo to limit DSi games with DVD-style region locks

    Bid to stop halt 'underage gamers', apparently

    Games 07 10:25

  • Lords to attack UK.gov failings on internet security

    Fraud reporting recommendations ignored

    Security 07 10:27

  • No mile-high pr0n for Delta passengers

    Seatbelt signs off, smut filters on...

    Bootnotes 07 10:46

  • LG HFB-500 solar-powered Bluetooth car kit

    Here comes the sun... at last

    Hardware 07 11:02

  • Cold War comfort on software engineering’s birthday

    Yesterday's issues at 40

    Developer 07 11:02

  • Wireless-data LED lamps to replace lightbulbs - US profs

    'The era of hyperconnectivity is upon us'

    Broadband 07 11:02

  • Sharp shows first 'zero-emission' telly

    Solar power to the people

    Hardware 07 11:03

  • Oxbridge lectures now on iTunes

    Grey matter shuffle

    Media 07 11:22

  • Asus claims quad-core gaming laptop 'world first'

    17in monster

    Hardware 07 11:34

  • NetApp faces Sun lawsuit loss

    Patents weakened - more could fall

    Storage 07 11:42

  • German methanol unit wins Pentagon portable-power prize

    Fuel-cell/battery combos sweep the rankings

    Government 07 11:45

  • Fraud victims urged to use DPA to rebuild credit ratings

    You've got me all wrong

    Security 07 12:20

  • UK stockings bereft of Nokia Tube

    Next year? Bah

    Mobile 07 12:22

  • UK.gov and UK.biz pour £60m into IT skills gap

    Your timing is impeccable

    Management 07 12:38

  • Net-stock fraudster Moller offers flying saucer on eBay

    No bargepole long enough

    Bootnotes 07 12:41

  • Indian Moon mission is go for 22 October

    Hi-tech survey gig for Chandrayaan-1

    Science 07 12:53

  • Renault looks to wee-hued windows to cut car power draw

    Leverages Insulated bodywork and psychology too

    Science 07 12:54

  • Xbox gamers treated to Tomb Raider treat

    Tomb Raider: Underworld cometh

    Games 07 13:38

  • How Wikipedia Works

    40% off at Reg Books

    Site News 07 13:40

  • Get snapping for Freedom

    Taking on the Surveillance Society is no picnic

    Law 07 13:44

  • Dell's disk-to-disk backup box

    Turn it on and go

    Servers 07 13:47

  • Hi-tech keys make for safer Fords

    'Won't somebody please think of the children'

    Science 07 14:21

  • AMD shares jump at birth of The Foundry Company

    Now AMD stands for Abu Dhabi

    Hardware 07 14:28

  • Fish snapped snacking at 4,200 fathoms

    'Absolutely amazing footage' from the hadal depths

    Science 07 14:30

  • Yahoo! engineer arrested in Indian terror swoop

    Authorities arrest 15, including three 'terror techies'

    Law 07 14:52

  • Lithium-ion battery beater to debut in 'major' laptop release

    ZPower's silver-zinc tech finally coming to market?

    Hardware 07 15:17

  • EU battery rule may zap iPhone, blow away MacBook Air

    Replace this

    Mobile 07 15:27

  • World's first auto carbon calculator

    Feel guilty for every journey you make

    Hardware 07 15:37

  • Spectrum Bridge solves the white space problem

    Parcel it up and sell it cheap

    Mobile 07 16:09

  • EverGrid reinvents self as Windows-loving Librato

    More than supercomputing

    Servers 07 17:18

  • 'Overplayed' privacy concerns rile Symantec boss

    'IP addresses are so not private'

    Security 07 17:25

  • Net game turns PC into undercover surveillance zombie

    Smile, your webcam has been clickjacked

    Security 07 17:37

  • CA buys IDFocus for identity management boost

    More reliance on compliance

    Software 07 18:11

  • Apathy comes easy to OpenAjax Alliance

    Struggles on AJAX interop project

    Developer 07 19:16

  • US brain trust: Beware of trawling-for-terrorist apps

    Are your rights intruded?

    Security 07 21:21

  • US Army gets eco-conscious, preps mega solar plant

    Get in da choppah, Mother Nature!!

    Science 07 21:34

  • IBM doubles Power cores

    Keeping up with the Dunningtons

    Servers 07 22:14

  • Linux distros lead jumps from Sun

    Incomplete strategy

    Operating Systems 07 23:38

  • IT contractor caught stealing Shell Oil employee info

    Database for 'majority' of US workers breached

    Security 07 23:42